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I love Melbourne.
Melbourne is savage -- what a great place. I've been traveling the world, working the last couple years, and this is without doubt my favourite city. Everything happens there, plus they have the best restaurants and funky bars.
Don't waste your time with Melbourne. There are so many other places in the world that are better to visit as a backpacker.
Melbourne is off the hook. The people there are awesome in the sense of looks and attitude.
I love the weather here! There are lots of wonderful things and places to see and visit both for the young and old.
I absolutely love this city. I'm coming back to live as soon as I can get the money too. I love how you can walk down the street at 10 p.m. and find a nice little cafe or bakery to go to. The locals are really welcoming and friendly and I met some awesome people here. The weather is pretty good generally, maybe not as good as some other parts of Australia but in comparison to what this city has to offer, who cares about the odd cloudy day? The shopping is the best this side of the world and Melbourne has an awesome tram/train and bus service. The city is very pretty; there are shops and concerts to go to; and on a hot day you can go to the beach, luna park, and then go out clubbing for the night or see a show or one of your favorite bands play -- awesome times, awesome memories, and epic city.
I'm generally not a big-city kind of person, but I warmed to Melbourne really quickly. There's always something going on, places like Federation Square are great for providing skint backpackers with free entertainment of all sorts, and there's plenty of awesome day trips to be had that'll give you your nature fix during your stay in the city. It's definitely recommended.
Melbourne is the best place on the eastern journey. Everyone is so friendly there, lots of things to do for free, lots of places to go that aren't sketchy, and they have the casino. I'm definitely going back.
The city has a great vibe, though after only a week I'd already run out of things to do. There aren't many attractions.
Melbourne is awesome! Where can I start? The shops and restaurants -- and you can’t get much better than the nightlife! Too many good looking guys. Any longer there and I’d be in trouble!
QV Is a great place to check out, nice shops and great central Square.
Melbourne is easily the best city in the world, and a place I would move to without hesitation if given the chance. Friendly, beatiful, exciting, it somehow manages to comibine the best of small city athmosphere and metropole-life. Once you've been there, you'll have to go back all the time. Only problem is the distance from Europe, which is a lot...
While Melbourne is without a doubt my favourite place in the southern hemisphere, I also think it's crucial to head out of the city to places like the Otways, Gippsland, and Wilson's Promontory to really see what Victoria has to offer. Melbourne may be an incredibly friendly, vibrant, and exciting place to be, but I'll never forget hiking and lying on the beaches at Wilson's Promontory, meeting other travellers, and truly experiencing Australia at it's best on my frquent escapes from the Melbourne buzz.
Melbourne and Perth are my two favourite cities in Australia - Melbourne for its culture and atmosphere, and Perth for its lifestyle. In Melbourne you can find any cuisine, and even a corner of the city to call your own. Check out Victoria St and Errol St in North Melbourne - well served by the 57 tram, quite walkable, and an amazing variety of stuff from the Queen Victoria Market to posh restaurants to cafes and bookshops.
Melbourne is easily the best city in Australia. Far more friendly than Sydney, and I felt a lot safer. There are so many great bars and restaurants.
Melbourne is a fantastic city, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. There are some beautiful parks in the center of the city, and some lovely galleries and museums. I ended up staying in Melbourne for longer than I originally planned as I found it to be a 'fun' city - great bars and nighclubs, to suit all tastes. Also, Melbourne has some of the best shopping in Australia and the best selection of restaurants, where you can sample food from every corner of the globe. I couldn't believe the selection! If you're thinking about when to visit Melbourne, I would probably recommend going in summer, as temperatures are warmer and a little more stable.
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