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HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark Hostel is an outstanding hostel located next to Vondel Park, Amsterdam, that offers the best free breakfast with lots of choice.

The Location

The hostel is located in the heart of Amsterdam, right next to the gorgeous Vondel Park; the large building that houses the hostel used to be a school. The hostel is accessed by a short walk from Leidseplein Tram Station over the canal towards Vondel Park. This hostel is in a great location, right next to the museum district with so many of Amsterdam’s famous attractions including the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Amsterdam sign only a few minutes’ walk away.

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel contains a variety of different rooms, including both mixed and female-only dorm rooms as well as private rooms. The hostel is split out over two large buildings, which are in good condition from the outside and well kept inside, too. We stayed in a dorm room on the top floor, which contains standard bunk beds with their own lockable wardrobe as well several table and chairs. The beds are really comfortable and the room is very spacious and airy. This is enhanced by the very high ceiling and lots of large windows around the room. The only downside to this room is that there are not enough plug sockets.

The bathrooms are unisex and there are separate shower and toilet rooms, which are both clean and tidy. Both the shower room and the toilet are well lit, but the toilet rooms do feel quite cramped. The showers themselves are very strong and have several hooks on the wall where you can hang your towel. Overall the bathroom facilities are good.

Common Spaces

This hostel has several common areas, including a games room, common room, and its own bar. The games room is very spacious and contains a pool, foosball, and ping-pong table, as well as plenty of seating. There are also lots of sofas scattered around reception and secure lockers in which to leave your valuables. This hostel offers free Wi-Fi throughout that is quick and the place has a very friendly and lively atmosphere.


Overall, this is a fantastic hostel that is in a central location and has a welcoming and lively atmosphere.
by Paulo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark Hostel" at Zandpad 5.)


Zandpad 5, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.361183, 4.878192 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0) 20 589 8996
+31 (0) 20 589 8955
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Fun & Social Hostel
It was my first ever stay at a hostel so maybe I'm lacking perspective, but I thought it was great! The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and there to assist you 24/7, the breakfast is awesome with a lot of options and there is a bar downstairs with drink specials every night. Great place to pregame and meet other travelers, a big group of new friends from the hostel all went out together to the nearby clubs! Wifi in the rooms would've been nice but having to get it from the lobby just makes for even more mingling.
Age 20, USA
Kind of a terrible Hostel.
I am not sure how this place gets any positive reviews. Nor could I find any reason they could stay open beyond its good location, and it's dedication to school groups. I had been coming off of a long trip staying in many fun, vibrant hostels, what I arrived to was an odd assortment of 14 year olds and older gentlemen. The room we were staying in had one outlet for six people, and no Wifi. Wifi was accessible in the lobby, through a circuitous site that came up each time you connected. Moreover, our shower was filthy and unpleasant to use, as it required several centimeters of standing water which didn't drain right away. Happy Hour with the other guests was about as lively as a necrophiliac's wet dream. Cheap beer though. But seriously. One outlet. Six beds. What kind of math is that, I was unaware we were living in 1935. No kitchen to use for guests, and many many doors we had to swipe through to get in. Seriously, it's a hostel, not the Pentagon. Overall, you can do better than this place.
Solid YHA
Good for a YHA-type hostel with very friendly reception staff. Security (with key cards) closing of the staircase and each room is good. Same goes for the day time bar, where drinks (one free per guest) are priced adequately, during happy hour after 21.30 affordable. The breakfast is a solid youth hostel affair that gets one going -- although the coffee won't necessarily wake you up. Furnishing is pared to the bone. Padlocks for wardrobes required. The lockers in the lobby are coin-operated, the separate strong boxes too small for a fullsize laptop. The cleaner's attitude is best described as indifferent -- a blocked sink with puke floating in it for two days and three remonstrations does not make for a pleasant smell in the room. Since it was off-season, no use claiming "too much work." In all, given the central location, size of the house and large number of people passing through, a fair deal.
Nice Hostel
Good beds. Bad shower. Nice security. Bad location. Great breakfast. Towels not included. Friendly staff. Lockers a bit small. Heating is good. Wifi only in the lobby.
Rip-Off Cancellation Policy
Apr. 19, 2010. all airports in Europe are closed because of the Iceland Volcano dust -- emailed Vondelpark hostel a few times, no reply, phoned on Apr. 19th to cancel our reservation for Apr. 27/28th, they will not refund any of it. 143 Euros lost -- and you know they are renting the room back out cause other people are stuck in AMS waiting to fly out.
Ken, Victoria, BC
After a long day of traveling, the long walk down the small side street was a little difficult, but once my friend and I got to Stayokay we were relieved. The lobby is trendy, comfortable, and entertaining. There are places to hang out, vending machines, a bar, TVs, Internet access (not free, but not too expensive), and a lot of information on night life and other tourism. The room was clean, but quite a hike (the elevator stops at a certain floor and you have to walk the rest of the way). Expect to wake up early with the sun! Perfect location. I could see Vondel Park from my bed -- it basically was the front yard. Breakfast in the morning was a typical european breakfast, good selection. I did the pub crawl which was down the street. Lovely area, so close to the museums. Oh, and great security. Key card to get in doorway, then have to get buzzed in by front desk, then to get upstairs you need to use your key again, and then again to finally get in your room! We had to stay an extra night, which was no problem, even got the same beds. Good crowd overall. Staff are great!
(United States)
Stayokay is a very good hostel, very well organized, and oriented to host travelers. Prices are bit expensive, but generally worth the money. The staff is very friendly and helpful by all means. Rooms are large with wc and shower, negative is the water tap. that there is only one inside the room can cause discomfort for the residents. Lockers inside the room for every person, need a pad. Extremely good breakfast, dont miss it for any reason! Negative thing is the extremely expensive internet access and the cost of the lockers for short-term luggage storage. I have also to state that I'm disappointed for the policy to raise the prices more when special events or holidays occur in Amsterdam (a common policy in hostels there). I consider that it is not the philosophy of the hostels.
Good location and excellent bedrooms
Great hostel -- good location, very clean bedrooms, lockers, friendly staff, good bar, and it is a social hostel. There is also a place to park your bike at night.

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