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I went to Montanita thirty-five years ago with a friend. We stayed in a fisherman's hut doing chores in exchange for food and shelter. It is the most beautiful beach in Ecuador ...
Montañita sucks -- it's like surfing in a lake.
ricky's whore
Sitting in front of this computer makes me want to pack up and head off to Montanita right now. if you haven't been, go! You will not find a closer place to heaven this side of life no matter who you are. Whether making friends with the many street vendors, dancing at the full moon festival up on the mountain, sitting in a hammock sipping a corona and wasting away in the real margaritaville, or just walking along the endless beach you will know that you have found a hidden gem in paradise that very few will get to experience in this lifetime.
Nora dean
If you have ever felt an ounce of stress, sadness, despair, or uncertainty come to Montanita. I didnt know who I was until I went to Montañita -- went there for a weekend while on holiday and stayed for four years. You can easily get a job at a bar or hotel and a nice apartment/hotel room is as cheap as the sand on the beach.
Montanita is amazing -- great beach, great vibe. I learned Spanish at Montanita Spanish School (excellent and highly recommended), surfed, and cocktailed! Yes, you can party, and you can also just relax if you wish. Montanita rocks!
Montanita is one of the best places in the world!
I was in Montañita a couple of months ago and loved it -- the people, the party, everything. But what really made my stay so wonderful was learning to surf with the sweetest surf instructor, Maya! She has her own school, Sweet Surf, in the center. It's the best party in South America!
Montanita is fantastic -- laid back, easygoing, and very friendly. I enjoyed my four weeks. Sure, there may be some drugs, but is not in your face. In fact, Montanita has a really safe feel about it. I studied at the Montanita Spanish school, and it was excellent. I'll be back!
Go to Montanita, but stay in Kamala -- no bedbugs and sketchy stuff. I spent more than a month there and had the time of my life.
Montañita is an earthly paradise! The best beach in the world -- it invites you to visit it. Once you know, you can hardly forget it.
I cried when I had to leave. I surfed in the morning and at sunset -- great beginner waves. They have a great language school right next to the beach. I lived in flip flops, a bikini, and a smile. People are incredibly kind and helpful.
I'm from New York and let me tell you, this place is ten times better than any club here. The people and the place are just heaven.
If you're tired of U.S. women, then go to Montanita, Ecuador. They are beautiful and know how to treat a man. Not to mention the place has incredible waves, ceviche, fresh fruit, and a simply wonderful vibe. I met my wife there two years ago and feel blessed each day.
I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve -- I'll spend it in Montanita this year. No matter what your budget, you'll find a place -- there are the ones with pool, TV, and AC. No matter where, you'll find a fantastic time at beautiful Montanita.
Montanita -- surf, senoritas, banana booms -- very fun indeed. Yes, there are folks from all over engaging in all types of activities, but why should that dictate whether you visit or not? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this place is truly beautiful. If you have the time check it out, stay a few days and soak it in -- you may be glad you did.
Montanita is the pits -- it's full of drugged-up, cocaine hippies offering it for as little as $5. The girls are throwing themselves at the tourists. It's a dodgy place -- my iPod was stolen from my locked hotel room. Avoid this place.
john thomas
Montanita has the best vibe ever. You must go there -- if you don't, you don't know what you're missing.
Montanita was a haze to me, just pure carnage at night, getting absolutely f***ed on all sorts of intoxicating substances. I couldn't leave for about two weeks. I spent about a month there, and am definitely going back when I can next afford it.
Boy from London...evergreeen
Amazing! I loved Montanita! What a wonderful place!
Montanita is heaven in Ecuador. From New York to Montanita is a dream visit. Montanita is charm.
Montanita is the best part in Ecuador. I had the best time ever in paradise.
Montanita is an awesome place with friendly people. This is a little piece of heaven hidden away. The hotels are small but with a charm that will make you wish you could stay there forever. I'm currently stuck in Japan but hoping to make it back again this December.
Reading about Montanita makes me want to jump back on a plane right now. I went twice during my six months in Ecuador earlier this year -- some of the best days of my life. We stayed at Kamala (more chilled, nicer beach but you can still wander along the beach to the town for nightlife). You don't have to be a drug-taking hippie to enjoy this place. I had the best nights ever, saw the sunrise every morning then snoozed in a hammock all day -- ready for sunset and some arroz con camarones and a cold beer. Heaven.
