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1515 Discovery Street, Jericho Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
49.272986, -123.203261 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (604) 224-3208
+1 (604) 224-4852
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For $1.50 a night it was a great place to spend the summer in 1975
This was a wonderful place to hang my had for the summer of 1975. Lots of music, nights sleeping under the stars on the beach, hot showers and breakfast all included if you chose to wash dishes. When we didn't have the $1.50 for the bed we just bunked down under the trees across the street for days at a time. There was about 30-40 hippies that hung out there that summer and there was lots of drugs too. Had a great time!
I arrived after a 16 hour bus ride, starving, drenched, and not knowing which way was up or downtown. The raw broccoli I had eaten earlier had confined me to the men's-room on my trip, and I had failed to get a moment's rest due to transit's city-metro style seating. Needless to say, once landed, I wanted only the pleasure of a hot shower, a good meal, and maybe a bit of distraction. Of course none of this would happen. My first thought was that I should ask my good government to help me in my search for a new life in Vancouver. But after hours of pleading with what I can only assume are well-payed idiots, I realized that I would have to instead rely upon a tax return from Uncle Diefenbaker. He had days earlier blessed me with what only a hundred years earlier had been a small fortune but was today only the comfort of two nights spent in a mediocre hotel. Though short on luck, I knew I could at least make my luck last longer in a hostel. From there I could orient myself, find employment and get to work on my plans. My bags weighed upon me like a heavy cross, and so though limited in means, I climbed into a cab and asked the man to take me to any nearby hostel. We arrived at one just a block or so from the train station, but once in view of the water, I asked if there was any place near a beach that I could stay. To my relief, the maneuvered his way through traffic and took me to a seemingly quiet area in HI-Vancouver. Upon arrival I had learned, however, that the cab driver did not take debit. After a total of nearly 40 dollars resulting from the detour from the hostel back to a bank machine and to the hostel again, I entered the white-coloured concrete building. I must admit that once inside, the place did appear comfortable but it certainly did look like a military base, complete with heavy metal doors and bunk beds. At times I asked myself whether this was in fact a hostel or a homeless shelter, but whatever the case, I could not afford not to give into the demands of the receptionist at the front desk. I would like to say that it was a fine time there, that rates were fair, staff friendly and helpful, but the truth is that it was a thorn in my sock. They charged 30 some dollars per night for a stale smelling sheets, and people who for hours intentionally kept me awake. One such man was so obnoxious in his snoring, that I was forced to walk into his door-less chamber and ask him to please quiet his clearly unnatural noise, the clammering of some seeming bike chain with which he occupied himself. His genitals were covered when I came in, but only by his starkly pale curled naked legs. The man had not even the decency to wear a shirt! Though normally the site would not be completely unoffensive, especially from the site of someone handsome, I was in no mood for his bantering. Infuriated, I dragged myself to the entrance of the narrow dorm room, launched my body back and pulled on the heavy metal door. At the front desk, I found nothing except a sign asking visitors to ring a particular line for assistance. I picked up the phone, and a short but not completely unattractive man came galloping down the stair case. He gave the impression that he had recently arrived from fishing in a nearby pond as he greeted me in a fitted t-shirt, tight jeans rolled almost to knee-length, head covered by an old toque. Being from Alberta I had heard strange tales of the type that lived in Vancouver: godless communists, pot-smoking hippies, prima snowboarders. Yet I had never seen such a specimen and could only assume that he was among those creatures I had heard lived in the woods. Whatever the case, make no mistake that despite my amusement, my indignation did not change, and I quickly described to him what was happening inside the dorm. The man though at first indecisive, did put an end to the other's pestering, and in time, I found myself awakening to the warmth of the morning sun having had the most joyous sleep I had had for quite some time. Too many things occurred after my initial arrival, including hanging from two tree branches, and seeing old men and women dressed as people I had not seen since my unhappy days as a teenager. But during my time spent in HI-Vancouver Hostel I must say that it wasn't just the fact that I was annoyed purposefully by someone in the dorm that makes me think negatively of this place. It was also the mixture of deceit and continuous indirect pestering I received while I was there. I do believe there is value in the old way of doing things, where men and woman faced one another at the town square in a duel to the death, or alternatively where any begrudging between people escalated to nothing more than polite acknowledgments in public. Nevertheless, as I said, there was much to be desired of this place, starting with the simplest of good-will. I stayed a duration of roughly one week at this hostel, and was told only of a supposedly special rate discount after the fact. Good business (if it is one) would simply deduct the amount one would save, given the time already spent. It's a good start to long-standing friendships, and more than fair given the advertisement. The fact that $1.50 for laundry and internet quickly accumulates, especially given Uncle Diefenbaker's generosity, also makes visitors start to feel rather exploited, especially if they're in the same circumstances I had been. To their credit, there is a shared kitchen with free food in the fridge. On one such occasion, this included a free hearty t-bone steak. But this is also disconcerting. How can anyone be assured that the food doesn't contain anything that would let, say, a naked man climb into one's bunk without any realization in the middle of the night? Privacy also concerned me since I had the strange suspicion that staff had been in my locker when I was gone. Elders had always said I knew things without any explanation as a child, and for most of my life I felt it to be pure coincidence when my suspicions proved to be right. When I found my socks on top of my bunk one night after having been drenched in rain and mud, I became convinced that, in this case, the suspicions of elders certainly had at least not been wrong. Overall, the building could also use some renovation. I find nothing admirable in war, nor in its memorabilia. And insofar as the old army base is now some kind of hostel or shelter, it could be more accommodating as one. The showers could be much more modern, and the entire place could use a few more windows for light. Get rid of the metal doors, and most certainly change the sheets! The downstairs recreation room is nice, but perhaps an upstairs lounge would make the place more inviting. Perhaps the biggest change should be in letting people rest, or at least ensuring that those who go to rest are not bothered by people like the strange naked man or any other type of agent. Business, of course, can never be fair because it is business, nor can any government service for that matter. But a certain degree of honesty in any sector is imperative. I felt cheated after only one week. In fact, their rates left me with less money than I would have had had they been fair. And though I did appreciate the presence of a good steak, I often felt accosted indirectly by the people staying there. In the meantime, my next trip to Vancouver will certainly not involve this place. I left more exhausted then when I arrived, and I think the hostel was partly to blame. That said, Vancouver seems great if you have the means. For me, I might have to wait upon the arrival of Uncle Diefenbaker new-found generosity, or some sort of Christmas spirit.
