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The Alhambra, in pace with its history, has become the destination of many tourists and probably the best treasure of the city of Granada. To enjoy the beauty of the palatine chambers, the scents of the courtyards and gardens, the games of light and colour of the richly decorated halls, and the impressive views of the Albaycin and the Vega constitutes a privilege for our senses. A place for cultural meeting and the destination chosen by millions of people worldwide lead us to rethink its value in a global world subjected to multiple stresses. We all have to make an effort to preserve this extraordinary heritage and promote attitudes of respect and coexistence. The Alhambra has lived, is living, and will continue living, and making the heritage maxim possible as an evolutionary concept not anchored in time. Today the Alhambra will be a part of you, because it is ours, yours, and everyone’s.
The city is beautiful and full of culture. Alhambra was beautiful and enchanting as was the warm weather -- can't wait to return. For all you clubbers out there, go to Granada Diez. For culture, visit flamenco dances. There is also a water park not too far -- about a bus ride -- called Aquaola. The people weren't too friendly there -- a bit on the racist side -- but there we go! The rides were thrilling if you're into that kind of thing! Granada is a must see.
Alhambra is beautiful -- a must-see for anybody passing through Andalusia. Granada itself is also very nice.
Up around the Alhambra, an old lady came up to me and offered me a sprig of rosemay -- she kind of forced it on me, actually, and then grabbed my hand and started telling me things in Spanish, like it was a blessing or something, and then demanded 5 Euros! Beware!!!
Granada was magical. It made my whole 2 1/2 weeks trip to Spain worthwhile. I miss it so much. Try to hike up to Sacramonte. There was an old couch up there, cactuses, and a woman sitting on the couch who kept smiling and waving at us. You can see the whole city from up there, the old Arab quarter, and la Alhambra, with its flags blowing and the mountains looming in the background.
Granada is a must see for anyone passing through southern Spain. The Alhambra is amazing. Try and reserve your tickets in advance. Also wander around the Albacin, or hike up the mountains and listen to the Gypsies play music, while enjoying the view. Don't bother staying anywhere that isn't close to the Albacin, because Garanda doesn't have much else to offer in the other areas.
Granada is an interesting place. It is a mixture of old (the Alhambra, the original streets) with the new (modern shops, a very young crowd, as it is a university town). It is a lively place with plenty of street musicians, a spirit of flamenco in the air (though less than I was hoping for), and one of the best part--teahouses! The Arabic influences are my favorite part of Granada. Now I am going to tell you the single best part of Granada which most people will miss: the birds. In several places, you will see HUNDREDS of tiny, ovalish brown birds flying all over the place within a certain radius of their perching trees, but mostly just making a really loud racket. They can be found in several places and plazas, but in particular, on an unassuming side street in the courtyard of the "Banco de Espania," across the street from a scummy strip-joint. Here, the birds gather and talk with one another all day and all night long; I would often pass at 1 or 2 AM and they were easily the loudest source of sound in the area! It is really quite amazing and beautiful, and yet most peoople will or probably not even notice them. Really quite sad.
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