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I'm totally overwhelmed by Amsterdam -- the city, people who live there, and the tourists. Everything is great -- they're tolerant and there's no crime. In Amsterdam I felt safe like nowhere else in the world! Amsterdam has everything -- culture, history, museums, all kinds of restaurants, nightlife, and coffee shops; the Red Light District was a mind opener. I think that the rest of the world and all the big cities could look up to this city. And there is a special thing that I like -- the buildings in the city center area are built on three or four floors, so you don't feel small in the big city, and all the big buildings and business/shopping centers are outside this historic and touristic area. I'm looking forward to traveling there again soon, but this time maybe for a month! I just love Amsterdam!
Amsterdam was really great! The Dutch are very friendly and laid back. We met people from all over the world and everyone had a good time. The place is really beautiful and historic. Also the red light area was an eye opener -- so open and the windowgirls seems to be very friendly. The U.S.A. can learn a lot from Holland. I love the city!
I've visited Amsterdam many times -- great place.
My friend and I went to Amsterdam this summer. Now, I had heard all the stories about what goes on and what to do, but you don't know anything until you go. All the stories in the world can't do this place justice. The Dutch are really friendly and laid back people, the prostitutes were much better than you can imagine (if you're into that), the weed has got to be some of the best in the world, and the city was amazingly beautiful. There's way more to do there than just smoke weed and sleep with whores. It was a once in a lifetime visit.
It is not safe to sleep in the streets. Trust me. Many weirdos appear at any time, with more drugs than blood in their veins, and you don't feel safe at all. It is not safe either to sleep on the street benches in full daylight -- I was awakened (read: kicked) by a very angry Dutch policeman.
Fernando Vezzosi
I have been thinking about moving to Amsterdam. I have never been there but I figure you only live once. The whole city stands for everything I have based my life on -- sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.
There's nowhere like this place. We still go back even with a young family -- there's something for everyone. We brought back some "duty free" -- the dealers in the RLD make me laugh!
Psst ! Charlie! Charlie!
I went for three days and can't remember a thing.
Tommy McAteer
I was here in October 2006. It was fantastic. You must come here and have fun.
I live in Glasgow so I know a great city when I see one, and Amsterdam is great. Great hash and weed for great prices. Great museums and buildings, if you like that sort of thing. Red Light District is a must see. I thought all whores were ugly, but not in the Dam. Not as scary a place as everyone makes out. All in all a great city.
Wow, Amsterdam -- the rumours are true! What an amazing place to stay, so laid back and relaxed. The Red Light District is not nearly as scary as people to say. At the very least, just go there for a look, you'll be amazed by how differently people live here, and the Red Light District pretty much sums that up. Give the Sex Museum a tour as well. It might sound creepy but parts of it were hilarious! But be careful, while it might seem like anything goes in Amsterdam, some things will definitely get you into trouble -- taking pictures in the Red Light District, for example.
Great place! The coffeshops are amazing. For the older hippies try Dutch Flowers. I smoked with two seventy-year-old sailors and heard some great stories. (The hash and weed -- fantastic!). The Van Gogh museum and Rijks museum are must-sees. A ferry to the town of Markin will let you enjoy a small Dutch town that if you wander far enough, you can see the classic windmills. When you first dock you are spilled out into a very touristy part but keep exploring into the town and you will see farmland and windmills. The Dutch are very friendly open laid back. The U.S. could learn a lot from them. If you haven't been to Amsterdam, regardless of age, go!
I am born Dutch and have lived in Amsterdam for more than twenty-five years. To all those worried about drug dealers on the streets -- do not worry, ignore the poor suckers who are basically selling only cheap sh*t to ignorant people who don´t know how to say "no thank you." Please understand as well that the people selling drugs on the streets are really just poor addicts who should not be taken seriously. They will never be aggressive, by the way. Why should we put them in prison? They just look for the sucker who wants to make their day by buying their washpowder or henna powder for five hundred times its value. Real suckers will get high from this anyhow! Enjoy Amsterdam, and do not think that everybody smokes all this stuff. Most Amsterdammers do not use drugs. You can have a great time without it as well!
I'm sure your parents are not so happy about your coming here, but it is a great city. And I'm planning to come here annually, just to be able to stand my everyday life. Love it or leave it.
Well, what can I say about Dam... best place ever to be at. It's like God gave us a place to go and have the time of our lives. Everybody's cool, you get high at all times, drink, get high, pay 50 euros for a hooker at the red light district, and have a damn good sex. Then you go to coffee shop and toast it up again, and then u get some white widow and get knocked out. Eat some space cakes (make sure u don't leave the coffee shop while high on space cakes), then u go around and have the pleasure of seeing that beautifull city. Go to the hemp museum and the sex museum as well, book hostels in advance, chill with all them hot chickas, and try 2 get hooked up... before u go 2 bed (if u do) have some hash, if u don't go 2 bed get some of them magic mushrooms!!! Have fun always.
