13 Cheapest Hostels in Rome

13 Cheapest Hostels in Rome

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Ohh, you are about to visit Rome and looking for the absolute cheapest hostels in Rome? You are in luck. We have compiled all the hostels in town and sort them by price. This article is based on real data and not some made-up price-list.

As a traveler, one of the biggest expenses in any trip is accommodation. However, there are many budget-friendly hostels in Rome that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation to backpackers, solo travelers, and budget-conscious tourists.

Let us take a look at 13 cheapest hostels in Rome that offer good value for money.

Sorted by Price: The Cheapest Hostels in Rome

  1. Rome Experience Hostel - from $9.16
  2. Castello Maggiore - from $9.48
  3. San Lorenzo Guesthouse - from $10.58
  4. Hostel Beauty - from $11.84
  5. Villa Luzzatti Hostel - from $12.02
  6. Freedom Traveller Hostel - from $13.50
  7. Armonia - from $13.51
  8. Zidan Guest House - from $14.68
  9. Hostel Mosaic - from $14.98
  10. Friendship Palace - from $16.01
  11. Sunshine Hostel - from $16.14
  12. Palace Rome - from $16.27
  13. Hostal Garbatella - from $16.30

On the map: Hostel Locations in Rome

We've got your back when it comes to finding a great hostel location in Rome. We've gone ahead and mapped out all the hostels for you so you can get a good idea of where they're all at. This map will make your life so much easier!

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Hostel Haven: Choose Your Character

🤑 Cheapest Hostel:

Rome Experience Hostel

🤩 Best Cheap Hostel:

Freedom Traveller Hostel

🎉 Party Hostel:


🤹 Solo-Traveler:

Freedom Traveller Hostel

Some more Hostels to mention

The Yellow Hostel

The Yellow Hostel is one of the most popular hostels in Rome among budget-conscious travelers. The hostel has a vibrant atmosphere and offers a range of facilities, such as a bar, restaurant, laundry service, and free Wi-Fi. The dorms are clean and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. The Yellow Hostel is located near the Termini station, making it easy to explore Rome's major attractions.

Alessandro Palace Hostel

Alessandro Palace Hostel is another budget-friendly hostel in Rome that offers comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. The hostel has a rooftop bar with stunning views of the city, a communal kitchen, and a cozy lounge area. The dorms are spacious and come with lockers and free Wi-Fi. The hostel is located near the Termini station, making it easy to get around the city.

Hostel Mosaic Central

Hostel Mosaic Central is located in the heart of Rome, near the Colosseum and other major attractions. The hostel offers clean and comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. The dorms are air-conditioned and come with lockers and free Wi-Fi. The hostel has a communal kitchen, a lounge area, and a terrace with stunning views of the city.

How much are hostels in Rome?

Let us talk about prices. Here is a graph showing you average prices for a bed in a dorm and for a private room. Simply mouse-over to see rates for each month.

Prices can vary a lot, especially on high-season, weekends, and special holidays such as New Years Eve.

Average Dorm Price per Month in Rome

Average Dorm Price Graph

Average Private Room Price per Month in Rome

Average Private Price Graph

When to book a hostel in Rome?

Let us have a closer look on some statistics and graphics.

  • The cheapest months to travel to Rome is February. Hostels in Rome cost $22 in February.
  • The most expensive month is May with $52.
  • Total number of hostels in Rome: 44
  • Total number of Party Hostels in Rome: 11
  • Total number of hostels in Rome with a +8.5 top-rating: 14
  • Most hostels are located in the neighborhoods of Near Termini, Piazza Bologna, Nomentano.

How to find the CHEAPEST Hostel in Rome?

These are just a few of the many budget-friendly hostels in Rome that offer comfortable and affordable accommodation to travelers. When choosing a hostel, it is important to consider your budget, location, and the facilities you need. With a little research, you can find a hostel that meets your needs and helps you enjoy all that Rome has to offer without breaking the bank.

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Choosing a Cheap Hostel in Rome

This is a bit complex. Some cheap hostels seem tempting to book, right?!

However, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, cheap does not mean a disaster of a hostel, necessarily. Some great ones are also super cheap. However, you need to do some research.

You should carefully read the reviews to see what you can expect and what not. Especially Rome has a huge range of hostel quality. Some hostels in Rome are just awesome and provide an incredible backpacker experience with cool dorms and fun social common areas.

Other hostels and guesthouses can be just awful and dirty.

We highly recommend checking the online reviews for:

  • Safety – Lockers and Location
  • Cleanliness – Towels, sheets, toilets, …
  • Amenities included and what not

The difference between picking a cheaper hostel over a better rated one might only be €1 – €2 per night, but the outcome is entirely different.

Cheapest Hostels in Rome

Backpacker Tips for Rome to save Money

Free Walking Tours and Events at Hostels

As a frequent traveler, you will already know this. Tours and events at hostels are one of the major ways to save good money easily. Especially in Europe, Free Walking Tours are a major thing. You only tip the guide at the end of the tour.

Furthermore, have a look for hostels organizing events like dinner nights, pub crawls and more. These events are usually much cheaper than anywhere else, plus you can hang out with your hostel mates.

Backpacking Rome - Join Walking Tours by the Hostel

Public Transportation

Another way to save money in Rome is by using public transportation. Walking is a great way to see the city, but Rome is quite spread out, so you'll likely need to take public transportation at some point.

The metro is the cheapest and easiest way to get around, with a single ticket costing only €1.50. You can also purchase a 24-hour pass for €7.00 or a 48-hour pass for €12.50.

Buses and trams are also available, but they can be more confusing to navigate.

Food and Drink

Italy is known for its delicious food and wine, but dining out can be expensive, especially in touristy areas. To save money on food and drink in Rome, try to eat and drink like a local.

Look for casual trattorias and pizzerias off the beaten path, where prices are more reasonable. Avoid restaurants with menus in multiple languages and inflated prices. And don't forget to try some of Rome's street food, like supplì (deep-fried rice balls) and pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice).

Eating out vs Eating Pizza al Taglio - save money in Rome with some easy tweaks

FAQ about Rome Hostels

We've collected the most common questions for hostels in Rome. The more you know, the better you can plan with confidence and ease, right?

Get your Hostel in Rome and explore!

Rome may be an expensive city, but with a little planning and some insider knowledge, backpackers can enjoy all that it has to offer without breaking the bank. By staying in a hostel, using public transportation, and eating and drinking like a local, you can save money and still have an unforgettable experience in the Eternal City.

Looking for youth hostels in particular? Here are the best youth hostels in Rome.

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Cheapest Hostel in Rome

Rome Experience Hostel!

Rome Experience Hostel

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