Hostels for Couples - Everything you need to know (with Pros and Cons)

Hostels for Couples - Everything you need to know (with Pros and Cons)

When it comes to traveling as a couple, finding the right accommodation can be a challenge. While hotels and resorts can be a comfortable option, they can also be expensive, leaving couples with limited options for things to do and see. Hostels, on the other hand, offer a unique experience that can be both affordable and memorable.

Are hostels worth it for couples? Absolutely!

Did you know: On Hostelz you can filter for hostels recommended for Couples!

Couples that stay together in hostels, stay together!

As the saying goes: Couples that stay together in hostels, stay together!

Hostels offer a budget-friendly option for couples who want to travel and explore new places without breaking the bank. Hostels can also be a great way to meet other travelers, make new friends, and share experiences with like-minded people. Additionally, hostels often have communal areas where couples can relax, play games, or enjoy a meal together.

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You should also know: It is super normal for couples to stay in hostels. Now more than ever. The fun of hostel travel does not end just because you travel with your partner.

It is super normal for couples to stay in hostels. Now more than ever. The fun of hostel travel does not end just because you travel with your partner.
As for traveling itself? Travel isn't just gazing at beautiful sights and discovering new cultures. It is also about meeting new people, sharing time and experiences with them, and creating new memories.

This is why hostels are such a great way to experience a new country.

Fun staying in hostels

So, what are the pros and cons of staying in a hostel as a couple? Let's break it down:

Pros for staying in Hostels for Couples

1. More Affordable

Hostels are generally cheaper than hotels or resorts, making them a budget-friendly option for couples. Saving a good amount of money on your accommodations gives you more opportunities to spend money on experiences such as cooking classes, diving courses, yoga classes, and surf lessons...

Comparing hostel prices before making your final reservation is a good idea. Here on, you can compare ALL hostels worldwide with just a few clicks.
Oh, and you should know: We never manipulate any prices. We are on the Traveler team!

And since we all love discounts, we put together a special guide with the latest hostelworld discounts.

2. Communal Spaces

Many hostels have communal areas where couples can relax and enjoy each other's company. This is the reason why so many travelers love hostels.

Just head to the shared lounge, garden, or terrace, and you'll probably end up playing board games, chilling on the couch, watching a movie, or playing foosball with that other fellow traveler from the other end of the world.

pool billiard

3. Meet more people & Make more Friends

This one goes in the same direction.

It is also fun to meet other people as a couple, right?! Hostels are the easiest way to meet other solo-traveler and couples, and they offer a great opportunity to make new friends.

4. Even activities are cheaper (and drinks)

Many hostels offer cool walking tours, pub crawls, cooking classes, yoga classes, surf lessons, and so much more.

These are also usually way cheaper than any outside tour company you might find.

Just let that sink in: Many hostels come with an in-house bar. Here again, the drinks are much cheaper than anywhere else.

As guests, you might also get special discounts. This really depends on the hostel, of course, but it is very common in Europe, for example.

Yoga Classes

Beach Yoga at Viajero Hostel in Tayrona National Park, Colombia.

5. More and better Travel Tips

One of the many benefits of staying in a hostel is getting insider travel information!

Hostels are loaded with travelers coming from all corners of the world. When arriving at a new destination, chances are that someone in the hostel can share some valuable tips on the best sight (or a hidden gem or two) of the city they just visited or the one they're in right now.

6. Facilities like Kitchen & Laundry Machines

Hostels with a kitchen are a great way to save money while traveling.

Access to a kitchen means that all travelers can prepare their own meals instead of eating out, which can be expensive in some cities. This is especially helpful for budget-conscious travelers who want to save money on food expenses.

And as you can imagine, a kitchen is a big money-saving tip for expensive cities like Paris, New York City, Sydney, … here is our guide on cooking in hostels and how to impress.

Even in the cheaper regions of the world, cooking your own meals can have many benefits. When backpacking 6 months through South-East Asia, occasionally cooking your own food will make you happy (especially if you're yearning for more familiar flavors).

Couples in Hostels

7. Memorable Experience in Unique Hostels

Some might think you have to stay in a hotel to have a memorable and unique experience as a couple. Truth be told, this is not the case!

Like hotels, not all hostels are created equal; some even boast exceptional facilities with beautiful surroundings and decor. You just need to look for them (or let us help you look for them).

Staying in a unique hostel can even provide a more memorable experience than staying in a traditional hotel. Unique hostels often have very creative and quirky designs, which can be fun and special for couples.

And on that note, many unique hostels offer affordable luxury amenities such as rooftop bars, swimming pools, or hot tubs, which can be a great way for couples to enjoy a luxurious experience without breaking the bank.

These hostels are often labeled as:

  • Boutique Hostels
  • Luxury Hostels
  • 5 Star Hostels (by

Instagram Couple in Hostel

The Cons of staying in a Hostel as a Couple

1. Lack of Privacy

Dorm rooms can be noisy and lack privacy, making it difficult for couples to enjoy some alone time. Read our related article about having sex in hostels.

We also wrote a piece about tips on sleeping in hostels.

Of course, you can always check for private rooms in Hostels.

Private Rooms in Hostels

Not too bad, right?! This is Selina Hostel in Puerto Escondido

2. Shared Bathrooms

Most hostels have shared bathrooms, which can be inconvenient for couples. Keep in mind some hostels offer private rooms with so-called ensuite bathrooms.

This will be your own and only used by you and your partner.
If you want to keep your bathroom private, make sure you book the correct room type with your own bathroom!

