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Sydney is a very cool place.
I love Sydney -- it's stolen my heart and I only wish I was born here rather than having to jump through hoops to try and stay. There is always something going on, you get the buzz of a big city without feeling lost in it and within minutes you can be on any number of beautiful beaches. It's affordable and easy to navigate using either bus, train, ferry. Sydney has something for every age group and interest -- come visit and you won't want to leave.
Diddy L
Sydney is one of the safest cities in the world. Nothing is likely to happen to you in any area of Sydney, and I've got thirty years of Sydney experience.
brett g.
Sydney is full of wannabe surfer dudes.
I visited Sydney in 2005 and I loved it so much I'm going back in September for three months -- not to work, just to have fun! I love Palm Beach, it's beautiful.
I fell in love in this city for the first and last time, so I remember it with fondness.
Finding a budget place to live in Sydney is so difficult. Traffic is non stop. It's my worst place in Aussie and people are not so friendly -- fast pace, trendy, hectic.
My husband and I traveled to Sydney last December and our impression was it's a great place to visit, but to live there would be impossible for me. The city is too congested, traffic is horrible, and the roads are too narrow. We still had fun despite of the heavy rains during that time.
I hate Sydney -- it's manky!
The people are friendly. The city doesn't feel like the rest of Oz.
Sydney is fun.
I love Sydney but the gay Australian women are the worst in the world -- 99% like to play games and they are not even beautiful.
During my stay in Sydney, I went on an awesome day trip to the Blue Mountains with a company called Wonderbus (google the name ). During the day we went to a wildlife park, winery, and cruised up the harbour. Its was one of my best days during my time in Sydney. Make sure you get out of the city, there's so much more to see and do and the locals are much friendlier out of the eastern suburbs.
David U.K
I went to Sydney while I was visiting my daughter in Melbourne. I have to go again. It's a marvelous city and so friendly and helpful. The open bus tour is a must.
lorraine scott
Sydney is an absolutely fantastic place to visit for a short time. After about two weeks, however, it's time to move on. If you want to stay for a long time in an Australian city, try Perth or Melbourne, as they are laid-back, friendly, cheaper, and generally better places to spend your time.
I loved staying in Sydney! Don't stay in Kings's very sleazy! I stayed at the Glebe point YHA which was great! They will pick you up at the Airport and also take you back when you leave! Glebe is a very nice place and also very close to the city! Lots of cheap eats in Glebe Point Road and the Glebe Point YHA is close to parts of Sydney can walk from Glebe Point following the waterline all the way to Darling Harbour! If you like the beach there's a bust service from Glebe to Coogee or you can take the bus and train to Bondi! There is also a light rail service from Glebe Point to Central via Darling Harbour with stops at the Casino, Paddy's Market (Thu to Sun) and China Town which are great places to visit!
I stayed in Sydney, when I flew in I had a hostel booked at Kings Cross, when I got there I thought what the hell am I doing staying here! In the end I had so much fun and there are lots of young backpackers in Kings Cross. You just have to get used to all the crazy people that live there. There not hard to find, they are usally sleeping on the sidewalks. Let's just say it is very interesting. You have to go see it.
Sydney's beautiful when you're not used to living close to the beach coz here you have about a million beaches close to each other! Bondi, Manly, Freshwater, North Curl curl, Coogee, Clovelly, Palm Beach, Newport, and many more! Weather's not that great at the moment! My Aussie friends told me it's the shittiest they had in a while! Work is indeed really hard to find! And really book for yer RSA in advance coz it'll take 2 to 3 weeks to get it and they won't let you work without it! People are really trendy in the city but as soon as you get a bit out of it like in Manly or Bondi, it's alright!
Sydney is a bit dirty and tragic for an Australian city, especially if you've got used to the sort of standard you find in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Vancouver, or Montreal which are my Truly Great Cities of the World. Public transport is expensive and not well maintained. It's not widely advised to go south or west, as the city tends to divide into ghettos - stick to the city centre, eastern suburbs and the North Shore and you'll be fine and will have a great time.
I live in Sydney, after visiting it to many times. A great place to be, nice weather. Weird people sometimes. But then you go for a walk at the beach and relax.
Sydney's a nice place to visit. I stayed there for 4 months, but after a while it felt just like any city in the world. It's really hard to get work there, there's loads of backpackers looking for the same kind of work, the only option is to join agencies and hope they get you something. The Australians I met in Sydney totally destroyed my belief that Aussies are laid back cool people. I think they suffer from that big city syndrome, generally they talk a load of nonsense and are totally full of thenselves. In the end I couldn't wait to get out of there.
Sydney is a bit of a disappointment, hard to find work too. Advice to anyone doin bar work here... book your RSA and RCG on the net in advance before you get here. You can't get a job without them.
The Dave
I had a wonderful time in Sydney! It was affordable and I could not believe I got a free ride back to the airport. The Opera House was great too.
Charita Pressey
I loved Sydney!! Get the daytripper passes for transport if you do a lot in one day! It's relatively cheap compared to individual fares and you can get anywhere. And take ferries whenever you can, you see the whole city rather than being stuck in a subway tunnel!
Sydney is so ultra modern. I loved the Opera House.
I loved Sydney and Australia. I went for the spring in 2001 and stayed in a southern suburb of Sydney called Glebe. I loved everything. My boyfriend and I got a camper RV and drove up the coast for a 3 weeks, it was so amazing, and we even got to the great barrier reef and the Whitsunday Islands. You have to go, if you have even the smallest desire, its worth it!!
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