Amsterdam is great. Whether you're looking to enjoy the night-life, drugs, or sightsee, there is something for everyone. The area around Central Station is super touristy. Spend a day in that area and then move on. Go to the Pijp and shop at the Albert Cuyp Market, spend a day in Vondelpark, or go to the Jordaan and hang with locals in the coffee shops. Eat at a place called Abe Vento at 2 Plantage Kerklaan, they have great cheap Italian food. Also try the cheap falafels in Rembrantplein (Maoz was my personal favourite). There is also a soup place called Soup En Zo at the Waterlooplein that has amazing soup.
Make sure you book well inadvance. I'm just about to go and have had some rather fortunate luck in getting a cheap hostel with a good rep, but I have been sweating for the last couple of days.
AMSTERDAM! What's not to love? Me and my best friend traveled for a month around Europe and Amsterdamwas one of our favorite places! First, go to the INTERNET CAFE or the BULLDOG next to BOOM CHICAGO if you stay at VONDELPARK. You can drink and smoke and play some pool. The music is off the hook and if you decide to shroom...there are incredible pictures coming right out of the wall!!! You also HAVE to get the cone fries!! They are soooo good! Nothing like em'. For sure you have to go to MULIN ROUGE or a live sex show! You have to totally experience the life! You should also bring some cash to buy the best weed in the world! About 13 euro well get you high! Bikes are travel that way or do what the locals do...foot it. Oh, and mind the fashion there. You can get some cute fashion ideas, or don'ts! Oh, and there are not too many R&B type clubs. But, the music is a great mix. You hear the sh*t that you don't hear in the States. Oh, and go to the coffee shops that rock BOB MARLEY all the time. You really experience everyday life in AMSTERDAM! I will never forget the ROCKERY!!!!! The celling fans were so fresh. OH, AND DO SMOKE HASH! It will knock you on your ass! One hit and you are lit!!! Lets, careful because you can get worn out easy there. You wake up at like 7 and go to bed at NEVER! OH, and the best tip that I can give that no one really has mentioned is to stay in HOSTELS not hotels. Hostels are where you meet other backpackers! Have fun....and blow one in the air for me...
You can buy a stolen bike from just about anyone walking around with a bike for the same price as renting it for a few days. Be sure to buy a good lock though. And then, when you go back, you can use it again!
Amsterdam is the best place in the world, if only others could follow the world would be a better place. Amsterdam has it sorted.
Great city!! Not just for the reasons most people will say (coffee shops , etc.). It just has so much on offer... museums, shops, bars, cheap accommodation, friendly people, canals! It is a great experience!
Amsterdam is the town to visit. What is good about it? To begin with: everything! Coffe shops, museums, restaurants, and of course the red light district. If you have to travel once in a lifetime, visit Amsterdam.
Amsterdam is a lovely place. Everyone here travels around on bikes because the land is so flat, so be careful to look out for bikes when crossing the road! Book accommodations in the city well in advance and haggle with the people on the door of Madame Toussauds if you go there because they will drop their prices willingly!
Amsterdam is a wicked city for a nice smoke lots to see and lots of places to visit, but be warned, drug addicts are not the friendly type and avoid the areas where they are, especially in the area near the church.
When in Amsterdam, be respectful, have fun... u can sleep when yer dead!
Indiana Andy
It is really easy to get lost in Amsterdam, so bring a good map. Do not get the Amsterdam pass unless you either plan on going to a lot of museums. Most of the museum and attractions are a short walk from the center canal or Red Light District. Try renting a bike. It is the best way to get around town.
First time I've been here in over five years, prices have rocketed though. One Tip, book accommodations in advance (even in April) as I've just had to fork out $90 for a hotel.
Ade Pritchard
Not a good place to be a hero. Don't mess with the street dealers. Just shut up and keep walking.
Word of warning in and around Amsterdam, be aware of the many vagrants, drug dealers etc. that hang around mainly the Red Light district and the main drag in from the railway station (Damrak) if they approach you or bump into you just walk away as they may accuse you of banging into them and making them drop their drugs, which you will be asked to pay for in a polite way, well, polite for a drug dealer anyway.
J Wilkinson
The greatest thing about Amsterdam, well one of the greatest things, is that everything is so laid back. People aren't up in arms about anything. You can sit at 10 AM and have an Amstel Light at the cafe in Vondelpark and no one thinks poorly of you. The city is beautiful, outside the red light district, by day with fabulous street markets. So many markets and so much cheap shopping - the fruit stands are amazing! Then at night, the city comes alive in different ways. Amsterdam is quite diverse; go shopping, go to the beach, go to the coffee shops, do it all. It is an experience one will NEVER forget!
Be warned that Amerstam has a lot of pick pockets.
The best thing about Amsterdam (that isn't inhaled) are all the cheap falafel places. Look for one with a bar that lets you add your own toppings.
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