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The Review

It is an inevitable fact that many people come to Amsterdam to engage in drug tourism; if you are so inclined, The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel is an excellent, safe environment in which to engage in this practice. If you're otherwise looking for a good sleep, this actually isn't a bad place for it.

The Location

This hostel is situated alongside Vondelpark, just outside the city centre. It is a quiet location, but still within walking distance to the city. If you're arriving from central station, it is a good, twenty-five-minute walk to the hostel. This is because if you walk directly through the city centre, the pedestrian traffic is ridiculous. The best way to get to the hostel is to get on either tram 2 or 5 from platform B just outside central station, and catch it to Museumplein. Then it is about a five-minute walk to the hostel, avoiding the traffic. There is a supermarket about ten minutes' walk from the hostel, within the city centre.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms are a decent size; however, don't let this fool you. Given that this is a big busy city, there are as many beds as possible crammed into each room. There is a sink for cleaning your teeth in each dorm room as well. The toilets and showers are unusually small, making it difficult to take any belongings in with you. Having said that, there are hooks and shelves in the shower for a small amount of items. The facilities are kept immaculately clean by the staff.

The mattresses are unfortunately thin, making for an uneasy night's sleep. A positive is that there are lockers under each of the beds, which should fit your large backpack; however, there are also other lockers for hire if you feel uneasy about leaving your valuables in the room. Unfortunately there is no lift in this hostel, the stairs are incredibly steep, and if you're staying on the fourth floor, you have to haul up five flights of stairs. To make for better sleeping, earplugs are provided for free.

Common Spaces

The best thing about this hostel is the common spaces. There is a bar/common room/dining room area, which is small but social. Drinks at the bar are reasonably priced. There is a smoking room separate from the common room, and it is properly ventilated to prevent the rest of the hostel from smelling like smoke. Whether you agree with it or not, it is a safe place for tourists to experiment with drugs. There are many tourists wandering the streets after visiting "coffee shops" looking for their accommodation. Here, tourists may experiment in a safe environment, knowing full well where they can find their bed.

There is a self-catering kitchen, with no oven. The staff take the kitchen over on a Tuesday night for meals, so you'll have to find somewhere else to eat. There is also a vending machine, and pizzas are sold at the bar. Wi-Fi is free, but only works in the common areas. When many people are using the Wi-Fi, it shuts down and staff are unable to do anything to rectify the situation.


This is a good, although somewhat cramped, hostel. It will however make your stay in Amsterdam a pleasant experience.
by LeLe Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel" at Vossiusstraat 46.)


Vossiusstraat 46, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.360321, 4.878403 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 400 4187
+31 (0)20 421 0802
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87% Guest Reviews

Too small and crammy for my liking.
Flying pig uptown is a very intimate hostel, with not a lot of space at all. The kitchen is small, very similar to the toilet and shower rooms which are crazily small! The Windows didn't open in the bedroom I was in, meaning No fresh air, which is what you need in a 14 bed dorm! Although the aircon did work and the bed was comfy. The common room/bar/reception is small and a little dungeony. At times there were little black bugs flying around. This is a good hostel with a lot of the customers being big stoners and party goers. So whether you want to get stoned or not, I would recommend staying here. The location is good with a big park across the road and a walk to the centre of town is only 20-30 mins.
Age 27, Australia
Great place and atmosphere. The top floor is a tough trip to make.
We just left flying pig uptown. Awesome place with a great atmosphere and a very helpful staff. Can't say enough about the workers there. The bad part is that we stayed on the top floor with was a total workout -- about 6 total flights of stairs with risers that are steeper than what they have in the states (6"). The trek to the top floor is a bummer when you've been partying and need to get back to the hostel. The 3 bedroom hostel was located on the top floor -- avoid that bed arrangement if possible! For those looking for a great location -- almost everywhere is a good spot in amsterdam, but this area was perfect for us.
Age 28, Usa
Cozy and inviting, a great hostel!
Bathrooms were a little small but other than that, staff was very nice and the bar served really cheap drinks and pizza. There's also a smoking room and a nearby coffee shop. The walk to the center is pretty fast, roughly 25 minutes and worth it, as the hostel is in a good area.
Age 20, Canada
  wow. very cool.
Age 30, indonesia
Decent hostel by Vondelpark
If you're looking to be in the heart of all the action, the Flying Pig Uptown isn't the best choice. The hostel is located outside the city center near Vondelpark. It's in a much more relaxed and mellow neighborhood. Walking to the train station or the party zones takes a little while, but it's nothing too bad. There are also trams if you need them. The breakfast in the morning is your typical hostel breakfast of cereals, toast, some fruit and hard boiled eggs. They've got a smoking room and a bar/lounge area that are pretty nice to hang out in.
Age 31, USA
Awesome Location and Great Staff
This hostel was probably the best one that I stayed in on my Euro-trip. It is located in the Uptown (Leisplein area) of Amsterdam. This is the area that is close to all of the night clubs in Amsterdam. The hostel has a nice bar with good deals and a friendly staff that is a great place to drink at and meet other people before going out. We stayed in an eight person dorm room with a shared bathroom. There are a lot of steps in this hostel, but an experienced hostel traveler should expect that, especially in amsterdam. All in all I didn't find too many things wrong with this hostel. WiFi was available everywhere throughout the hostel, so that was nice too!
Age 21, United States
Rooms were not clean and small, but good breakfast and location
When we arrived after a long flight we found people sleeping in our beds. we had no where to put our stuff and relax even though our room was reserved a month before. The staff had no idea on how to handle the situation it took them 3 hours to get the room ready and still forgot to give us clean sheets. Good thing we arrived during breakfast hours and enjoyed the free buffet and lounged by the bar.
You can find better
Amsterdam is such an awesome city for the pure fact that you can smoke bud anywhere! Who cares if they have a room downstairs to smoke in? There are way better places to stay. Also, the location isnt all that great because you have to either walk (twenty minutes) or take the train (2.50 euro) to get downtown.

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