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Do not let these picture fool you, it's an absolute dump

Manly is a great location with some brilliant beaches, but Manly backpackers is by far one of the worst hostels I've ever stayed in any country in my life. Id be ashamed if i owned this place. The mattresses in the rooms are riddled with bed bugs, there's rats & not just a few but tons of flies in the kitchen area because of how dirty it is, the pots & pans are put back by the staff directly from use with food all stuck to them because they refuse to wash other people pots, there's no warm water in the showers. Obviously wifi and aircon is completely out of the question as the wifi never works and there's no chance they would have aircon. The place needs knocking down and rebuilding because fumigating will not fix it. the female manager is one of the rudest people I have ever spoke to in my life who has absolutely no care for the people who stays here, as long as they pay. I seriously don't know how they manage to stay open and trade, there's some nice people who I've met here but having no running hot water, rats, cockroaches (i know these cant be helped due to the heat), working wifi, bedbugs in loads of rooms its seriously not fair that just because of the location they think they can get away with it. If your passing through. Manly try another hostel if you want basic hygiene standards as this place needs to be closed down for good.

Age 19 | British


I was the night manager in the sh*t-hole for around 8 months and if you knew where your piss stained-mattress had been, you would be sick to the stomach. There was a pile of 10 year old vermin infested crumbling foam mattresses piled up in the corner of the garage around the rubbish that the owner hoards. Whenever they f***ed up the bookings (which happened often) there'd be a last minute rush to make extra beds. They've been out in the rain and covered in mildew for years, and HONESTLY my dog sleeps on a cleaner bed. THE KITCHEN has next to nothing to cook a meal with, and most of what is there was stolen off the front step of the St Vincents Charity shop around the corner from the hostel. Pete had me drag sh*t off the footpath one night, and into the kitchen it went. Unwashed! There's your new microwave guys!! There is only 1 or 2 stove burners that actually work... just like the rest of the website, it's all a facade. There is a culture of cooking a meal and just walking away from the pan with food caked on, and then leaving it sitting there for 8 hours to fester. You'll need to scrub and sterilise it before you can cook in it! I had many an argument with the management to clean their act up.... and I can still remember the receptionist Carolina having a big whinge that I'm trying to do other peoples jobs and I shouldn't be getting involved! As far as theft and security goes, there isn't any. Room MASTER KEYS are handed out to people like lollies.Some staff couldn't be bothered getting off their arse to let people into rooms, and just handed it out and said bring it back when your finished! And this was during the spate of theft that was occurring on a daily basis. The rooms were getting ripped off on a nearly daily basis, LAPTOPS, IPODS, CAMERAS.... the undercover ploce came in one day to tell us to clean our act up. They said if we're going to keep checking transient homeless aussie's into the rooms with the young travellers, then they can't do much to help us. I had the cops down there investigating theft on such a regular basis that me and the seargant at manly police station were on a first name basis. I got chewed out by the owner for getting the cops involved. He doesn't like police for some reason?? Guest credit cards have been stolen from the office which has an open door policy. $1000 went missing from the office, with only staff access on that occasion.... so you can't even trust the people who work there basically. The TOILETS and SHOWERS are DISGUSTING. A token wipe over with a mop a few times a week was enough. Some of the feral guests that are happy to live there like to drop a beer bottle into the toilet and and have a sh*t, so it sits there and can't be flushed. WHAT THE F*** IS THAT??? Keep in mind that there will be about 150 people staying there during summer, and so when the toilets aren't cleaned for 2 or 3 days over the weekend, NO SOAP, NO TOILET PAPER, NO TOILET SEAT, (vandalised) and floors that are covered in vomit, piss and christ knows what...... you'll be wondering what your hard earned cash is actually paying for. If you want to live like an animal with a bunch of perpetually drunk people, then you've hit pay dirt!! On the subject of the night manager being pissed, YOUR LIFE IS WHAT'S AT STAKE. According to the job brief I was given by the the manager when they offered me the job in return for free rent, THE MAIN REASON the night manager exists is to have somebody there alert and clear headed to respond to a FIRE ALARM and wake people up who are probably very drunk and asleep. The position is a JOKE, and staff would bust their arse to get a mate into the job for a cheap stay at the hostel. If you think backpackers hostels don't catch fire... several young travellers (just like you and your friends) died in a hostel fire at Bundaberg in Queensland several years ago. The families had to fly over to collect the bodies. There were several nights when the night manager was at the pub... nowhere near the hostel. MANLY BACKPACKERS is not what it looks like on the internet.

