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Backpacking Lima

 Backpacking Lima

There is a few things you should know about Lima hostels and the city in general. Besides comparing you the best and cheapest hostels in Lima, we also highlight what we have liked, disliked and things to look out for.

Lima, Peru, is the capital of the country and home to more than nine million people (twelve million, if you take into account the metropolitan area). Almost one-third of the Peruvian population lives in and around the capital.

The city was founded in the sixteenth century by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Piazzaro, who led the expedition to defeat the Inca Empire and claimed the conquered land for Spain. Many indigenous inhabitants died due to exploitation and epidemic diseases introduced by the Spanish invaders. In the early nineteenth century, the country declared its independence from the Kingdom of Spain, and subsequently Lima became the capital of the Republic of Peru. The centre of Lima is situated around fifteen kilometres inland at the shore of the Rimac River. Be prepared to see poor neighbourhoods and poverty while getting around in the city. Many people moved to the metropolitan area from the Andes Mountains to find a good job; unfortunately for many new arrivals, their dreams of a better life have never come true. In general, the best solution to stay safe in Lima is to simply maintain a low profile and leave your valuables at home.

The city is surrounded by a very arid desert. In the summer, the weather is usually sunny and very warm. Maximum temperatures range from thirty to thirty-three degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperatures reach up to twenty-two degrees Celsius (so it is not a real winter). However, during that period, it is often overcast and rainy for days at a time.

The capital of Peru offers plenty of options for every sort of tourist. If you want to stay in five-star hotels or inexpensive hostels in Lima, Peru, you will be covered for all possibilities. A lot of Lima, Peru hostels are located in the neighbourhoods of Surquillo, Leuro, and Cocharcas. Genreally, the price level for Lima, Peru hostels and hotels is low, so you do not have to spend too much money on accommodation.

One of the highlights of Lima is the historic centre. It is among the most important tourist destinations in Peru. Very interesting are the so-called balconies of Lima -- they are part of the cultural heritage and they were built during the Spanish Colonial period as well as the Republic of Peru. In and around the historic centre, you can find more than one thousand six hundred balconies of that kind. Parque del Amor is romantic park in Miraflores. It is the perfect place for a selfie or for a walk with your partner. Art lovers have to check out the Museo de Arte de Lima. The museum was recently renovated and it houses pieces of art from the pre-Columbian to contemporary art.
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Things to do in Lima

Here is a few more tips from the community. Other travelers share their best tips on backpacking Lima:

Lima's a fun city, and after a few days you'll feel great getting out!


As a tourist there may not be lots to occupy your time in Lima, but the city is very underrated in terms of food and culture. There are many incredible restaurants around the city (whether in Miraflores, Surco, Barranco, or San Isidro) and Peru has amazing food. The city can of course be dangerous, but then most cities in the world are -- just use common sense and you will end up having a great time.

James Low

Lima could be one the best places you visit in Peru if you just inform yourself properly. I enjoyed it, the food especially.


Lima is a city for adventurers, danger is everywhere.


Lima sucks. The food is not as good as everyone says and most of the people are very nice and will befriend you but you better watch out because they will take everything you have! Remember, this is a third world country and you can lose everything fast, even your life! I have lived in this city and can tell you that if you stay an extended period of time you will see the horror and disgust of what you might think is a "wonderful place." Just as anywhere in the world, there is bad, but you better remember where you are and that people are desperate in this country. Also, I found people to be very rude, pretentious, noisy, racist, uptight, and very careless and very timid. Be careful in Lima -- myself and others I have known when I lived in this polluted, filthy city have had some very bad experiences. Enjoy Peru, yes, but do not trust anyone.


Lima is the best kept secret in South American travel destinations. It is still developing its own identity but within the next several years it has the potential to become one of the most interesting destination cities on the continent. It takes time to discover all its best aspects and this cannot be done in less than a three- or four-day per-visit minimum. It really has the best of everything in Peru -- art, culture, and the best food in the world!


There are wonderful people there.


There's so much poverty but so much laughter here.


Lima is a completely underrated city. It has a lot to offer in terms of museums and historic sites. If you're in to archaeology, there are a number of ancient sites within easy day-trip distance (i.e., Pachacama). A great advantage is that these sites are not subject to the heavy tourist burden that you find in the Cuzco area. And, most importantly, the food in Lima is amazing! I travel to Peru quite often and though I spend the majority of my time in the highlands I always make sure to schedule a couple of days in Lima so I can eat the best ceviche in the world (make sure to try causa and ocopa, too).


Greater Lima is a very big city. If you lodge at Miraflores or San Isidro, you'll see that Lima is a nice destination, with the best food and restaurans, superb food, many places to go, the best museums, and beautiful parks -- besides an interesting nightlife.


I loved Machupichu and the people were very friendly. But Lima is a 'toilet' really. I think it is the least developed city in the continent when compared to cities like Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, or Mexico City. I found these four cities to be the most developed and modern. However Lima, as a capital city, is truly a sad picture. So much poverty and chaos everywhere you look at, but people seem to be always happy and friendly.


Lima is a really pretty city. A tip: bargain for almost everything.

carol power

I've been travelling around South America and Peru as well. Amazing, but there are many poor people too but happy and friendly for sure.


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