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To me Sweden is a very magical place where you can feel the joy and love that everyone has for one another. I also believe that everyone represents their country very strongly, it is powerful. That is why I carry Sweden in my heart and in my soul.
Stockholm is very boring! Interesting monuments are few, streets look like each others, bars during weekends must close at 1 o'clock. The people are cold and rude. I liked trips to islands, and the sight of old town from the boat. I spent twelve days there and got bored after three.
el chupon de barcelona
I had the pleasure of visiting Stockholm a few years back and I agree that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you have the opportunity to enter Stockholm by ship from another country, take advantage as it's an amazing perspective to enter by ship in the morning. Skansen was great from a cultural and historical perspective. Gamla Stan is beautiful -- the quiet little walkways on cobbled streets add to the atmosphere of a city that was founded almost eight hundred years ago. The best feeling to me was walking along the waters edge and capturing great shots of Stadshuset (City Hall) from the different angles and meandering along the different walkways by day and night and popping in for a hot chocolate in one of the many cafes. The Stockholm Cathedral (Storkykan) is a must to see. Despite its cold temperature, Stockholm leaves you with a warm feeling inside.
Carl Joubert
The city is lovely, maybe the most beautiful in Europe. Make sure to visit City Hall, Gamla Stan (the Old Town), and I especially recommend "Under the bridges" boat trip, which will show you beautiful small islands of Stockholm from different perspective. If you have time, go to see Skansen, the oldest open-air museum in the world, there's plenty to see.
I lived in Stockholm for two months and it was incredible! If you are really young and drinking and partying are your main reasons for visiting Europe, don't bother with Stockholm. However, if wandering unique city streets, hanging out at cool cafes, enjoying small villages (on the islands of the city) and finding fun and unusual shops are what you are looking for, it can't be beat. It has been claimed that it is the most beautiful capital city in Europe, and I think it might be. If you are young, especially visit Sodermalm.
I spent my first night in Stockholm in an ultramodern super clean jail. The food was great and I got to listen to classical music piped in on an overhead speaker. In the morning, when I had sobered up, the police sent me over to the Chapman where they had made a reservation for me. You just gotta love the Swedes!
I wasn't thrilled by Stockholm, but any trip to Sweden requires a stay in the capital, and it is pretty. You need maybe two days to look around. Wander around the islands, they are pretty. Skansen is ok, it's an outdoor museum of old Scandinavian buildings and real live animals. Spend half a day here. Walk the shopping street, it's very nice, no cars. Shopping wasn't as expensive as everyone claims. You can easily spend a few hours on this street. Movies are in English with Swedish subtitles, so that's a bonus. Warning: if arriving on a night train from Copenhagen, you'll get in at 6am, and nothing opens until 10!
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