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Novalisstrasse 14, Mitte, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.528160, 13.388410 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0049 175 11 23 515
0049 (0)30 25560929
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Nice, cozy place
Very friendly staff, very nice common area (kitchen and living room), very clean as well. Good location. It feels like home. Definitely not a party hostel.
Age 22, Brazilian
Poor service
Neither the website nor the guy when you call mention they are not always there. The sign at the front door says "if someone doesn't answer the bell, check at the bar across the street, if not at the bar, call this number. There is a pay phone fifty meters away." Well that's great except both pay phones are broken. It was a wonderful experience waiting for him to show up while it was raining. Thank god another guest heard us and let us in, then called the guy. Guy finally shows up and he didn't reserve a room for us, even though I called him twice. Once to reserve the room and once to confirm the reservation. Plus I sent him an e-mail five days earlier. I couldn't have done anything more. We left -- I dont deal with BS and wont give my money to an establishment like that.
  The hostel is small but nice...the owner is very friendly and will want to know everything about your travels. When we arrived here, though, no one was around and we had to call and then wait for about half an hour to have someone come and let us in. The bathroom was nice and clean, but small and not very private. The bistro across the street is awesome and very inexpensive.
  This is by far the best hostel that I have stayed at. It has great atmosphere, great people, it's quiet when it needs to be, good location, very accommodating. The security is top notch as well, the best that I have ever experienced. The owners give great advice and help you with whatever you need. A free tour leaves from the front door as well. I would recommend it to anyone going to Berlin. Great place.
  This place was is a great find! The people make all the difference though. There was a great bunch of people staying there at the same time as us and we were up all night drinking and talking until wee hours of the morning. The reason I'm giving you such a seemingly useless detail is to show another fact: the owner doesn't stay there 24/7, breathing down your neck to obey all the rules, he trusts the people who stay there to act like adults and we did. Tim and the woman known as the Lady in Red were the best hostel staff my girlfriend and I had encountered on our, at that point, 5th month of travel through Europe. Tim sits you down when you arrive and gets you familiar with Berlin with the free map he supplies. Definitely not run like a business; these people love their jobs! Highly recommended; just don't be inconsiderate and ruin it for everyone, because you will know how good you have it here!
The Rick
  This is the best hostel ever. It's small, personal and clean, has comfortable beds and lots of extras like free Internet and a clean well stocked kitchen. The cafe across the street is awesome for breakfast, and Tim, the owner or maybe manager of the hostel, is the best. When you get there he gives you a map and shows you where all the sights are, and he also answers all your questions and helps you out with anything you need. Good showers, too. All the other fun people we met while staying there thought it was the best hostel they had been to as well.
  I have not stayed in many hostels yet, but I must say that this place was great. The rooms and bathrooms were clean, the staff were really friendly, and the location is within walking distance of many of Berlin's museums and interesting sights. I think there is a small extra charge for blankets and pillows, but the blankets and pillows were clean, as were the beds, and I would say everything is pretty much worth it. The owner is even usually right there to help you with any questions you might have, which gives it sort of an old-fashioned type of feel.

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