The photos of the rooms were actually shot while I was there, and me and pete filled the room with a lot of my furnishings to dress it up. THE PHOTOS ARE NOT REAL!

The place is just full of lost people taking a break from life and getting smashed. You won't be getting any sleep, as the owner likes to come back from partying at 1am and turn the place into his own private idaho. His mates have keys too. I saw fresh faced young people arrive with the intention of a short stay before discovering Australia, only to get caught up in the piss-up sessions and spend their whole stay stuck in manly getting smashed. Without a lie... I've run into a a couple of people that were guests there while I was the night manager, who look very different to what they were as I remembered them. One couple told me ... QUOTE... "that place did my head in"



AUSSIE. born 'n' bred!

Unfriendly people and a room resembling a prison cell.

Reasonable looking from the outside, then we walked inside (we being two twenty-year-old girls who stayed in Feb. 2008) and there was a guy sitting at the front desk yawning constantly as he took our money and told us our room number. Told us no information about where the bathrooms were. We walked down to our room -- a double private room with shared bathroom. The room was a prison cell, complete with bars on the windows. At least it had a fan on the ceiling. The room hadn't been cleaned before us so there were chocolate bar wrappers on the ground and the floor was so sandy we spent the whole trip wearing our shoes in our room. The "free nightly events" were a sham. We thought we'd join the free wine and cheese night and hopefully meet some travelers. We went to the benches and there was a whole bunch of very unfriendly people smoking a variety of substances and staring at us with no wine or cheese in sight. The bed was reasonably comfortable, and I didn't see any bugs in our room, which was a plus for me. The room felt relatively safe being accessed with a keycard but upon our arrival a cleaner opened our door just as we were changing to go to the beach with no knock or an apology when she opened the door to people in the room. I know there are a lot of picky travelers out there but compared to other hostels we stayed at, this was pretty bad.


Manly Backpackers is a very large hostel with more than thirty rooms, mostly containing four- to six-person dorms. While having loads of people in your hostel may be advantageous to those desiring the party and drinking atmosphere, if you are looking for calmer night with some sleep, this may not be the place for you. The kitchen is large but becomes crowded and dirty by the end of the night, however the one can usually find space in the abundant lounges.

The Location

Manly Backpackers is located approximately five hundred meters directly across (north) from the ferry exit and to the east two hundred meters away is the popular beach for surfing and sunbathing. The location is safe and off of a main road where many people are walking around. Surfboard rentals, shopping, internet cafes, supermarkets, tour and travel companies are all within walking distance to the centrally located hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorm rooms are four to six people and have moderately comfortable beds, with a towel rack, fan, and one cabinet. The rooms are quite small and cabinets are only large enough for two people's belongings and do not lock. Mirrors are broken in the room from the beds that are not entirely sturdy and the flooring is starting to peel up. There is no air conditioning, so if it's hot be prepared with a nice, cold brew to cool you down. Access to the rooms is through a key card and feels fairly secure. If you do not know the people in your room or do not trust the blighters, then there are safety boxes that you can pay for.

Bathrooms and laundry rooms are clean and the water is hot. There are generally plenty of showers and enough sinks and mirrors for everyone to prepare themselves before their day out. Shower vicinities have space to change with hooks and benches for your clothes.

Common Spaces

The eating and kitchen areas have a barbecue, one sink, and currently one working stove, which is not much when more than eighty people are trying too cook a meal. After about three groups of people have made their meals, there is a shortage of dishes and cookware. The two lounge areas include a TV room, vending machines, couches, pool table, and video games and you can check out a DVD for free at the office. There is internet here as well with two working computers and a location to hook your own computer up through an ethernet cable.


