Latest Discounts for and the App - an Overview

Latest Discounts for and the App - an Overview

Looking for a valid hostelworld discount code? We've got you covered!

We are, and we provide you with the smartest hostel price comparisons around. Congratulations on finding our special resource page, where we collect every single discount and promo code for Hostelworld.

Hostelworld is one of the most popular websites for booking budget-friendly hostel accommodations around the world. However, hostel rates can still quickly add up for long-term or frequent travelers. Fortunately, Hostelworld regularly offers a variety of discounts and promotional codes to help travelers keep more money in their wallets and extend their trips even further.

Valid Hostelworld Discount Code

At this very moment, there are no valid discount codes for Hostelworld. The last promo codes expired on the 19th of February 2023.

But don't worry – we'll keep this page fresh and updated with the latest, valid discount codes from Hostelworld.

Plus, we'll help you find the best prices and save money on hostels.

Check out

Always save Money on Hostels – by Comparing First

Hostelworld is the ultimate destination for finding the perfect hostel - there's no doubt about that! 

However, Hostelworld does not always offer the lowest prices or even all the options in a country or city. Prices and availability are highly dependent on the hostel, not the booking platform. That's where comes in handy!

We've created a gateway to help you compare prices on all major hostel booking sites in just one click! Forget about the hassle of comparing prices manually - we'll do the work for you. Now you can focus on finding the best deal for your perfect hostel stay.

We are not a booking portal, but your gateway to the best price deals.

You will save time and money.

Get ready to score some serious savings on your hostel reservation! On average, you can save 10.6%, but we're not stopping there – you could save a whopping 50%-60% depending on the hostel.

This isn't a gimmick or a marketing trick, just real deals you can find when you compare different online booking portals.

1. Compare Prices on Booking Sites with 1 Click

Save both money and time with us!

On Hostelz, you can find the best prices and all the relevant information at a glance – All that at NO EXTRA COST for you. 

All the prices, availability, and ratings we show are the real ones we receive from the booking portals. We do not alter any prices, availability, or ratings.

2. Find Every Single Hostel is the only website in the world that lists all hostels in the world

Even if a hostel isn't using a booking platform, but has their own website or social media profile, we've got it covered.

3. Last but not least: Exclusive Discounts and Tips

We're working hard behind the scenes to make even better! 

Sign up now to create a profile and get access to insider travel tips and hidden gems - Rumor has it, you will also receive special hostel discounts…

Some of our travel tips are exclusively shared with our community only. Want a sneak peek? Check out all our exclusive content here.

Hostel Comparison

Few things about Promo Deals from Hostelworld

Ready to find some amazing online deals? Let's uncover some discounts and figure out which offers are legit and worth your time - and which ones you shouldn't bother with.

Flash Sales

Hostelworld regularly holds flash sales with discounts of up to 50% off select hostels! But remember, these flash sales only last for a limited time.

Travelers need to check the website frequently and act quickly to take advantage of flash sale discounts before they expire.

If you're planning a multi-stop trip, flash sales can be a great way to save money on longer stays and multiple bookings. Just be prepared to book fast before the sale ends, or your ideal hostels sell out.

Promotional Codes

A few times per year, Hostelworld releases general promotional codes that can be used to save 10% or more on all hostel bookings across the site.

The promo codes are usually revealed via Hostelworld's social media channels and email newsletters. Travelers can subscribe to receive notifications about new promo codes and other offers and discounts. If a site-wide promo code is released, make sure to use it as soon as possible to get savings on your next hostel (or hostels) booking.

Hostelworld App Discounts

There was a time when Hostelworld offered cheaper prices and special deals in their unique hostel app.

However, as of date, we are not aware that any prices in the Hostelworld app differ from their original website.

They highlight their special deals within the app - same as on their website.

Check out the Hostelworld App here

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Package Deals – Pay 2, stay 3

Looking to score an awesome deal on a hostel stay? You're in luck. Many hostels offer promotions such as “3 nights for the price of 2” or “4 nights for the price of 3” for cities like Singapore and Bangkok.

These discounts are a great way to save when you plan to stay in a destination for multiple days. Keep an eye out for e-mail newsletters and promo offerings from Hostelworld for even more significant savings on your next multi-night hostel booking. 

False Rumors: Membership Discounts

This is not correct. Hostelworld does not offer exclusive membership discounts for students and youth under 26, as well as senior travelers over 60.

Rumor has it that members in these age brackets can receive up to 10% off on select hostels when they verify their age or student status. The membership discounts would then be applied on top of other promotions for even greater savings. 

However, this is false information. You will not find any promo codes of this sort.

False Rumors: Coupon Websites

Nope, forget that!

Hostelworld is not working with any of these shady coupon websites out there. All these coupon deals you will find are not valid, not true, and therefore fake.

False Rumors: Hostelworld Student Discount

Again, there is no such thing as a student discount from

However, as a student you can enjoy plenty of sweet discounts at many sights! We suggest that you always carry your valid student card with you - in Europe you can get huge discounts or even free entry to places like the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris or the renowned Mont Saint Michel in France.

Hostelworld Promo Code

Wrap it up

Again, we promise to keep this site up to date and add the latest deals to it whenever relevant (we don't want you endlessly scrolling through expired codes). 

As a frequent traveler, we highly recommend creating an account with and our With minimal effort, you'll be able to save big bucks.

You'll get to travel even further and explore more of the world. Money management at its finest.

Travel Cheaper, Travel Longer

Smart Hostel Price Comparison

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