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Anyone with an Interrail pass (not Eurail, which isn't valid in the Czech Republic) and heading here from Prague, or vice versa -- don't bother coming here by bus. The train journey may be less convenient, involving a change at Ceske Budejovice, but it's worth it for the scenery, especially if it's sunny/snowy (and you save the money for the bus fare!).
Cesky Krumlov is an incredibly picturesque place where you simply must go. Great food and the prices are still fairly low. Definitely, definitely go to the restaurant in the Eggenberg brewery. Try the roast duck with dumplings, and the dark beer -- one of the best meals of my life! If you do go, go soon. This place was really turning a corner when I was there in May of 2006, and while it was still extremely charming, cheesy souvenir shops with signs in Japanese characters were starting to pop up on various streets. At times the tour bus crowds can be a bit thick, but they never stay overnight and are gone by late afternoon.
Scott from Canada
Go here! We stopped here as a city to relax in, and it's perfect to do just that. Go to the castle and see the bears. Eat at the vegetarian restaurant! They sit you right off of the lazy river, and serve excellent food. David, the owner, will take good care of you!
All i can say is that I planned to go for 3 days and stayed for 8 months! Beware of Krumlov!
If you don't enjoy outdoor activities (i.e. hiking, kayaking, mountain biking) don't bother coming! But if you do enjoy these things be prepared to stay longer than you expect. This place is magical!
Cesky Krumlov is amazing. Make sure you go as soon as possible, before it truly becomes overrun by tourists and the prices double.
I travelled for three months and when I arrived in Cesky Krumlov I finally experienced what I was looking for. You can really immerse yourself in a foreign culture there. Cesky Krumlov is a place to be visited for more than just a couple of days... but beware, once you settle in it's really hard to leave. It makes you ponder in a way that few places can inspire you to. I recommend staying in a small hostel... the big ones can get too noisy.
Cesky Krumlov is all good and you could just spent months here! Great place even in November when it was a little quieter than usual. This place has it's own very distinct character and is a real favourite. There's loads to eat and drink here - the medieval places are great, including an amazing veggie restaurant and you're basically spoilt for choice. Make sure you get out of Prague and see Cesky Krumlov - it's something you need to see experience, maybe several times...
While there's not all that much to do here, it's certainly true that everyone stays longer than they had planned. Rafting the Vltava river and visiting a handful of museums are fun, but just hanging out and relaxing are the keys to this place. Try it in winter too.
All I can say is plan on staying longer than you expected when you get to Cesky Krumlov. Everyone does.
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