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I just had the time of my life on The Tel Aviv pub crawl! My Tel Aviv trip wouldn't be the same without it.
Jack Oneill
I lived in Israel for two years and went back for another two years. Tel Aviv has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It was a party that never stopped and was great to find work and relax on the beaches.
"ROBBY" Deborah RobinsonAnonymous
I lived in Tel Aviv from 1992 to 1994 -- got a great job within days and got great friends within hours. I loved it so much I almost became Jewish!
Ian from plymouth uk
I just love Tel Aviv! I lived there off and on for about four years -- last time was '97 to '99. What a great city, great people, and food. It took a while, I but found a great job with a textile company in Yehud.
Hill from California
I love Israel, including Tel Aviv. I've lived at a kibbutz for two years, and I love all the people from that country. They aren't like news make them look like. In June I'll come back for a week, in my holidays, to visit my favourite country again.
Maria from Spain
It's a great place -- I loved it.
The first time I absolutely fell in love with Tel-Aviv so much that I wanted to return and find a job. The second time was terrible. Don't do it if you haven't got enough money and if you're not Jewish. No chance finding a job and staying there long.
I love Israel, but there is a special place you have to see -- Tel-Aviv! It´s such a great city with so many attractions and so much to see. I am going back next week, and I just can´t wait. The weather is great. The food is brilliant, and the citizens are so open-minded people -- you´ll find lots of friends! I love it.
I love Israel, Tel Aviv especially! Everything is here -- beautiful Jaffa, nightlife, markets, culture, beaches, sunny weather, shopping, and best of all -- Israelis.
Nathalie from Holland
I love Tel Aviv, it's so buzzy and the people are fun! The beaches are great, the nightlife is fab, it's like London but by the sea! Always something going on. I love this great city, can't wait to go back...
I lived here from 1994 until 1999 and loved it. I got work from hostels and I will get back in 2006 fore 8 more years. Tel Aviv RULES.
ace from holland
Tel-Aviv is great, it's a fun place full of friendly, beautiful girls and the best beef shwarma on the planet.
John O'Connor
First off, this City never sleeps, if you love New York or Toronto Canada where I am from, you will love Tel-Aviv. The night life is incredible here and the people are really cool. The beach is beautiful the food and cafes are all good. If you come to Israel you have to spend a few days in Tel-Aviv first.
Joshua Toronto Canada
I lived in Tel Aviv for 8 years. It is a fantastic city with brilliant nightlife and loads to do. The "City that never sleeps" says it all I think. A haven for backpackers.
Come to Tel-Aviv, it's a very cool place. Lovely beaches, good food, and friendly people. Don't be put off, it's fantastic here.
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