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I was so surprised by Belgrade that I decided to stay for a full week! You need to get connected with locals in order to really experience the city. There are so many things to discover! And if you feel that restaurants are expensive, just let the locals take you to some real local restaurants -- great food, great prices!
I was there last year. I recommend you to visit this city -- it's so friendly and beautiful!
Belgrade is way more than I could ever expect! I spent the winter 2007/2008 in there, and completely fell in love with the city, its people and all. I can't wait to come back in August this year! I highly recommend Belgrade for anyone who's in for something quite different -- and much more exciting -- than western Europe. It's my favourite city in the whole wide world!
Maria Almeida
You can find really fun and interesting things to do. Top picks -- Kalamegdan Fortress at night with BYO beer; Ada lake on a bike; Riverside drinking, bars Joker, Freestyler, and the like; St. Sava Basilica; Cevapi from streetside vendors for 2 Euros -- well worth it! Enjoy! It's one of my favourite places in Europe.
Belgrade is the most beautiful city. Everything is cheap and so beautiful.
Serbia is maybe the worst place you can go in Europe. This is a totally f***ed up nation, and it is not true that it is cheap -- food costs more than in Greece!
I really liked my stay here in Belgrade -- the country has lots of interesting places and very beautiful ladies. It's nice being here.
serwa.from Gh.
Belgrade is a very beautiful country filled with lovely parks and friendly people. I have really enjoyed my stay and wish to come back next time.
It's a great city!
This is an interesting place. Though personally I found a strange attitude about the place -- I don't think there is much shame or guilt about Serbia's role in the recent conflicts. I guess part of me (having traveled around some of the other Balkans) was hoping or expecting to see it. Instead we still had the odd conversation which lurched oddly into nationalism, which was discouraging. Of course this was not true of all, just some. There is stuff to see and do though.
It's a nice city, but it is obvious that they need to do some things and make them better, especially if they want to have a lot of tourists.
Though Belgrade is a somewhat gritty place, it is certainly worth visiting -- there are interesting museums, churches, and of course, the Kalemegdan Citadel. One can still see vestiges of the Kosovo War -- buildings that were bombed and have not been repaired since, but the inhabitants have tentatively moved on to a new era of integration with the rest of the world. I was surprised how many people spoke English and were friendly to an American traveler -- I regret only spending a day there. It's the capital of a country still largely undiscovered by tourism at this point.
Every time I want to return to Belgrade! Belgrade is a nice city where I want to walk all the night through.
What a nice and green city! If you think Beograd is been destroyed from 1999's war, you're wrong! Friendly people, many many parks, millions of trees, and very very cheap! Don't forget to rent a bicycle and explore the places parallel to Duna. The view from Kalemegdan fortress is awesome!
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