3. Limited Amenities

Hostels may not offer the same amenities as hotels or resorts, such as room service or on-site restaurants. But, as we mentioned before, hostels are equipped with other amenities like a kitchen and laundry machine.

If room service, massages, and all-inclusive packages are your thing, then hostels are not your best choice, although you might find options in some areas focused on wellness traveling.

Hostel Resort

An all-inclusive is more your thing as a couple? Well, this photo is actually another luxury hostel, named Selina Phuket.

but...How to find Hostels for Couples?

It's not so hard once you know what you are looking for. To find hostels that are a great fit for couples, here are some tips:

1. Look for hostels that offer Private Rooms

Many hostels offer private rooms that are perfect for couples. These rooms usually come with double or two twin beds and are designed for couples or friends traveling together.

Look for hostels that offer private rooms instead of dormitories. On Hostelz, you can filter for private rooms in hostels only, and we even added a filter for ensuite bathrooms.

How do you get started?

  1. Use our search bar above and type in your city with dates.
  2. Filter for room type like double room and/or ensuite bathroom
  3. optional: You can also filter for hostels recommended for "couples"

couples filter
We at Hostelz wrote up a bunch of super helpful guides:

Here you can find all destinations for hostels with private rooms.

Filter Private Rooms

2. Check for amenities

Do you want a kitchen? Laundry Machine?

Look for hostels that offer the essential amenities you and your partner are looking for. This can be en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and comfortable beds. Do you usually stay in hostels to join tours or mingle?

Then check for hostel events and activities such as cooking classes, dinner nights, and game nights. Here on Hostelz, we list them.

3. Read reviews and Filter

Read reviews from other travelers who have stayed in the hostels you're considering. Look for reviews from couples who have stayed in private rooms and see what they have to say about the hostel's amenities, cleanliness, and location.

You can find such reviews here on, Hostelworld and

Here on Hostelz, you can search all reviews for keywords that are of interest to you. Type in "Social" or "events" to get all information you need.

Filter Comments

4. Consider the location

Look for hostels that are located in areas that are safe, convenient, and close to public transportation. Consider the neighborhood's vibe and what it offers in terms of restaurants, bars, and attractions.

Again, these rules apply to all travelers, not just couples.

How to meet other travelers as a couple?

While couples traveling together may not be as focused on meeting new people as solo travelers, hostels still offer plenty of opportunities to connect with others. However, keep in mind that solo-travelers might not really approach couples if they want to socialize so the ball is in your court.

Here is our detailed guide on how to make friends at hostels.

Let's cover a few, simple ways that couples can meet new people while staying in hostels:

1. Participate in Hostel Activities

Many hostels offer activities like walking tours, pub crawls, and cooking classes. Participating in these activities is a great way to meet other travelers and make new friends.

2. Hang Out in Common Areas

Hostels often have communal areas like lounges, kitchens, and outdoor spaces where guests can relax and socialize. Spending time in these areas is a great way to meet other travelers and strike up a conversation.

As the saying goes: Couples that stay together in hostels, stay together!

Couple enjoying the swimming pool at Cocorí Lodge in El Paredon, Guatemala

3. Foosball Table, Pool Billiard, Board Games, and Bar

These are the hotspots in a common area. One of the easiest ways to meet someone new in a hostel is by simply asking if you can join.

4. Join a Group Tour

Many hostels offer group tours to local attractions or nearby cities. Joining a tour is a great way to meet other travelers who share your interests.

5. Be Friendly and say hi

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to meet new people is simply by being friendly and approachable. Say hello to other guests, strike up a conversation, and be open to making new friends.

While couples may travel together, they can still benefit from meeting new people and sharing experiences with them. Hostels offer a social and communal environment that makes it easy to connect. Couples can make new friends and have an even more memorable travel experience with a little effort and a friendly attitude.

Can couples sleep together in hostels?

The answer is yes! Many hostels offer private rooms with double beds or twin beds that can be pushed together to create a double bed. Couples can enjoy a private space while still being able to take advantage of the social atmosphere of a hostel.

If your question is if hostels can share one bed in a dorm and only pay for one, too, the answer is no. You have to pay for one bed per person.

Couple Sharing in a Dorm

Is hooking up in hostels common?

While it's not uncommon for travelers to hook up in hostels, it's important to remember that hostels are not just a place for casual encounters. Hostels are a social environment, and it's a good idea to respect the other guests and staff.

If you're looking for a more intimate setting, it's best to opt for a private room rather than a dorm. This applies to couples as well as non-couples.

Related: Fun Tips on having Sex in Hostels - Dos and Don'ts

Can 2 people share one bed in a hostel?

No, two people can not share one bed in a hostel dorm. At the very least, you will need to pay for one bed per person.

When staying as a couple in a dorm, of course, you can end up sleeping in the same bed. This is more up to you.

However, remember that you will need to pay for two beds! And please remember, the dorm is a shared space. Sharing a bed might make other travelers uncomfortable in some cultures.

Also, it is good to know that some hostels offer double beds in dorms and private rooms with double beds. If you're traveling on a budget, you can also opt for a twin room with two separate beds.

Can you share a bed in a hostel?

No, you can not share a bed in a hostel. You will need to pay one bed per person. Some hostes offer double-mattresses in dorms, though.


In conclusion, hostels can be a great choice for couples looking for an affordable and memorable travel experience. With private rooms, communal spaces, and a social atmosphere, hostels offer a unique and exciting way to explore new places and meet new people.

So, if you're planning a trip with your partner, consider staying in a hostel and making the most of your travel adventure together.

Travel Cheaper, Travel Longer

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