9 Best Hostels in Berlin

9 Best Hostels in Berlin

You are looking for the best hostels in Berlin? Here we list the actual TOP-RATED Hostels in Berlin, all based on our algorithm and personal experience. We take all hostels in the Germany capital into consideration and take a closer look at their overall ratings, location, and atmosphere.

Here are some of the best and coolest hostels in Berlin, Germany.

Short and crisp: The Best Hostels in Berlin

  1. EastSeven Berlin Hostel - best for Older travelers (+50), Quiet Rest, Solo Traveller
  2. Minimal Hostel - best for Digital Nomads, Solo Traveller
  3. The Circus Hostel - best for Couples, Solo Traveller
  4. Sandino Worldimprovement Network - best for Digital Nomads, Solo Traveller
  5. Pfefferbett Hostel - best for Couples, Solo Traveller
  6. Kiez Hostel - best for Family-Friendly Hostel, Solo Traveller
  7. Eastener Hostel - best for Digital Nomads, Solo Traveller
  8. Singer109 Hotel & Hostel - best for Couples, Female Solo Traveller
  9. Selina Berlin Mitte - best for Digital Nomads, Solo Traveller

Berlin, the vibrant and diverse capital city of Germany, is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. With its rich history, cultural scene, and exciting nightlife, Berlin offers a wide range of accommodations, including hostels that cater to budget-conscious travelers.

On the map: Hostel Locations in Berlin

We've got your back when it comes to finding a great hostel location in Berlin. We've gone ahead and mapped out all the hostels for you so you can get a good idea of where they're all at. This map will make your life so much easier!

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Hostel Haven: Choose Your Character

πŸ† Overall Best Hostel:

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Female Solo-Traveler:

Singer109 Hotel & Hostel

🀹 Solo-Traveler:

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ Family Hostel with Kids:

Kiez Hostel

πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨ for Couples:

The Circus Hostel

Still not sure? Pick this!

#1 Top Hostel in Berlin: EastSeven Berlin Hostel

This is the overall best rated hostel in Berlin. The overall rating is 9.8. You cannot go wrong here.

It is your safest bet in case you are not sure which hostel to pick.

The price for a dorm at EastSeven Berlin Hostel starts from $23.87.

Book EastSeven Berlin Hostel here

#1 Best Hostel in Berlin
EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Backpacking Berlin

Sure! Here are some cool facts about why backpacking in Berlin can be a fun and exciting experience:

  1. Rich History: Berlin is known for its rich history, with landmarks such as the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and Checkpoint Charlie, which provide insight into the city's tumultuous past. Backpackers can immerse themselves in the city's history and culture by exploring these iconic sites.

  2. Vibrant Arts and Music Scene: Berlin is renowned for its avant-garde arts and music scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, clubs, and street art murals to explore. Backpackers can indulge in the city's unique and cutting-edge arts and music culture, from techno clubs to alternative art spaces.

  3. Affordable Food and Drink: Berlin is known for its affordable food and drink options, with plenty of budget-friendly street food stalls, markets, and restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines. Backpackers can indulge in delicious local food and drinks without breaking the bank.

  4. Eclectic Neighborhoods: Berlin is made up of diverse and eclectic neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and vibe. Backpackers can explore neighborhoods like Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Neukölln, known for their trendy bars, boutiques, and street art.

  5. Bike-Friendly City: Berlin is a bike-friendly city with an extensive network of cycle paths and rental options. Backpackers can easily rent a bike and explore the city at their own pace, taking in the sights and sounds while enjoying the freedom of cycling around Berlin's streets.

  6. Free Walking Tours: Berlin offers a plethora of free walking tours, providing backpackers with a budget-friendly way to explore the city and learn about its history and culture from knowledgeable local guides.

  7. Unique Nightlife: Berlin's nightlife is legendary, with countless clubs, bars, and underground parties that cater to a diverse range of tastes. Backpackers can experience Berlin's unique and vibrant nightlife, from techno clubs to quirky bars, and dance the night away.

  8. Diverse International Community: Berlin is known for its diverse and international community, with people from all over the world calling the city home. Backpackers can meet fellow travelers and locals from different cultures, creating a unique and enriching experience.

  9. Green Spaces: Berlin is a city with plenty of green spaces, including parks, gardens, and lakes, providing opportunities for backpackers to relax, unwind, and enjoy the city's natural beauty.

  10. Alternative Culture: Berlin is known for its alternative culture, with a thriving scene of alternative lifestyles, subcultures, and countercultural movements. Backpackers can explore Berlin's underground scene, from squats to art collectives, and experience the city's unique and progressive culture.



In conclusion, Berlin offers a diverse range of hostels that cater to different preferences and budgets.

From trendy and party-oriented hostels to cozy and laid-back options, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. With their unique features, such as free walking tours, free luggage storage, and social events, these hostels provide excellent options for travelers looking.

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Best Hostel in Berlin is...

EastSeven Berlin Hostel!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Book EastSeven Berlin Hostel here

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