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C&N Backpackers Hostel Vancouver - 927 Main Street is one of the most economical choices in Vancouver, Canada. Though the building is old and the neighborhood a little sketchy, it's a decent place to stay.

The Location

C&N Hostel 927 Main and its counterpart across the street are very convenient to the main train and bus station in Vancouver. With your back to the station, walk right on Main Street, the road in front of the station. Look for a store called "The Source." The hostel is upstairs. The nearest Skytrain station is Main/Science World. Various buses run down Main Street and can take you quickly to downtown and Stanley Park, which are also long but walkable distances.

The neighborhood, sandwiched between the train station and Chinatown, isn't the best, but it doesn’t feel particularly dangerous. Some of the surrounding areas host a drug scene, but there's little trouble if you keep aware. Chinatown offers exotic marketplaces and eateries.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The building is old, which means it comes with the standard old-building problems -- plumbing that sometimes emits unpleasant odors, few electrical sockets in rooms, and windows that stick when you try to open them. They periodically repaint and renew the place, though, so it's not bad. Smoking is permitted on the rear balconies. If you have a room overlooking those, you may have a problem with smoke drifting into your room.

Each dorm room locks, but there are no lockers within the rooms. Banks of small lockers are available in the hall, and the staff offer to hold real valuables for you at the desk. Bunks are squeaky and mattresses old, but linens are provided. There are no shelves for top bunks or reading lights anywhere, but rooms come with sinks and mirrors, and most dorms don't have too many beds. Towels are also provided upon request, and the facilities are fairly clean.

Shower rooms also have toilets and sinks and plenty of places to hang your clothes and towels. If the hostel is full, there aren't quite enough facilities, but there's a WC-only room so you won't have to wait too long for a bathroom. They generally include hand soap and are worn but clean.

Common Spaces

Each floor has a full kitchen. Though slightly understocked with cooking implements, it's sufficient, and a good place to meet people. The only problem is that the kitchen closes at 10 and doesn't do you any good if you're headed out early. There's also limited seating upstairs.

Downstairs are two common rooms with old but charming furniture, one room with a TV, and another with a book exchange. Though not an ultra-social hostel, you can find people to chat with here. Upstairs there's one internet computer that's free for guest use. Elsewhere Wi-Fi is available. You can get a discounted breakfast and various other drink or meal specials at the hostel-affiliated Ivanhoe Pub across the street. If you're staying a while, there's a weekly rate, and though that tends to attract locals, the staff does try to weed them out and reserve the hostel for travelers. Self-service laundry is a reasonable price.


If you want a party hostel with a bar on premises and lots of new friends to meet, you might try one of the downtown hostels. C&N, however, is a good bet for the money in a rather expensive city.
by Melinda Brasher
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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927 Main Street, Downtown Train Station, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
49.276333, -123.100138 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (604) 682-2441 or +1 (888) 434-6060
+1 (604) 682-2441
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Very polite and helpful
I stayed here for 7 nights; three years ago I think it was for over 20 nights. The equipment is enough for traveling. Internet is much better now. A very good thing is the short distance to the stations. Thank you, I'll return.
Age 64, German
Stay away
Awful staff, unsafe location, please do not waste your money here.
Age 30, england
Great location. tired but clean
Don't book through anything but them if you can help it. They lost the passwords to their accounts. They had to look us up by the date we made the booking. It looked like something of a hassle. Friendly staff, generally speaking. Happy to offer suggestions of things to do around Vancouver. They were willing to check us in at 11pm, which was nice. And they're walking distance to the train station; also nice. They're right next to a beautiful community garden. Small but usable kitchens. Not wheelchair accessible unless there was some secret lift I didn't see anywhere. It's an old building. Separate living area and TV living areas on each floor. Free wifi available. Works best near the front office. The physical space has been around the block a few times, but it is kept clean.
Isabella L. Bird
Age 31, USA
Looking forward to getting back there this week
stayed here last year, friendly staff, and very historic building. no fuss, no mess, no hang ups. cool place to be. can't wait to be back there again.
Great place
this hostel is perfect -- it's clean, it's super central, and the staff are awesome and helpful. you really get value for your money. I would stay here again and think it's an insider tip.
Cheap bus still sh*t!
Guys, don't stay at this hostel. it sucks. it's unfriendly and there are a lot of freaks, it's pretty clean, but still they let in all the weirdos in here. If you can at all, stay away from Vancouver. too many scary looking junkies!
  i stayed at this hostel for a few months in the summer/fall of 2006. it is cheap and easy to get downtown by walking the viaduct or skytrain. it is fairly clean, but has the occasional cockroach/mouse. unfortunately, the guests here are treated like it's a group home/like children. there are many rules, including no guests allowed in dorm rooms or even in private rooms. there are cameras everywhere, and yes, this is a clue that it is like big brother here. one staff member is great, but the main staff member is aggressive and pushy. i felt very uncomfortable, and would not recommend a long stay at this hostel, unless you keep to yourself, and can keep your mouth shut no matter how rude the staff are. also the neighbourhood is very sketchy.
  I stayed at this hostel in 1998 and it was ok. It was good value, but had they summer rates by the month, I would have stayed longer. The staff was friendly at the time. It is a good, no frills place to lay your head at night while in Vancouver!

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