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The Cambie Hostel Gastown

Free Breakfast
Distance to Gastown: 0.2 km / 0.1 miles
Party Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…I recommend staying there when you visit the area! - Cambie Hostel, located in the Gastown district of downtown Vancouver, is a great social hub and loads of fun! The Location The hostel … More
Distance to Gastown: 0.5 km / 0.3 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
577 Richards Street ... More

The Cambie Seymour

Free Breakfast
Distance to Gastown: 0.6 km / 0.3 miles
Adventure Hostels Digital Nomads Party Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…I like it a lot! Ok so maybe im a bit biased coz I stayed here for so long, but this hostel is really excellent. I stayed in all the hostels in vancouver and this is easily the best. I made some … More
Distance to Gastown: 0.9 km / 0.5 miles
Solo Traveller
"…- Great place. Very friendly and helpful staff. The location itself is a bit dodgey and I wouldn't walk outside on my own at night. Inside is a different story. Small, cosy, spotless and two … More
Distance to Gastown: 1 km / 0.6 miles
Solo Traveller
"…Cheap, friendly, good access - I stayed for a few days and had a safe to store my stuff while out. It's close to the bus stations and downtown. The manager was always willing to help and the local … More

SameSun Backpacker Lodge - Vancouver

Free Breakfast Privacy Curtains
Distance to Gastown: 1.3 km / 0.8 miles
Digital Nomads Female Solo Traveller Groups (10+ people) Solo Traveller
"…They go so far as to check your keys as you come in at night ... Can get really warm at night. Overall I loved this place and will come again the next time I'm in town. I liked it! - Clean, great … More
#1 Top Rated

HI - Vancouver Central Hostel

Free Breakfast
Distance to Gastown: 1.3 km / 0.8 miles
Solo Traveller
"…The only problem was that nobody came to take out the garbage for 5 days. If I come back to Vancouver I would choose the same hostel. My wife and I stayed here for five days on our student budget … More

HI - Vancouver Downtown Hostel

Free Breakfast
Distance to Gastown: 1.9 km / 1 miles
Adventure Hostels Digital Nomads Party Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…The hostel lies really close to Stanley Park, Granville Island, and the rest of downtown Vancouver. It is also a nice neighborhood. They have kitchen which seems to be getting a little small … More

HI - Vancouver - Jericho Beach Hostel

Jericho Beach
Free Breakfast
Distance to Gastown: 7.1 km / 4 miles
Adventure Hostels Beach Lovers Retreat Female Solo Traveller Party Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…I'd go back. I loved this hostel. Before I went on my trip, I read some of the comments on this board and had reservations about it. However, I decided to stay and I loved it. First off, it … More
Distance to Gastown: 10.5 km / 7 miles
Older travelers (+50) Quiet Rest
"…Staff is very friendly, helpful, professional. Any issue was handled professionally and staff offered as much help as they could. Other guests within the hostel were friendly, accommodating, and … More

Hotels in Vancouver

Ywca Hotel

Distance to Gastown: 0.7 km / 0.4 miles
"…I highly recommend this place for budget travellers!! I planned to spend 2 days at YWCA Hotel, and wound up staying a third. The other reviews I had read suggested that it might be worth giving a … More

North Vancouver Hotel

North Vancouver
Distance to Gastown: 4.9 km / 3 miles
1800 Capilano Road More
Distance to Gastown: 6 km / 4 miles
"…Check out: 11:00. Cash paying quests must pay a damage deposit of $50.00 to be returned upon check out. Breakfast is not included. Taxes are not included (14.24% tax)" …"…34th Ave 0.5 km 9 … More

Hostels in Vancouver, Canada

10 hostels available. Prices start from $33.00 for a dorm bed.

Neighborhoods in Vancouver

Looking for a specific district? Here you go:

Gastown Vancouver: The Backpacker's Haven

Welcome to Gastown, where the soul of Vancouver comes alive amidst cobbled streets and historic charm.

Choosing hostels in Gastown Vancouver isn't just finding a place to rest; it's immersing yourself in the heartbeat of the city. Let's explore why this district is a timeless retreat for budget travelers and backpackers.

Timeless Landmarks

As you wander through Gastown's historic streets, you'll encounter landmarks that echo Vancouver's rich past.

The iconic Steam Clock, a symbol of the district, and the historic Gastown Gaol remind us of the city's journey through time. Gastown's landmarks are not just attractions; they're storytellers etching Vancouver's history into every brick.

Effortless Transportation

Getting around Gastown is a breeze, thanks to Vancouver's reliable transit system. The Waterfront Station, an enduring transportation hub, connects you effortlessly to the city and beyond. The Seabus, sailing gracefully since its inception, offers scenic views of the harbor. Navigating Gastown and beyond is a journey within a journey.

Reliable Amenities

Gastown's charm extends to its diverse culinary scene. From historic pubs to trendy cafes, every corner invites you to savor the city's flavors.

Need essentials? Gastown's local markets and convenience stores, rooted in the district's fabric, ensure your stay is comfortable. Gastown's amenities aren't just services; they're welcoming hosts in your Vancouver adventure.

Cultural Riches and Tips

Delve into Gastown's artistic spirit by exploring its galleries and street art. The district hosts cultural events, like the Gastown Grand Prix, adding vibrancy to its historic landscape. Embrace the locals' friendliness, and you'll find Gastown unveiling its cultural treasures.

Why Stay Here?

  • Historic allure: Immerse yourself in Gastown's cobbled streets and iconic landmarks like the Steam Clock.
  • Efficient transit: Explore Vancouver seamlessly with the Waterfront Station and the timeless Seabus.
  • Culinary odyssey: Indulge in diverse flavors, from historic pubs to trendy cafes, all within Gastown's embrace.
  • Cultural immersion: Discover the district's artistic side through galleries, street art, and cultural events.

In conclusion, Gastown Vancouver isn't just a district; it's a passage through Vancouver's history and culture. Opt for hostels in Gastown Vancouver for an authentic, budget-friendly stay amidst the timeless charm of this iconic city.

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