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They have the best food and music -- this is one of the great places to experience in life. I love this city -- voodoo, vampires, and the French Quarter. They knew how to pick their ground to defend or ride out the storm with minimum damage. There's wonderful history -- you cant pass this place up. You will love the Big Easy and will always be going back for more.
I found the place full of mystery, enchanting, yet dangerous. I had a great time during my short stay there. I was there pre-Katrina and don't know how the city's changed, but when I was there I noticed that you must have sharp senses at all times and be careful when driving because one wrong turn and you're in the hood. I think that visiting the city's worth in the end it because it is a delight.
I love New Orleans.
Ever seen or been in a city with soul? Character, history, food, music, people, beads, booze, and fun -- the one and only New Orleans. It's a must visit and you'll return.
john lee
If your idea of a good time is to be in a place with drunken vomiting idiots, getting robbed, and constant pan handling then N.O is for you.
I've been to New Orleans four times and I can't get enough. My heart and prayers go out to them as they go through post-Katrina rebuilding. This is one of the greatest cities in America and if you want to party til dawn, they will lead you the way!! I think everyone who truly loves this city will make reservations to go there in the very near future, I know I am. Just like New York after 9/11, they are going to need the business and tourist dollars.
As well as seeing the city itself get out and see some of the old plantations along the Mississippi if you have transport - some are really interesting and beautiful and there's a lot of history behind them.
Got back a week ago, and I'm already planning a trip back. Between the beautiful sites during the day and the partying by night, I barely slept the whole time I was there. I'd sugest New Orleans to anyone, young or old.
New Orleans is definitely my place of choice when it comes to traveling. It's truely enchanting. Don't miss it...
Clara rose
New Orleans is a great place, for sho. But plz don't go to Burbon Street more than once - tis not worth it. Frenchman Street, Decatur, and Magazine kick ass tho - had a REAL good time!
I love New Orleans. I plan to move to this beautiful city. Go down, you won't regret it at all. Party or relax, you'll love it.
Avoid the Steamboat Natchez. Ugh, just awful. Don't know what we were thinking. Haunted History tours usually have the best tour guides. They're very theatrical and fun. However, if it's a really busy night they may call guides from other companies who don't have as much experience. It's hard not to have a good time here. Get out and do your own thing. You won't regret it.
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