Anonymous, though not unknown
(Guatemalan ;-))
  I stayed at the hostel on two occasions late July and early August 2005. I thought that it was quite a good hostel and I liked the military style barracks. The dorms were clean as were the bathrooms. The beach is very close and there are also some playing fields across the road. It is isolated from downtown Vancouver but if you want peace and quiet then this is the place to be. Breakfast was good although the cook's taste in music leaves much to be desired! Johnny Cash's 'Burning Ring of Fire' belting out first thing in the morning was a bit much! Also, be warned. There are no shops nearby to get grocery supplies.
  Nice to have the beach within walking distance, but that's about the only good thing. The room was extremely hot; even at 2 a.m. it still wouldn't cool down, and you can't open the window due to security reasons. Public, high school locker room showers; there is no secure (or I should say dry) place to put your stuff when showering. It's really far away from downtown; you have to take bus #4 to go to downtown (30 minutes). If you need to take a taxi to the train/bus station it's about $18.
  I loved this hostel. Before I went on my trip, I read some of the comments on this board and had reservations about it. However, I decided to stay and I loved it. First off, it seems that this is the least inhabited of the Vancouver hostels, which I loved. The location is AWESOME! Right near the beach. I am not a beach person at all, but walking on the beach at night or in the morning was AMAZING. The hostel is huge, in terms of space. When I was there, there weren't a lot of people there. But I liked it. The rooms are like military barrack style. There is a cafe downstairs, which I liked. It is kind of far from everything (i.e. downtown), so it was nice having a close place to get food. It wasn't expensive either. The staff were very helpful and answered all my questions. They are very knowledgeable. All in all, I would stay here again. I stayed at the Downtown Vancouver hostel, which was good, but a bit crowded (although the location was awesome!) I met a lot of very nice people at this hostel. I think since it's kind of in the middle of nowhere and there aren't a lot of people there, it is really conducive to meeting people. This is in contrast to the Vancouver Downtown hostel where everyone is coming and going, making it sort of hard to meet others. It was nice after a long day, to just chill and talk to other people from around the world, while sipping a beer. So I guess the deal breaker would be for someone debating where to stay in Vancouver is if you want to be by the beach, or in the city. If you want to be in the heart of downtown, do not stay here. If you want to be near HUGE green fields, and the beach and a small town feel, stay at this hostel. Oh, and regarding a bathroom comment from a previous post: I did not find them dirty. One was out of order, but they weren't dirty. However, they are communal, so do not expect a ton of privacy.
I loved it
  The facilities aren't going to amaze you — the bathrooms reminded me of locker rooms for junior high basketball — but the location is idyllic. Only a five-minute walk from a gorgeous beach, and a half-hour drive to the heart of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. People were nice, up for hanging out. Definitely worth the trip.
  I stayed here for maybe about 5 nights in June 2005. This is not a party hostel, but it is in a gorgeous location, and the bus to town (#4) is easy and regular. The dorms are big (14 beds) and the snoring can be a bit of a problem, but they are sectioned off into sets of 4 beds (2 bunks) so you can't see everyone. People were good about the 11 p.m. lights-out curfew, which has been my biggest problem with big dorms elsewhere. It is true there is no key to the dorm, but there are big, tall lockers at the end of each bed, into which you can easily fit all your valuables and even all your gear if you're travelling light. They also have a 24-hour front desk (which has good free earplugs for those snoring moments!) and the front door is locked 24 hours. Only the staff can open it and you have to give your bed number. Pretty secure. Staff were super-friendly, too — they moved my dorm assignment with no dramas after an extra bad snoring incident the first night. The washrooms aren't great but I didn't find them a drama — expect old, unrenovated hostel style and you'll be on the mark. What takes this down to 3 stars is the lack of social life. There's no decent common area, only the kitchen (which is fine but not somewhere you want to hang out) and TV room (dark and only for watching TV, not for chatting). There's nowhere to sit and read and chat. Also, despite its location in the middle of a bunch of sporting fields, and every night loads of Vancouverites playing a variety of sports, there was no attempt to organize any activities. It wouldn't be very hard to provide a soccer ball and a signup sheet "casual soccer at 7 p.m." or whatever but they don't. If you are looking for a hassle free, quiet place to stay, especially if you are not travelling by yourself, I highly recommend this hostel. If you are solo and looking to hang out with people, it might be worth staying downtown and dealing with the extra noise to have access to some activities.
  I stayed here in late July and was extremely disappointed. I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world, and I would rate this as one of the worst I have ever stayed in. First off, they screwed up my reservation; second, it was a HUGE group room with NO key to get in, so anyone could get into your gear; and third, the washrooms were the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. The ONLY good thing was the beach, and I would rather sleep on the sand than stay there again!!! Stay downtown on Granville street, it was fabulous!!!

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