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I have been going to Palenque since 1971. Find a comfortable spot and melt into the air.
Cabo San Lucas is the only place in all of Mexico that I did not enjoy; I think it's because there were too many wealthy, entitled tourists there (the locals were not their usual friendly, festive selves)!
I spent a summer in Guanajuato two years ago. It's a charming town, take the tram up to see Pipila and enjoy the multi-colored houses from high up. See the creepy mummies and markets, and just relax. While it's not as lively as Mexico City, Guanajuato is still a good place to spend a few days.
Rosarito is a cool safe city with a crazy inexpensive nightlife. I hooked up with people at the hostel and had a blast! I ended up staying a coupleof months!
Yeah, it's a great city in Mexico! Here you can visit a lot of places if you love nightlife and cultural life, it's a city that gives a special touch for all tourists. I would invite all tourists from the world to pass a day in Tijuana.
Mérida … Merida is called the White City. The Paseo Montejo is a popular avenue that crosses all of the city, it has beautiful French-style houses, full of trees, and lovely people, delicious food, and relaxing atmosphere.
Reading a well-known Autralian guide about Mexico, coming from a visit to the U.S., I was planning to stay only one night in Chihuahua and its only hostel. This was my first time in Mexico, and I was not sure about what I could expect, between great food and sulfurous reputation. I actually found Chihuahua to be a great buffer. My stomach got used to the local food, I still found all the amenities I was expecting, and I found that the local people were amazingly friendly and proud of their land. They were curious about you but would never approach you unless you do the first step. Well, four days later, I am still here, as I needed to organize my trip through Mexico. I am leaving Chihuahua now, but I built enough self-confidence and safety to continue my journey to the rest of the country.
Morelia is a very nice and safe city in Mexico.
The great thing about Città del Messico is that you can get your own hotel room for about 200 pesos (about $20 USD), which is only a little more than the hostels, if you want more privacy. Though I believe most of them are in the Centro Histórico, which tends to die down at night (though that's great if you want to sleep in peace and quiet), as opposed to a place like the Zona Rosa (where I would have preferred to stay, since it's close to the gay clubs) where the hotels are more expensive. Of course, meeting people is much easier in the hostels. If you get tired of all the craziness of the city, and your feet are tired of walking through all the street markets (which are fun) and museums and stuff, I can also recommend taking half a day at Xochimilco, south of the city (or is it north? -- I just know it's outside the city) and renting one of those crazily painted boats. Don't forget a bottle of Tequila, some limes and salt, so that you can take shots while floating lazily down the…
Campeche... We are so lucky that we stumbled upon this hidden pot of gold. The walled city is something that should not be missed. This quaint town has a colonial feeling with clean streets, bright colored buildings, a gorgeous town square, art and music. We all agreed this was one of the top highlights of our trip. Can't wait to go back!
San Miguel de Allende is a great colonial town, unique because of its large artist population, and galleries galore. There is a lot to see right in the city center, and amazing hot springs (La Gruta is very neat - with a cave) just outside. There are a lot of restaurants with very good food (and desserts...), and the plaza is always lively.
Puerto Escondido … Puerto is one of my favorite spots. It's one of those places that when leaving it, you know you'll end up back there at some point. Gorgeous beaches, great surfing (but that doesn't even need to be mentioned), really great people, and always stuff going on.
Isla Mujeres … It's a beautiful place.
San Cristóbal de las Casas … San Cristobal is beautiful.
Chetumal … It's a very nice town.
Kino Bay … I love it. Everyone should go and see. It is the BEST place in Mexico.
Playa del Carmen … It's the best party in Mexico.

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