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There is a great shopping centre, great clubs, top quality theatre (up there with inner city venues), great lookout points. The nightclub scene is risky. There is a great live venue for bands, great cycle park. So like everything, it's what you do that makes a place good or bad.
Of course there are no ocean views -- Penrith isn't on the coast.
I always go to EMBO Embassy, I've been a regular for almost two years. It's very multicultural with people from numerous ethnicities and backgrounds showing up every week. They have not only live bands but also great DJs not only on weekends but also during the week. Enjoy Embassy because it's the best place to have fun at and to meet the nicest people.
Penrith is the best apart from Emu Plains -- there are no ocean views though.
Fantastic bands include Inxsive, Achtung Baby (U2 tribute show), One Hit Wonders and the list goes on at the Embassy Hotel. Inner city venues can also bring unsafe nightlife. Penrith offers lots of variety in entertainment. Just be more open minded and adventurous.
the 1980's retro chick
Don't mock the Embassy -- I travel hours to see great bands in a great intimate venue. It's not full of racist, speed head junkies.
embassy goer
I agree, Embassy is like a church! I go there at least once a week. I haven't seen any stabbings either, come to think of it.
Penrith local
Go Embassy Hotel -- they have mad bands perform.
Visit the tin soldier on High Street as it will allow you to open up and expresss your real concerns about the city.
The Embassy Hotel isn't just a venue for live music. I like to think of it as a kind of modern day church, a church where kids come to marry their culture and praise their gods.
Rock God
This place is full of redneck speed freaks, needle users, and there are no ocean views, or "beautiful country" views either. Racist bigotry runs rampant, and never ever go the the Embassy hotel, in Penrith. Dangerous and stab-worthy are two ways of describing this sh*tty establishment and surrounding area.
Gordon Humphries
Penrith is a very exciting place to be especially with its beautiful country and ocean views.
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