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The Review

Hostel 99 is a great, chilled hostel perfect for relaxing and enjoying beautiful Český Krumlov.

The Location

The location is perfect. The hostel is situated on the edge of the old town, just inside the city walls. It is very close walking distance to both the bus and train stations. It is also a short walk to all major tourist attractions in Český Krumlov, which is quite a small town. There are small convenience stores close by to the hostel as well as restaurants and good nightlife. The hostel itself also has an adjoining bar/restaurant as well as a deli.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are spacious and clean -- there are no bunk beds here! There are also individual lockers, which fit a small backpack and valuables (bring your own lock). There are plenty of windows in the dorm room, allowing in natural light and fresh air. The toilets and showers are communal -- there is no segregation for men and women. The showers are spacious and the doors are glass (not an awful, dirty shower curtain!). There are even bath mats to prevent water going everywhere. There are no shelves in the shower itself for shower items, but there are ample hooks in the cubicle for clothing and toiletries. The water pressure is good, and the showers are hot!

Common Spaces

The actual common area in the hostel is quite small -- just two lounges under a staircase in which six or so people can hang out. The best thing about this common area is the large television and the vast array of movies they have. The kitchen is fully equipped, and includes an oven and appropriate utensils. The kitchen has a large bench table, allowing heaps of travelers to meet and be social. Outside there are some more bench-style seats undercover, making this area perfect for hanging out regardless of the weather. Laundry is also available at an extra cost. Wi-Fi is included and works well in the rooms.

Adjoining the hostel is a bar and restaurant and also a deli, which is frequented by locals and travelers alike. When the weather is decent, the hostel also organises a pub crawl on the river (yes, actually on the river!) for an extra cost. The prices are good and the good is decent. Unfortunately they do not offer breakfast, so be sure to get some breakfast supplies and self-cater within the hostel. The atmosphere within the hostel is chilled and relaxed. It is a perfect place to meet like-minded travelers.