An absolutely stunning part of the world! Everyone's so friendly and there's never a dull moment -- especially if there's surf! If not there's climbing, snorkeling, whale watching, or just plain lazing on the beach with a mojito! There are heaps of restaurants to pick from and the food is great. The nightlife is pretty awesome as well, from wild beach parties to crazy drinking sessions in Fresh or Cana Grill to cocktails in Wipe Out -- perfection in a glass. I cannot wait to get back!
I am from New York, and I loved Montanita. Beautiful beach and a great nightlife. I am planning to go back there very soon.
What a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Guayaquil where I was going to school. If I didnt have so many obligations at home I would still be beach side learning how to surf and meeting amazing people from all walks of life. Ah Montanita.
Careful! Overwhelming drug scene attracts a lot of cops. It's no fun to spend a few days in an Ecuadorian jail! Drugs are blatant, obvious, and everywhere. It is a beautiful, amazing place. The cops occasionally show up at those bonfires and cart off all the pot smokers. Eucadorian cops aren't consistent. Just because they haven't been around in six months doesn't mean they're not coming tonight. If you need some convincing that its a bad idea to join in, go visit the women's jail in Quito. You can walk right in with a valid passport and see what happens to those who violate Ecuador's drug laws. If you want to do drugs, do it in a country where you will actually get a trial after you are arrested. Montanita is the most beautiful place in the world. Watch your back, your purse, and your drink.
Montanita is a highly intoxicating, delicious, and succulent drug. It makes you an addict to her immediately. The vibe, the beautiful people, the energy, the ocean, the calmness -- it is truly a sweet surrender. Go and rejuvenate yourself there. I am going this August for a month. I love it and would recommend it to everyone!
The place is a lot of fun. I had to leave a little early because I hadn't slept for too long. I saw other people who were partied out and we shared knowing looks. I will go back. Just make sure to account for the comedown, it is easier in another city where you can't get anymore.
Too much fun, unfortunately my boyfriend at the time was a stick in the mud, so I highly advise you go with friends, or have an open minded mate! So much to experience -- good food, great beaches, wonderful people. I plan to do it over again -- this time no boyfriend.
Deborah from Alberta
I have lived part of my life in Montanita and Manglaralto and all I can say is, that is the best place to be and to encounter new people from all parts of the world, so remember to go there for sure, you'll love it.
Montanita is an amazing coastal city in Ecuador. Being a straight up city-slicker from Chicago, it is an amazing get-away to escape to. Be prepared to have fun and stay in your budget!!
MOntaita has to be one of the best place to be in the entire world. The vibe you get by being tehre is priceless. I have been there 3 times and I'm going again in April. I'm addicted to that place. There's no better drug then being there. I LOVE IT!!! YES be prepared for parties all night!!!! It just doesn't stop. A word of advice don't miss KAMALA FULL MOON PARTY!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DON'T GO.
Everybody simply loves Montañita!!! It is the perfect brain cells killing place!! During the day you can eat delicious food everywhere (oyster ceviche!), relax at the beach and by night the craziest raves take place!!! I am going again for the 4th time, for the new year party. See you there this year!!
Montañita is a pile of crap, full of lazy hippies listening to reggae music ad-nauseum and I've even heard there are DRUGS available there. Avoid it like the plague.
Being an Ecuadorian OF COURSE I've been in Montañita, it's the real paradise on earth. The most beautiful beach you can imagine to visit, sunsets/sunrises to die in peace after you've watched them, great food (any kind, you name it and they have it) and definitely 24/7 non-stop partying, day and night. Beware of Montañita, you might end up never leaving her!
here i come
I did nothing but sit on the beach, best time ever.
GREATTTTT! I am in love with Montañita's waves that place is not far from paradise. Hope to see you next year for another round of CURINCHO after the sunset surfing.
Manuel Rodo
I walked into Montanita and felt like I had stumbled upon paradise - the most beautiful people you've ever seen, amazing vegetarian food, hammocks everywhere, cheap hostels run by easygoing locals - I fell in love and didn't want to leave.
Montanita is a surfer's dream, its one of the best spots esp at this time of the year. The nightlife is incredible, its like one huge neverending party. Also the weed, *damn* mmmm I love it here. Surf Montanita always and forever!
