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I lived in Malaga for six months and I would tell everyone that it is the best city in Spain! I would suggest to get there by bus or train. If you want to party and have a good time try visiting Plaza De La Merced. It is right in the center of town, but don't go until around 11:30 or midnight, most clubs don't open …
Tarifa is a bit laid back place, it feels quite far away from the rest of Europe and you can feel it. I really enjoyed the beaches, which are wide and half empty, top beaches in Europe. Feels almost like Jamaica. I loved the place.
When you're in Seville, don't miss the Seville Mosque. It's worth it.
Granada is an interesting place. It is a mixture of old (the Alhambra, the original streets) with the new (modern shops, a very young crowd, as it is a university town). It is a lively place with plenty of street musicians, a spirit of flamenco in the air (though less than I was hoping for), and one of the best …
Been going to Nerja since i was 17! Fab place for people of all ages!