10 Types of Hostels on Hostelz.com, Explained

10 Types of Hostels on Hostelz.com, Explained

So you may have noticed that on Hostelz.com we have a unique way of finding the best hostel type for you. Yes that’s right; there are different types of hostels, each one with a personal vibe!

Many types of travellers stay in hostels, so it’s only right that there are different types of hostels to accommodate this.

This hostel article takes a look at these types so that you can search faster and pay less. In short, you can filter by following types of hostels:

  • Boutique Hostel
  • Solo Traveller
  • Female Solo Traveller
  • Couples
  • Digital Nomads
  • Family-Friendly Hostel
  • Party Hostel
  • Quiet Rest
  • +50 Traveller

When searching for hostels using this platform (the only platform you need), we recommend using the ‘More Filter’ button. Here you can quickly narrow down the hostels according to who you are and what you want.

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From boutique hostels and party hostels, to hostels that offer a quiet rest for older travellers… let’s dive in and explain to you exactly what the names of hostels represent.

‘Suitable for…’ filter explained

Ok, before we go any further, let’s just explain how the filter option on Hostelz.com works. This is important because it’s going to help you find your perfect hostel, and the cheapest price, fast!

Plus, it’s super simple. So simple in fact, we can put it in 3 quick easy steps for you.

For this example, we will look at hostels in London, England:

  1. Type in London in the search bar and hit enter
  2. Scroll down a bit to ‘search all hostels for availability’ & click ‘MORE FILTER
  3. Select an option from the ’SUITABLE FOR’ option at the top

The options include: +50 traveller, solo traveller, female solo traveller, couples, family-friendly hostel etc etc. More about the types of hostels below.

So, let’s say you’re looking for an awesome party hostel in London - simply click ‘party hostel’. As you can see, you have a choice of 28 party hostels in this one city alone!


Under each hostel name you will see eye-catching tabs that highlight who this particular hostel is good for. It could be a party hostel + great option for solo travellers, for example. OR perhaps it’s a party hostel and boutique hostel - nice!


As usual, it’s always good to take into consideration the rating, reviews and prices when choosing a hostel.

At least with this filter option, you’re bound to save time clicking on every hostel and reading through everything to find out what it does/doesn’t offer - we’ve done the hard work for you so you don’t have to. Don’t mention it.

1. Suitable for… Solo Traveller

Ok, let us take a look at what certifies a hostel to be suitable for solo travellers.

The most obvious thing; it must be social! Because you’re travelling alone and enjoy meeting new people from around the world, right? This is kinda obvious, otherwise you might be reading an article focused on types of hotels.

Here’s an overview of what great solo traveller hostels offer:

  • Organised activities/events
  • Larger dorm rooms (great for socialising)
  • Common areas
  • Great budget travel prices

All of these things are aimed at creating space and time to bring people together. A hostel that gets the solo traveller approved stamp makes it easier for lone wolves to socialise and have fun.

Other common names: backpacker hostels, youth hostels.

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2. Suitable for… Female Solo Traveller

If you come across a hostel with the tag ‘female solo traveller’ you can expect it to be a bit more fancy-pants, a poshtel, so to speak.

Great female solo traveller hostels include:

  • Female-only dorms (+ privacy-led beds with curtain)
  • Hair dryers, free toiletries, ensuite etc
  • Yoga classes
  • High level of cleanliness
  • Great security & safety (24hr reception, safe neighbourhood)

In some parts of the world, you can find amazing female-only hostels! Like the beautiful Hostelle in Amsterdam and Hostella Female Only in Rome.


3. Suitable for… Couples

Without doubt couples can have tons of fun in hostels meeting new people, whilst also enjoying their privacy when needed.

The most important inclusion hostels for couples has to have is, of course, private rooms - every hostel with the ‘couples’ stamp has them. If you’re lucky, you may even get your own bathroom.

These days, it’s even possible to find hostels that have incorporated double beds in their shared rooms. Perfect for super sociable couples.


4. Party Hostel

This one is self explanatory, right?!

If you’re clicking on this one, you’re no doubt looking for a good time… a party!! And my, are there many amazing party hostels to discover around the world.

The ideal hostel amenities list for party hostels look like this:

  • Hostel bar
  • Fun organised events (pub crawls, drinking games, live music)
  • Happy Hour & drinks deals
  • Central location close to nightlife scene


5. Boutique Hostel

When it comes to hostel types, a boutique hostel has to be one of the more special kinds. It takes a very impressive hostel to win the boutique stamp of approval.