So much fun, the place is such a pleasure trap! You get there and you immediately feel the vibe I could stay here awhile. I went back 3 times while traveling through South America. Have to get some waves at the point and come in and get a fresh fruit smoothie at Hostal Tierra del Promitida. Te extrano Montanita!!!
Why did I leave?
I came for a few days and ended up travelling back from Buenos Aires just to live there. I stayed for 5 months - worked at a surf hotel and met cool people. Montanita is amazing, don't miss it! Lots of parties. Oh yes... I killed many brain cells there - and got chlamydia...
Montanita rocks, awesome wave at then point, great people all around, I stayed at Casa Blanca. Cesar is the chef in Montanita, go across the street to Fernanda And Lorenzo for veggies and real coffee. You can stay for months surfing eating and partying.
Rama,Maui Hawaii!!!! Be prepared to party EVERY night ALL night. The whole vibe is amazing, and chances are you will stay longer than planned!!!
Anonymous mike canada
Ahhhh Montanita sometimes I wonder if this magical town actually existed in my travels. Mostly it's just a blur of laughter, many sunrises, after dancing the night away, and did someone say hammocks? Best place to spend New Year's Eve on the planet! Be sure to get yourself a hookah at Alibabars.
Did someone actually invent this place?
Montanita was a very good laugh. Amazing girls from all over South America, good fun, crazy lifestyle. However I would advise against spending more than 4 days (3 nights) there as the crack heads at the Pelicano club can get a bit much! A bit too many drugs for my liking (and I consumed!). But sunset on the beach on New Year's eve followed by a day on the beach with the most beautiful Ecuadorian girl on the 1st of Jan was truly incredible. One tip though, do NOT drink tap water; not even boiled!
A victim of the 2001-2002 New Year
I loved it. If I had the money I would buy a plot of land on the coast and make my own personal paradise.
Sammy from Jersey
I only got to stay in Montanita for two days, but I could have stayed for months. At night, the beach has an incredible vibe, with bonfires scattered across the sand and people gathered together to chill out and simply have a great time. If you are in Ecuador, DEFINITELY make plans to visit this beach town.
Great town, great people, great surf. I was there for a week over Christmas and New Year and could easily spend the rest of my life there... Oh to live in a place where the sun sets so beautifully every night!
Anonymous North London
Soooooo much fun. About two years ago I spent a week there for something like $90. Not bad for paradise. I'll be returning in April. Who knows how long I'll stay. It's so hard to leave once you get there. Between the reading/napping on the hammock, hours of beach activities, delicious ceviche, no one ever thinks about leaving. Ohh.. and then there's the parties, the beautiful people from all around the world, the crepes, the music 24/7, dancing, sea turtles on the beach at night... Just go.
Anonymous Seattle
A Crazy place with the best nightlife in Ecuador. I wanted to go there for a week and ended up there for 2 years! Go to the next town down called Olon to watch the sunset and then make your way back down the hill to Montanita to sip cocktails and start the party!
Anonymous London
Montanita is the greatest! I have been there 3 times and I am addicted to the town! It's great how you chill and relax there, and talk about the bonfires!! Man I love them! You swear you want to stay a couple of days. Sorry! You cannot! You wind up staying a week or more! This is the destination to party! Orishas, Manu Chau, and Marley were the music of the times. Viva Montanita!!!!
Montanita is an insane South America experience. Good times from the moment we arrived. We had to escape in the night, or else we'd still be there. Go to Kalama for the crazy full moon parties, and ignore the puffed out wanna-be surfers who cruise the beach but never actually hit the waves. We stayed at the Promised Land, which was an adventure in itself. Don't miss the bonfires, and grow to love Manu Chau.
I loved Montanita, one of the coolest costal cities in Ecuador (Atacamas was pretty cool also). The surf is great there. If you haven't been to Montanita you must go there. Travel tip...hmm stay in the hostels, there are very interesting travelers who go though there. And plan at least a week for this town.
We loved Montanita. Our son surfed and we relaxed. Everything about the place ia wonderful. Can't wait to go back.
Good surf from December through April on the swells from the north.... still, lots of people in the water nowadays... better to have a look up the coast and get a wave to yourself!
Montanita is great. Go there and relax on the beach all day (or surf) and then party all night.
Montañita is an incredible place and the beach at night is very crazy. You have to come and watch and feel for yourself.
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