Hostels near Bern Airport (BRN), Bern

Hostels near Bern Airport (BRN)

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Hostels in Bern

Hostel 77 Bern

Free Breakfast
Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 5.4 km / 3 miles
Digital Nomads Party Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…Tourist tax not included: adults 4.30 CHF; children up to 16 years 1.50 CHF per person/night. We accept cash, all major credit cards, PostCard and Twint. This property may pre-authorize your … More

Youth Hostel

Free Breakfast
Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 5.5 km / 3 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller
"…There is a central plug for all showers, which means the entire floor floods, inside and outside your shower, soaking your clothes because there are no hooks or stools or anything to hang your … More
Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 5.5 km / 3 miles
Digital Nomads Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…I would definitely recommend this hostel to backpackers, as it's nice to stay somewhere clean after staying in so many filthy prison-style hostels. While in Bern I suggest jumping into the river … More
Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 6.1 km / 4 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…- In keeping with the fact that Bern shines for its wealth than for the liveliness of its streets, Marthahaus isn't exactly the type of youth hostel where you'll randomly run into an improvised … More

Hotels in Bern

Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 5.8 km / 4 miles
"…Taxes not included - City tax per person/night extra 4.30 CHF Breakfast not included - We do not have a breakfast buffet, we offer a breakfast box for additional 7 CHF per box which includes: … More

Hotel Jardin

Free Breakfast
Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 6 km / 4 miles
"…Berne is very central located in Switzerland and from here, you can easily reach all the most interesting points of the country by train or by car. We have private parking facilities, for our … More

Apartments in Bern

Distance to Bern Airport (BRN): 19.4 km / 12 miles
"…Taxes included. Breakfast not included. General: 24 hour Reception. No curfew." …"Location: 20 minutes by car from Bern and 20 minutes by car from Biel." …Hofacher 22 More

Hostels in Bern, Switzerland

4 hostels available. Prices start from $50.00 for a dorm bed.

Bern Airport: Your Swiss Adventure Awaits

Welcome to Bern Airport, your gateway to the heart of Switzerland, where every journey begins with a promise of adventure and discovery.

Navigating with Ease

Getting around Bern and beyond is a breeze, thanks to these reliable transportation options:

  • Swiss Rail Network: Embark on scenic train journeys to explore the Swiss Alps and charming towns, offering unparalleled views of Switzerland's natural beauty.
  • Efficient Bus System: Traverse the city effortlessly on the extensive bus network, connecting you to key attractions and hidden gems waiting to be explored.

Timeless Treasures to Explore

Discover Bern's rich history and cultural heritage through these iconic landmarks:

  • Old Town Charms: Lose yourself in the enchanting streets of Bern's Old Town, where medieval architecture and quaint cafes transport you back in time.
  • Bear Park Wonders: Witness Bern's famous bears roaming freely in the Bear Park, a symbol of the city's enduring connection with these majestic creatures.

Essential Services and Comforts

Rest easy and enjoy convenient amenities near Bern Airport:

  • Hostel Hideaways: Find affordable and cozy accommodations at nearby hostels, offering a friendly atmosphere and essential amenities for budget travelers.
  • Local Eateries: Indulge in Swiss delights and international flavors at nearby restaurants, satisfying your cravings after a day of exploration.

Cultural Delights to Savor

Immerse yourself in Bern's vibrant culture with these captivating experiences:

  • Clock Tower Marvels: Marvel at the intricate Zytglogge clock tower, an architectural masterpiece that has been ticking since medieval times, marking the passage of time in Bern.
  • Rosengarten Oasis: Unwind in the serene Rose Garden, offering panoramic views of the city skyline and a tranquil retreat amidst blooming roses and lush greenery.

Why Choose Bern Airport

Discover why Bern Airport is the perfect launchpad for your Swiss escapade:

  • Nature's Playground: Embark on outdoor adventures and embrace Switzerland's natural wonders, from alpine hikes to refreshing swims in crystal-clear lakes.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in Bern's captivating history and local traditions, where every corner reveals stories of the past and glimpses into Swiss life.
  • Gateway to Exploration: With Bern Airport as your starting point, endless possibilities await, whether you're chasing adrenaline-fueled activities or seeking moments of serenity in scenic landscapes.

Embark on your Swiss odyssey from Bern Airport and let the timeless beauty of Switzerland unfold before you!

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