Simply, Hostelz is your answer to a smart hostel price comparison that lists every single hostel in the world - discover the best deal in one easy click. We compare prices from major booking sites including booking.com, Hostelworld and Hostelsclub. Check out our About Us page for a detailed overview of what we do.

On average 10.6%, as much as 50%-60% on many bookings depending on the hostel. See the complete hostel price comparison study.


We list all hostels in the world completely free of charge. Even if a hostel is not using a booking website (but has their own website or social media profile), we will list it on Hostelz.com. Hostel owners and travellers can add hostels directly via this page.

No. Hostels do not have the possibility to pay higher commission or fix payments to be favored on Hostelz.com. We do not charge hostels for listing their property on our page, nor do we charge our readers for using our website to find hostels. Therefore, none of our listings are favoured by us on a profit basis. Our hostels are all rated based on genuine customer reviews.

A hostel rating represents all of the genuine customer reviews for that property. We pull data from major booking websites (Booking.com, Hostelworld & Hostelsclub), and also allow Hostelz.com members to leave reviews directly on the listing page. Our system automatically updates the rating as more reviews are left.

Hostelz.com Score is on a 10 point scale (it is not a percentage). It is based on not only ratings, but also calculates in other factors such as the total number of reviews (a listing with many positive reviews will have a higher rating than a listing with only a few).

We show you the current prices in all of the booking systems at once so that you can make your booking on whichever site has the lowest price. Because prices vary between the booking sites, you can often save >20% off the price of the same bed or room. Just remember that Hostelz.com is not a booking site. We simply compare rates for you so you can travel for cheaper and longer.

We use affiliate links with the major booking websites and receive a small percentage of each booking made through our site. This means that there is absolutely no extra cost to the user for using our site.

Every single hostel in the world is listed! Hostelz.com is the only worldwide hostel guide that lists ALL hostels (for free). So to put it simply… thousands! If you notice one is missing, please let us know and add it here.

We are open to interviews and media inquiries about hostels. As hostel experts we can share our years of experience as well as unique data and statistics on hostels. Get in touch with us and send your enquiries using this form.

Hostelz.com is a price comparison site and can be used to help you find the best and cheapest hostel, fast! It is not a direct hostel booking website. Instead, you will be taken to your preferred booking platform such as Hostelworld, for example, to complete your booking.

We care about saving you time and money. That’s why we have partnerships with all of the major hostel booking websites like Hostel World, Hostelsclub and Booking.com

When you search for available beds on Hostelz.com, our system checks each hostel booking website to find the best price and availability for the dates you requested. Because hostels put only a portion of their available beds in each online booking system, the same hostel may have available beds in one booking system but not another, and at a completely different price

By using Hostelz.com, you are guaranteed to always get the best availability at the best price. This also saves you having to check these platforms individually which takes time. You are welcome!

Yes, Hostelz.com is safe! Our team are hostel experts and ensure Hostelz.com is secure and safe to use. As we are a price comparison website, there will never be a time you need to enter delicate information such as credit card details.

Creating an account with Hostelz.com is as easy as filling in this form. Once you become a member, you can post comments, leave hostel reviews and track any bookings you make using our site. You can also earn points which enables you to access exclusive features - coming soon.

For Hostel Owners and Managers

Below we list frequently asked questions for hostel managers and owners.

Customers are entitled to leave an honest review of their experience at your property. As a hostel owner, comments can be used to improve your accommodation. If the comment seems suspicious and not genuine, please get in touch with us. Hostel owners can also respond to reviews from their claimed listing.

When your hostel is listed at Booking.com and partners, Hostelworld and partners or at Hostelsclub.com and partners, your hostel will be automatically listed at Hostelz.com. This listing cannot be removed and is covered by the Terms&Conditions for being listed with any of the mentioned Online Travel Agencies.

Yes. Every owner can claim their listing. Contact us for information about how to manage your listing. Please use the official hostel email address for the verification process.

You can actively encourage your guests to leave reviews with Hostelz.com. Every positive review helps to improve your overall Hostelz.com Score. Please note that our system detects fake reviews. Reviews left on Hostelz.com require a verified stay, email address and user account with Hostelz.com.

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