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Nice hostel right in the middle of the old town part of Berne. The whole place is spotlessly clean and very well maintained. There is a common area downstairs with a kitchen, pool table, TV, and couches. It's usually pretty quiet and it isn't a fun/social hostel, so you may or may find other travellers to hang out with. Rooms include a sink/mirror and large lockers big enough for most backpacks.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Bern Backpackers Hotel Glocke" at Rathausgasse 75.)


Rathausgasse 75, Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
46.948492, 7.448024 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Excellent stay
All is good. I'd stay there again, for sure. Up to Switzerland's standards of sparkling clean, well organized, everythig works well. Plus convenient location, and pleasant staff. No complaints could be made.
Age 76, USA
  This hostel is a 10 minute walk or a two stop tram ride from the train station. It's super central, very close to old town, the rose garden, a bear sanctuary, and quite a few restaurants and shops. The markets near are really nice which is great cause it's so expensive in bern, eating in is the best option. The tram and buses are free with a tax that is automatically put on your bill of about 5 euros, so getting around is super easy. There is a bathroom on the first floor then 1-2 bathrooms on each dorm floor. There are also a men's and women's shower. They are kept really clean and there is always hot water. The dorm rooms are really clean, pillows blankets and all the dressing for beds is included. Outlets and outlet converters for plugs are all around the room. There's a sink in the room which is nice not having to go To a bathroom to brush your teeth before bed. There is a fully stocked kitchen, all dishes cutlery and pans you need, two fridges, stove, kettle, microwave, and toaster. There's also a vending machine and a paid coffee machine. There are multiple tables and chairs to eat on, a few couches to hang out on, free and fast wifi, two computers you can pay to use with a printer, and a tv. This is a great hostel to stay in, has all the amenities, is close to a lot of things, and has a super friendly staff who can help you with what you want to see in Bern. There's also a free walking tour the hostel promotes, and it has discounts on certain restaurants and souvenirs!
Clean. Efficient.
Clean. Efficiently run. Very handy. Great facilities.
Age 53, Nzl
Not so great but not terrible.
I stayed there a night in sept '08. The rooms are clean but the bathroom of my floor was terrible. It was with a really horrible smell that you could felt in the entire floor. Below the hostel is a club, so you can find a kind of noise in the night, especially if you stay in the firsts floors. They don't have Wi-Fi in the rooms, only at the common room that appears more like a smoke room, terrible. Very well located but Bern is small, so I think almost everything is near to each other.
Couldn't sleep at all
True, the place was very clean. And it had better be, since they kick you out every day to clean it. But we were there in July 2006 and it was hot, the sunlight poured in through the uncovered windows, and the noise from the street never stopped, what with the bar-goers on the street all night and the street-cleaners and clocktowers in the early morning. Ok, it's clean, but I'd rather get some sleep!
  This is a great choice to stay in Bern. Not too far from the town center or train station. The staff were really helpful and spoke perfect English and were very friendly -- except some cleaner who yelled at me for taking a shower after she had cleaned it. The room was great, comfy bed and spaced out well. Common room and facilities are excellent. The negative is there is only one PC for internet access. Also there should be a men and women separate shower room and I am not too keen on the mixed dorm I got put in. But the hostel really nice. Plus there is a cool bar downstairs.
  Definitely my favourite hostel. I booked the night before and could only find a single room which I payed 65 CHF (a fortune!) although after I already checked in, I found out that there were available beds in cheaper rooms. It was the safest and cleanest hostel I was at. The lounge was very nicely decorated. It is centrally located. I'd definitely go there again!
  I travelled to this hostel in July of 2003 and found it to be excellent. The one drawback was that I arrived a little early and was locked out for an hour or so, mid-day, but that was ok there is plenty to do until the hostel opens back up. You can walk from the main trainstation, Hauptbahnhof, ten minutes or so. The staff are very nice and accommodating, I remember when I checked in there was a girl who missed her train to Rome and the lady at the check in made sure she could stay the extra two days and even found the time the train departed. The rooms were very cozy and clean. The communial area was also very nice, met a lot of nice people from around the world. Bern itself is a very nice city, but if you are used to bustling and lively capitols such as Prague, Coppenhagen, or Berlin you might be surprised. I did like that aspect though of Bern being relitively quiet and calm for a capitol city. Once you see everything and are there in the summer, the Freibad is free and open to everyone and has a spectacular view of the Swiss parliment. If I were to go to Bern again I would definitely choose Glocke Backpackers!

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