Manly backpackers is a party place that provides an economic place to stay and is minutes from anything you might need. If cleanliness or eating in is one of your priorities, this may not be the place for you.

Garret Bean

Absolute dump. We had booked for two nights in a dorm room but one night was enough in the end. The place was just generally dirty and the kitchen filthy with loads of cochroaches about it should be shut down by environmental health. The manager didn't seem too bothered when we complained and admited that the place was dirty making up some mumbo jumbo that 2 cleaners had died, to which I thought that had this happended in the hostel they may well still be there just sitting stiffly in one of the grimy soffas in the dingy TV room. To top things off and send me over the edge, I wen't to have a shower and although the bathrooms were dirty I was not prepared to see a full on turd in the corner of the shower...horific. Do not stay here as everyone in Manly, all the locals that is, say it's terrible. Note to Council, shut this place down.

Nathan Nash

This place is a joke. the Night Manager (or whoever it was claiming to be the Night Manager) was so drunk that he lost his master key and so a girl was locked outside her room last night for about an hour. This morning, when i was locked out of my room (because they have such a ridiculous system), the Night Manger was still so drunk that he told me to wait an hour until the reception opened. (9 a.m. to 7 p.m. only). As I had just come back from a surf i wasn't to keen to be standing around for an hour. The rest of the staff are cool. It was just this twat who was the final straw. They have a policy here of closing the kitchen and communal area at 11 p.m. This means that the party people have nowhere else to hang except in the corridors, and this is fine, until 1 or 2 a.m., but at 5 in the morning it takes the piss. Talking of piss, the first room we looked at had a plastic bottle of piss standing in the middle of the floor. And despite it being against the law for people to smoke in public buildings, the smoke detectors failed to notice the dozen or so people chugging away. I wonder what else they would fail to detect. I have met some fun people here, but the management need to sort some things out if they want this to be a decent hostel.


I suggest looking at the rooms before you pay to stay here. I had booked three nights in a four-bed female dorm before getting there. The room was filthy. There was garbage all over the floor, including open wine bottles and food. At least one person was a long termer -- clothes and belongings were strewn all over the room and the balcony. The only clear space was my bunk, and there was garbage under that too. There were no other spaces available in the hostel, but after the creepy stares from the guys hanging out in the kitchen and patio area, I decided not to stay there at all. Even the reception area was a mess.

Suggestion to the hostel -- not every traveler is a non-discriminating twenty-something only wanting a party. As I had just arrived in Australia and this was my first impression of the hostel scene there, I was disappointed. Luckily other hostels in other cities were better managed and cared for.


I was going to stay for one night but kept extending my stay because the staff are great and the facilities are awesome. This is a new management team. They got in free bikes to get around Manly, and they have a garage if it's needed. They even offer free Internet. They have great DVDs. There is a top atmosphere. The place has lots of friendly surfers. They put in new showers and have upgraded the kitchen facilities. I've stayed at lots of different backpackers and this is the best.

Jason Wright

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Awesome location, nice staff, comfortable beds and hot showers. Would recommend


Liked: Its very good located. Beach and main strip is around the corner. Didn't like: It is veryyy dirty and someone in my room got sick of it. I have seem cacaroches everywhere.Not enough toilets and if you get a place on the toilet they are totally floatet because they are next to the Showers.No lockers in the room and wifi is not unlimited.Also they have no 24 h Rezeption you cant Check out before 9 o clock


Liked: Alot of young backpackers having fun in the commonroom. Didn't like: Lockers were small and the rooms humit and nasty. Commonroomn closes at 10pm.


Liked: Terasse Didn't like: Nothing


Liked: The location Didn't like: The only good thing about this hostel is the location! The rooms are wet and smell bad, my matters was a joke and the fan is either off or so strong that you get instantly sick. This is a party hostel with many drunk and loud Swedish and English people. The kitchen is almost impossible to use with a lot of cockroaches. Worst hostel I slept in so far...


Liked: not much Didn't like: unhelpfulness of employees, filthy, cockroaches, noisy, no air circulation in rooms, money was all they were after, in any way they could get it. Only 1 small bathroom for all (male) guests, that was also filthy.


