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The Review

Travellers Hostel (aka Travel Hostel) is a great budget-friendly accommodation option right in the heart of the charming town of Český Krumlov.

The Location

Travellers Hostel has one of the best locations in the Old Town, just around the corner from the main square and within easy walking distance to everything you would want to see within Český Krumlov. If arriving by train, it can be a bit of a long walk to the Old Town, but the bus station is only around a ten- to fifteen-minute walk away. Many restaurants and bars are located within the Old Town and along the river.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Travellers Hostel offers a wide range of different-sized rooms within this old, historic building. If you are looking for a dorm room you can choose from six-, eight-, and nineteen-bed options. Private rooms are also available for two, three, and four people or you even have the option of a private apartment for up to five people. Dorm rooms are comfortable with only single beds in the six- and eight-bed rooms. This does mean the beds are a bit closer than in a traditional dorm room, so you may wake up staring into the face of your bed neighbours. Lockers are provided and you can borrow a lock from reception. Plenty of power points are also provided next to your bed for charging your devices.

Bathrooms are available on different floors of the hostel, so if one is occupied near your room you can always find another one on another floor. Some bathrooms have individual showers, but others have open showers with multiple shower heads, so you need to lock everyone else out of the bathroom if you want privacy.

Common Spaces

The hostel has a kitchen for you to use that is reasonably well equipped; it's also the main common area. If you explore other floors you might find the odd other lounge for relaxing or a balcony for watching the drinkers on the terrace below, but predominantly the pub downstairs would be the place to hang out. The pub downstairs offers traditional food and beers at a reasonable price with even cheaper deals at lunch and it has a great historic cavern feel to it. The main thing to be aware of with this hostel is the limited reception hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., which is very short compared with other hostels. Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the hostel and the pub downstairs. Despite the pub downstairs, we found this hostel to have a reasonably quiet but friendly vibe.


Overall, this is a great option when visiting Český Krumlov, if you want to stay right in the heart of the Old Town in a beautiful, historic building.
by Straighty Staff Reviewer
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Dorm Room
View from shower to toilet
Roadmap to the good life


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Travellers Hostel" at Soukenicka 43.)


Soukenicka 43, Český Krumlov (Cesky Krumlov), South Bohemia, Czech Republic
48.811350, 14.314160 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+42 (0) 380-711345
+42 (0) 380-711345
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For heavy smokers only ...
There is so much heavy smoke coming from the bar adjacent to the dorms (when opening the dorm area door) that I found it very hard to sleep. Opening a window is no option as the dorm is at street level. Also a bright halogen lamp in the corridor shines directly into the dorm waking you up every time someones enters the room. There is a restaurant but is open to everyone, making it a bit hard to meet travelers apart from the dorm or maybe the kitchen. The girl at the reception was very friendly, and the dorm price is low.
Dirty, Noisy, confusing
If you want to sleep and relax do not go here.
nila Santiapo
A fun hostel converted from an old mansion right in the center of town. It's rare to find a fun hostel that's also a really nice place to stay, but this one is both. It has spacious rooms with big lockers, a kitchen, balcony, satellite TV, game room with pooltable, a big common area with a bar, and decent bathrooms. At night the common area is full of people and occassionally there is live music or other events.
  This is by far the best hostel in the Czech Republic! and I have been to a few. There is character, warmth, and atmosphere at the Travellers, which is something so hard to find when you are constantly on the road. The staff are amazing, the rooms are clean and creatively designed, the kitchen has a great communal feel -- and the bar! It is in my opinion, the best hostel bar in Europe! Not only for the unique and historical cavelike design, cheap drinks, and live music but it is very popular with the beautiful locals of Krumlov. and I have met some people there who i still go back and visit and will know them for the rest of my life. isn't that what traveling is all about? I still dream about the place! This hostel is a must for anyone looking for the true Czech experience.
  Well, this was a disappointment. I was in a bad enough mood after a reservation screw-up at another hostel, but the unfriendly, lazy staff here didn't make it better. I'll start with the good points -- it looks homey, with funky dorms and big lockers. The big, well-equipped kitchen was the hostel's strong point. The breakfast, although not included, was great I have to admit (try the ham and eggs). But whereas other hostels are either loud and friendly or quiet, this was neither. There weren't many people when I was there, and the bar was packed with locals rather than travelers. It's good to meet locals but I found it hard to introduce myself to them. It was also unbelievably loud at night and I couldn't sleep -- noise doesn't usually bother me but this took the cake. The staff made out they cleaned the place by leaving mops by the bathrooms every day, yet it was so obvious they didn't because the showers were quite dirty (there was a ballpoint pen in one cubicle throughout the whole of my stay.) Overall, while it wasn't a terrible experience and I still had fun in Cesky Krumlov, I won't be staying here again.
  Go to this hostel. Throw caution to the wind. Let yourself meet the people who stay here. It's amazing because it has a social scene; but the social scene is very separate from the rooms (so you don't have to wade through people to get to your room). The breakfast is skimpy. There's Internet, there's laundry. Czesky Krumlov would not have been worth it if it weren't for this place and the people we met there.
Sandra and Ray
  I liked the hostel. The staff is very professional (maybe a little too professional). The kitchen is superb for cooking and the rooms, despite a little crowding, are ok. Bathrooms and showers are ok. The town is so silent that you can hear the noise from the tavern downstairs but you can sleep ok. The food served in the restaurant is great and not so expensive! The city is lovely and so is the environment. I would return; in fact I will return.
South American
  This hostel is good. It has a great atmosphere, very chilled-out, but watch out for the younger barman of the two. He short-changed me when he knew what note I had given him, then kept it for himself. Apart from that, it's a quality place.
Adam from Bury, England

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