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The Review

Overall Acco Hostel is clean, offers free laundry (although rather difficult to find the one washing machine and dryer free), and most likely the one of the cheapest accommodations you will find in Stockholm; however, outside of these aspects, it is not an ideal place to stay. It is not handicap accessible. Paying in cash will result in an additional fee (and they may refuse cash).

The Location

Acco Hostel is somewhat difficult to find -- the directions provided bring you to the correct metro stop; however, from there it gets a bit difficult. The streets are not well labeled (typical for Europe), so finding which way to go after the metro stop is a bit confusing (there are nearby businesses you can ask for directions, which we highly recommend). After reaching the final street and ascending the large hill, the hostel is on the right, off of the sidewalk, obscured by a tree (be on the lookout -- if you have reached a large grocery store, you have gone too far). The grocery stores offer a decent price. However, the metro is quite expensive, so be ready to pay quite a bit more than other European countries.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are a standard size and feature clean Ikea bunk beds, which are rather uncomfortable and create a ruckus and shake any time an occupant of the bed moves or climbs the ladder. This makes for a bad night’s sleep. Sheets are not free, but are already on your bed (they claim you can provide your own and not pay the additional bedding charge; the bedding must be sheets and if you use a sleeping bag, they will charge you for the sheets as well as an additional fee for not using sheets). Additionally, we felt it necessary to open the windows in the room (due to no ventilation as there is no AC); unfortunately, the hostel is located on a street that experiences high night traffic so you must choose between ventilation of the room and noise. The staff member on duty during the night (the only time someone is there) checks all rooms around midnight; this is quite disturbing as there is no warning of this from the hostel (the staff member stands there, door wide open, laptop in hand, and checks bodies in the beds). If you are a light sleeper you will awaken.

All locks are operated via combination keypads (room access and entrance access). This is a huge problem, as the staff is not on had during check-in times to buzz people in -- apparently you are supposed to send card payment a second time after booking and then receive combinations to the entrance and room; we were not notified of this and were thus locked out, only to be let in by another occupant of the hostel. From there it was a fiasco getting in touch with reception, who are available via phone/email twenty-four hours; eventually, the combinations were emailed to us and we were able to sort out our luggage. We didn't pay twice, but it was never brought up with us; however, it is unclear if one is supposed to, which would be a rip-off.

There are no lockers in-room, but rather a locker storage room, which has small lockers with keys (you may also store luggage in this room). The keys are simply in the lockers and are first come, first serve (anyone can take up as many lockers as they desire). This is rather inconvenient as the week we were there, the hostel was fairly full and all of the lockers were occupied.

Bathrooms are shared, in the hallway. There is a separate showering room for each gender, each containing a couple of showers with fully-enclosed stalls. The shower rooms have no ventilation (be ready to feel as though you are in the rain forest if you enjoy hot showers) and are scarce on areas to hang clothing. There are a couple of half bathrooms (a toilet and a sink) in the hallways as well. They are somewhat clean.

Common Spaces

The common areas are small, offering a sitting area with TV that may fit approximately ten people; two free computers with internet in the hallway (which are not as great as they sound as they kick you off every five minutes and will not allow more than one window to be open at a time and are shut down at 10 p.m.); a free laundry room (which is often in use, so it is a bit difficult to find the moment of opportunity to get laundry done); and a small kitchen with two seats, a microwave, dishes, and a refrigerator. The kitchen is available for anyone to use.

All areas offer free Wi-Fi (even in the bedrooms), and there are a couple of computers near the “reception” available for use until 10 p.m.


Overall, we wouldn’t return to this hostel. It is rather difficult to meet others as the common areas are small, the reception is nonexistent during the critical check-in period, the beds are uncomfortable and noisy, lockers are scarce, and it is a bit difficult to find. On the plus side, there is free laundry, grocery stores nearby, it's cheap, and somewhat clean. Whether you stay here really depends upon what you are looking for in a hostel.
by Kari Staff Reviewer
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Entrance to the Acco hostel
Lobby/computer area
6 bed room
Toilet and sink
One of the shower stalls


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Acco Hostel" at Ansgariegatan 10.)


Ansgariegatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden
59.317061, 18.046119 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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No-reception hostel
When I learned before booking that the hostel has no reception I was startled. However the system with codes on all doors sounded nice so I decided to go on with this hostel. Need to admit that the booking and settling turned to be very convenient for me. I arrived very late and was glad that I can easily get in and didn't have to solve any reception questions, filling the forms. The hostel was clean, quiet and in order. For its price -- it's everything one can expect! I definitely recommend Acco Hostel and would use it again for my next visit.
Ellie Will
Age 27, Germany
I did enjoy my stay at Acco
Nice place, friendly staff, and Very CLEAN.
Very cheap and clean!
You get what you paid for -- cheapest hostel ever. i got a bed to sleep and that is all that i wanted cuz i was enjoying night life in stockholm.

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