We could also name this type of hostel a flashpackers, 5 star hostel, luxury hostel, poshtel. You get the picture; it’s fancy, modern, upmarket.

Boutique hostels tend to include an outdoor swimming pool, rooftop terrace, generous free breakfast and other such jaw-dropping amenities.

If you’re after gorgeous design, brand new facilities and hotel-style hostel rooms, look for the unique diamond symbol on hostel listings.


6. Suitable for… Digital Nomads

Perhaps you’re travelling the world and working at the same time. Or maybe you’re a freelancer and just so happen to pick up some work whilst staying in hostels.

We’ve been there, done that and still do from to time, so we understand what digital nomads need!

That’s why at Hostelz.com you can specifically look for hostels that tick the following digital nomad boxes:

  • Fast, reliable, unlimited & free WiFi
  • Dedicated work spaces
  • Access to coffee(!)

An outstanding example of a boutique meets digital nomad haven is Kos One Hostel in Canggu, Bali.


7. Family-Friendly Hostel

That’s right, just because you’re a travelling family does not mean you have to miss out on hostel life. Many, many hostels accommodate for young families these days.

Any hostel that is listed as a family-friendly place should tick these boxes:

  • Family sized rooms available (can include cot)
  • NOT a party hostel
  • Possibility of booking a whole dorm for private use
  • Kids play area/toys
  • (Free) breakfast on offer

Top tip: Check reviews and hostel listing to determine what exactly they offer. Photos are a big give away for general vibe and type of people that the hostel attracts.

In some cases you’ll find that family-friendly hostels are actually family run. This is wonderful as family run hostels know exactly what families need/want!

Hektor Design Hostel in Estonia is a great example.


8. Suitable for… Quiet Rest

No matter if you’re 18 years old, part of a couple or a female solo traveller, finding a quiet rest is necessary for every long-term traveller at some point. Heck, even if you’re on a two week trip, it’s nice to wind down and enjoy some peace sometimes, right?

So, if that’s what you need - click the ‘quiet rest’ box on the filter tab.

Typically what you’ll find is a hostel located in a quiet neighbourhood away from city noise, usually on the smaller side (with intimate rooms), possible privacy curtains and a relaxed atmosphere. Consider is a home-away-from-home. Annnnnnd relax.


9. Suitable for… +50 Travellers

We couldn’t leave out mature travellers in our list. Hostels are certainly still a great option as you get older! Though of course, tastes change as you get older and so we’ve taken this into consideration.

The +50 Travellers stamp is awarded to hostels that offer…

  • Safe, central location
  • Quieter atmosphere
  • Easy access to building & rooms
  • Kitchen & laundry facilities
  • Private rooms

Be aware: Some hostels do hold an age limit, usually from 18-35yrs. This is one reason why it’s always good to use this filter if you’re an older traveller.

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10. Suitable for… Groups (+10 people)

Planning on staying in a hostel during a hen party or stag? Not all hostels accept big groups, so this is something to be aware of.

Those that do cater for groups tend to be larger hostels, usually with 2-3 floors and capacity of +100. The dorms or privates will also be on the larger side, ranging from 8-12 (or more) beds. These can usually be booked privately and many hostels will offer a special discount for groups.

Important: Always double check if the hostel requires you to get in touch with them prior to booking - some hostels will automatically cancel group bookings.



What are hostels in Europe like?

Hostels in Europe are extremely varied, from budget backpackers to posh boutique hostels. Some hostels definitely worth visiting include Cocomama in Amsterdam, Wallyard Concept Hostel in Berlin and Casa Gracia in Barcelona.

Why aren’t hostels popular in America?

Unfortunately, there are laws in place in the USA which limit the amount of people sleeping in a room. However, there are still amazing hostels to be found in the major cities. Find a complete list of hostels in USA here, including luxury hostels USA and a great New York party hostel.

What should everyone know about staying in hostels?

We’re so glad you asked. These guides provide everything you need to know about hostels:

How do hostels work?

How fitting; we've put together this guide called How do Hostel Work? especially for you.

To better understand how hostels work, you can have a read of this guide we prepared specifically for hostel owners: How to Create and Irresistible Hostel. Also, here are 11 tips to find good hostels to help you in your enquiry.

What about Cheap Hostels and Eco Hostels?

For every destination you will see we’ve highlighted the cheapest hostel for you. Eco-friendly hostels also exist around the world, with certain destinations being naturally more eco-friendly. The Urban Jungle Rooftop Hostel in Malaga is a good example.

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