Liked: Location Didn't like: Parking was full, no towels included in price, we were staying in front room where it was very noisy all night from street and people coming in front door. There were no toilets on our floor


Liked: - This is in a good location if you want to be close to the beach- Your first days wifi is free- In the kitchen they have a massive walk-in fridge Didn't like: -This hostel is very run down and not very clean.- I stayed 2 nights and both nights people were up until around 3.30am being very noisey so it was hard to sleep.- The check out time is very specific between 9-10am which is quite inflexible.


Liked: Central place, clean toiletts and showers. Didn't like: Kitchen with cockroach's!!!!


Liked: There is a big kitchen and a big room where you can hang out and play pool.It's very close to the beach and there is a rosary store near.It's a really nice place in Sydney and I liked it very much! Didn't like: I didn't like that we had to go by the ferry to the city every day, this costs a lot of money!


Liked: The location, close to The Corso and to the beach Didn't like: The staff was not friendly and helpful. The reception opens at 9am but we had to leave earlier, so at 8.30am I find the receptionist (talking at her mobile phone) and I ask her if we can check out and she just replies "the reception is not open yet" and she keeps talking at the phone and leaves. So we had to wait another 30 minutes for not loosing the deposit.



Manly Backpackers is the largest and most fun-filled hostel in Sydney's Northern Beaches. The hostel is located in the heart of Manly, Sydney's premier beachside suburb.

Manly Backpackers stands as a landmark building with distinctive presence. This hostel is truly one of the most well known buildings in the area with both historic features and modern amenities.

Thinking about an early morning surf, an evening swim, a stroll along Manly's famous promenade walkway along the beach or you need to get to Manly's huge selection of watering holes (pubs)?

If you're staying at Manly Backpackers you won't have to walk far. We're located just a couple minutes walk to everything. The beach is just a block away and the Manly Corso (where it all happens) is no more than a few minutes walk. Need to get to the City? No worries...the Manly Wharf is less than five minutes on the old feet.

Back at home'll love the team that take care of you (within reason of course). Our staff are the most friendly people you'll find in Manly. Their goal is to make your stay comfortable, convenient and memorable. Their focus on clean rooms, comfy beds and convenient facilities ensures that you can focus on best part of your stay....FUN FUN FUN!!!

We look forward to hosting you in Manly!

Location and Contact


• Address: 24-28 Raglan St Manly NSW Australia 2095.
• From the airport: The easiest way is to take a shuttle bus (book on 0061 2 99811 453 , approx. $20 - $30 pp).
• Or alternatively:
• Public Transport: Just catch the train straight from the airport to Circular Quay (approx. $12) and then the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf ($6). Manly Backpackers is only 500m walk from Manly Wharf. From the ferry walk straight up the road in front of you, Belgrave street (which runs into Pittwater Road), to the second set of traffic lights, and we're just there on the right, opposite the tennis courts.
• By Car: Drive down Sydney Rd into Manly. When you get to the T intersection, Belgrave St at the bottom of the hill with the big oval on your left, turn left till the first set of traffic lights, and we're just there on your right hand side, opposite the tennis courts.
• Check-in & Reception. Reception hours are 9am - 7pm 7 days a week. However check-in is available 24hrs/day no problems. Simply call the night manager on 0422 774 911 and he will have your key ready for you. His phone number is also written on the front door ( 0422 774 911 ).
• Check-in time is from 2.00pm onwards (Very flexible circumstances permitting), and checkout time is 9.00am to 10.00am. Early check-outs can be arranged prior day.



Address: 24-28 Raglan Street, Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Website Stoke Beach House Sydney
Phone Number: +61 (2) 9977-3411
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Facilities and Amenities

Party Hostel

Solo Traveller



Luggage Storage

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

City Tours

Lockers in Lobby



BBQ Grill


Board Games

Book Collection/Exchange

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Entirely Non-Smoking

Evening Entertainment



Hair Dryers

Hot Showers



Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Pool Table


Themed Dinner Nights

Walking Tours

Wheelchair Accessible

Service Animals

Max. Age: All Ages

Min. Age without Parent: 18

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 9am - 7pm

Size: Very Large (100+ beds)


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