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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Cambie Seymour" at 515 Seymour Street.)


515 Seymour Street, Downtown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
49.283876, -123.114336 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (604) 684-7757
+1 (604) 684-9983
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Return trip
We stayed here twice, once with no planning, just walked in and then second time after returning from exploring the Rockys. We stayed in a twin room (which was a bunk bed) both times and were very happy with our stay. Always clean, nice kitchen and bathrooms. Laundry to use. Reliable internet. Not really any communal areas to chill out and meet others but it is right about two pubs so I guess that's where you're meant to hang out. The only thing that some people might not like is that the shower doors are opaque glass. So while you can't see straight through them, you can definitely see a very detailed outline and colouring. There's also no private area to put your clothes so either you drape things over the shower and dress in the tiny area or get dressed in the main bathroom area. Would visit again. Was close to many cheap, delicious sushi places and train stations.
Age 27, Australia
Good Price & No Hassle
We stayed here for a couple nights, then extended for a couple more. Sheets and room clean, washrooms clean, great location for transit systems or for seeing the downtown nightlife and shopping districts. The muffins in the morning were a great deal breaker!
Not Great
Booked for 3 nights, all of which were noisy as over the bar, even on the second floor as the window didn't shut properly. Only found 1 member of staff remotely helpful. Rooms smallish but ok for 2 but need lockers or somewhere safe to store stuff. No privacy in the bathrooms, which need updating, as does most of the common areas. Only 1 internet terminal working, and washing machine not working either, but when it does you can only use it after 4pm as the cleaners use it all day. Had room to myself 2 out of the 3 nights which was a bonus though not impressed that you also have to share it with the resident mouse. When this was reported, got offered to move room and then told that it was an old building as if it should be expected? On top of that they charged an extra 5 dollars for late check out as went 10 minutes over due to having to make 2 trips to carry heavy bags down stairs as no lift. Overall, only stayed the full 3 nights as other hostels full, would not recommend.
Safe, convenient, simple, and clean
I just got home from a five-night stay at this hostel. I am female and was traveling alone. The Cambie Seymour is very simple, but clean (bathrooms got a good scrubbing each day) and with a friendly atmosphere. Safe neighborhood, great location -- I walked all over downtown from here, and the Skytrain in half block away. It's on a busy corner -- lots of traffic/buses until around midnight. The noise didn't bother me but some people might not like it. Heard only the faintest noise from the bar downstairs on Friday night (I was on the second floor). The photos on their website looked exactly like the place I experienced. I would stay here again.
Ok if you don't care about cleaniness or smells or noise
I stayed here 4th of July weekend. There was dried vomit next to my bed. The room smelled of urine. The room was located above the outdoor smoking area of the bar and a bus stop that starts service at 4 a.m. The "mattress" was a sodden greasy pancake.The room was also across the hall from the only bathroom so I could hear the door slamming and people flushing all night. Very friendly staff. Clean bathrooms. Bike parking. Central location -- five minutes' walk from Chinatown and ten minutes' walk from downtown. The manager refunded our payment for the following night without much fuss.
Buu H
Good Stuff!
I stayed at the Cambie on Seymour for a couple of weekends and I always enjoy. let's say they are getting a lot better everyday, and soon everyone will see what I've seen. This is the best Hostel in Town Cost Benefit wise! Awesome Location! Standard Hostel services. I like it a lot!
  Ok so maybe im a bit biased coz I stayed here for so long, but this hostel is really excellent. I stayed in all the hostels in vancouver and this is easily the best. I made some lifelong buddies here - thanks to its very close quarters/ in your face atmosphere. The location is just next to the harbour tower and so is pretty full with tourists meaning it is safer than most other areas. The rooms are pretty unique in that most are just one bunk - with plenty of space to dump your stuff. The showers are not at all private and the toilets are small but they do the job fine. Breakfast is ok - 1 muffin and coffee - but you just have to wait until the staff go downstairs and you can grab a load of them. The staff are varied. One guy called Ray is slightly mental and always rude. The night guy is a fillipino who is very sweet. There was a guy who i only knew for 2 weeks called paulo or something similar - he was a total star. The best staff member is ofcourse Trevor! hes a very shy slightly dry man who should be made the city mayor - he was a great local guide and always up for a brew. He was very helpful to me and our little group all the time - infact i think he became an honorary member of our clan by the end. So in the end I stayed here for almost 3 months - which speaks for itself really. Shout out to Tom Cruise, Carisserole, Sabrina, Flangela, Khanage, Greg Peck, Gay Jay, Louie Louie, krag, brenda, and to a lesser extent african princess and political steve. My personal tips are to eat for cheap at the carnegie and to go to the railway club - trevor will lead the way. Jesus xxx
JEN 06
  I stayed here on the weekend of the Oasis concert (Sept. 2005). I was very disappointed in this place because to start off there were no curtains in our room. When we told the desk clerk she offered us another room and the only other rooms were dark, noisy and DIRTY!! It was noisy from the bar below, and the sheets were stained with god knows what. I brought my sheets to the clerk because I refused to sleep on them. When going to take a shower at night, there was hair clogging the drains, and absolutely no privacy while you stood nude outside the shower stall. In the morning we went to check out and receive our "complimentary breakfast" and the clerk proceeded to say, "Oh, looks like there is none left. Early bird gets the worm, I guess!" Overtly pissed off, we complained, and only then did we get a coupon to receive our "free breakfast" at the other hostel, which was 4 blocks away. Overall, I was extremely disappointed in the service, cleanliness and atmosphere of this hostel. For $50/night for the both of us, I would rather sleep outside in a tent at a campground. I will never go back, or tell anyone to stay here.

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