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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hotel-Pension Marthahaus" at Wyttenbachstrasse 22a.)


Wyttenbachstrasse 22a, Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
46.955166, 7.448144 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+41 (0)31 332 41 35
+41 (0)31 333 33 86
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In keeping with the fact that Bern shines for its wealth than for the liveliness of its streets, Marthahaus isn't exactly the type of youth hostel where you'll randomly run into an improvised party on the way to brushing your teeth, or in fact, in any sort of crazy, campus ambiance. But what you'll find at Marthahaus is a pretty rare combination of comfort, services, and affordable prices that has apparently made the haus a newspapers critics' favorite -- it is namely recommended in a New York Times article nicely photocopied and suspended on the wall next to the reception's office. All of this is for a decent price for a bed and pillow in the classy dorm, or possibly, for a few more bucks, in a single or a double room for those carrying a double-identity, both backpackers and lovers, and traveling in the midst of the spring. Marthahaus is a pretty good deal if you sleep in the dorms. While not situated in the beautiful medieval Old Town, Marthahaus is nevertheless in the funky and relaxed Lorraine, a district at an approximately fifteen minutes' walk from the city core. The hostel is a warm, clean building, garnished with wooden pieces of furniture reflecting a (Swiss) German casual classiness that contrasts with most backpackers' havens' hippyish style. The many services provided for free by the hostel are the type that you may find useful while staying in expensive Bern -- free Internet is accessible in the living room on the first floor; a kitchen, a contiguous room in the basement that nevertheless contains all necessary utilities for you to prepare your sandwiches or paellas, is accessible to all; and a delicious breakfast is served in the dining room without charge. Remember that Bern is yet another Swiss city apparently known for being the richest of all -- in consequence, backpacking isn't exactly the cheapest sport. To get to Marthahaus from the train station, walk for ten to fifteen minutes to your left on Bollwerk Street when exiting the train station. Take the second street to your right, Lorrainebrucke, and walk across the bridge until you hit Viktoriastrasse. Turn right and walk for a few meters. Alternatively, take bus #20 and get off at Gewerbeschule. Walk a few meters up the street to Viktoriastrasse and turn right.
Sebastien Malo
  If you're staying in Bern, I definitely recommend this place. I stayed here in June, and it is certainly a charming hotel. The people are nice, the rooms and bathrooms are clean, and breakfast is good. And, it's easy to reach by tram.

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