This hostel is the perfect place to have some down time during your holiday. It makes staying in such a beautiful town all the more better.
by LeLe Staff Reviewer
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Věžní 99, Český Krumlov (Cesky Krumlov), South Bohemia, Czech Republic
48.814757, 14.317675 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+420 380 712 812
+420 380 712 612
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Great place
Good bed, lousy showers, decent food.
  I stayed at Hostel 99 in March 2007. It was a great experience -- very relaxing and laid back in the off-season. The hostel is a short walk from the castle and other sites in the city. I ended up taking a train outside of Cesky Krumlov to some smaller towns and Dvici Kamen -- a castle ruin in the area. Overall, a really great place with a cozy atmosphere.
  January 2007. This hostel is great. The laid back attitude, clean rooms, and fun atmosphere really say something about the hostel's management -- and if Barbara is around, you won't have a bad stay. The hostel is very close to all you need to see in Cesky Krumlov, and is priced right. I will be back, someday.
  I stayed here for two nights in May 2006. This place is far from flawless. I've got to call it as I see it nonetheless. It wasn't horrible, mind you, but it was quite trying at times. People really seem to like the staff in this place, and they were nice people, but ultimately it was their inability to deal with a ridiculously loud and obnoxious group staying here that really made the stay for the rest of us truly awful. Sometimes hostel staff need to be hostel staff, and not just everyone's drinking buddy. When I first arrived, I had to wait two hours in order to check in. The door was locked and no one was answering. Apparently, the only person working had left to go to the train station to meet some kind of bus tour that frequently stays there, the "Busabout" tour. (It would seem these Busabout tours are aimed at people old enough to drink, but not yet mature enough to manage their own travels.) Anyway -- the wait is ok, I'm not in a rush, and it's a nice day out. Though I booked a room in an eight-bed dorm, what I ended up in was a room with about fifteen beds, including a loud and squeaky loft above my head, mostly with people from the aforementioned bus tour in my room. The beds had about two feet between them with no place to put your things, and I was notified that they had a shortage of sheets while I was there, so all I got was a single blanket to cover myself that was about five feet long, not enough to cover my feet. I wasn't the only one with this problem. There were three showers for the about twenty-four people in our section, which would normally be ok, but they got exceptionally dirty fast due to the overly supervision dependent crowd that comes with the bus tours. Two of the showers were clogged before 9 a.m. most days. The attached restaurant and bar are good, and very active at night, but are priced for tourists. Skip it, and go to the Eggenberg Brewery just up the street for some of the most amazing food and beer anywhere. The location is amazing and the building itself has good atmosphere and comfort. The internet was always busy and not worth waiting for given that there was cheap access down the street at the tourist centre. The truth is, I hated staying here, but I had to try hard to separate the behaviour of some really annoying bus tourists sharing my giant room from the quality of the hostel. All of my fellow backpackers staying here felt the same way, based on our 4 a.m. conversations about it since no one could sleep. That having been said, these guys make the deals with the bus tours and know what kind of people are coming on them, so perhaps they should take responsibility and know how to deal with them. To be fair, the two staff working there genuinely seemed to want to deal with these overbearing people who were walking all over them, but simply couldn't. I guess that was the problem here in a nutshell -- too many people here who were too rowdy, and too few staff to keep order in the place. So the lunatics ended up running the asylum. Bottom line? This hostel hosts these "Busabout" tours regularly so there are odds you can expect more of the same all night noise, vomiting, and fighting within your room if you stay here that we experienced. Based on this experience, I will never stay in another hostel that hosts busabout tours if I can help it, and recommend others who aren't out to pull all nighters do the same. If I go back to Cesky Krumlov, I won't be staying here.
Scott from Canada
  I was here in June 2006 (and early July). I stayed almost a week I think, maybe more. I had an amazing time, met some wonderful, entertaining, delightful, friendly people. Heard some great songs performed by Gavin, one of the staff -- I still smile everything I think of the times he brought out his guitar to serenade us. So relax, go rafting, relax some more, eat some food, go to the tea house, eat fried cheese, meet good people, relax with them. I loved it here. i can't wait to return. The staff know what they're doing. When there is something to be taken care of, they take care of it, ASAP. plus, free internet! and a kitchen. couldn't ask for more. I love you, hostel 99. I love you, Cesky Krumlov. I love the whole damn republic, and everyone else who loves it.
Hostel 99 is a great hostel situated right in the old walls of the medieval city of Cesky Krumlov. The building is in very good condition, and is colorful, warm, and friendly. The staff is also friendly and kind. The room we stayed in was not in the main building, but is also in the old walls, and very nice, although the bathroom there is less than stellar -- institutional at best. The common areas are really great, although a little bit small (at least the inside areas). There is internet access, laundry, a quaint and cute blue kitchen, and a TV room with a DVD collection (most with Czech subtitles). There is a nice patio out front that overlooks the old city, and where a free keg of beer is served on Wednesdays. There is also a good international-style restaurant that is part of the hostel, though separate. The overall atmosphere is hospitable and friendly, though we find it a bit impersonal (it may vary depending on the guests there during your stay). Being in the old walls of the city is really a highlight, though, and the views make it well worth it. It is also situated within spitting distance of the bus stop that leads out of the city (though be careful not to ride the bus too far on the way in or you will wind up further down at the bus depot). We definitely recommend it overall.
Kevin Richtscheid
  I was at this hostel back in 1999. It was had an awesome atmosphere and definitely kept us there longer than our intended stay. I was just checking out the website and noticed in one of the pictures of the kitchen, on the yellow windowsill is an oar which looks like the one that was thrown to us by some local construction workers while my crazy compatriots and I tubed the river in winter. We engraved our names on it and left it the hostel. It's a laugh seeing it in a photo all this many years later.
  What is there to say that the others haven't? It was an absolute pleasure to stay at Hostel 99, and had I discovered it (and Cesky Krumlov) earlier on my trip, who knows how long I would've stayed? The town, the staff, and the beds are among the best the Czech Republic has to offer.

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