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You will fall in love with San Juan del Sur.
I love it here, but the beach looks nice but water is in fact very dirty. Do not swim if you have any cuts or bruises and shower directly after your swim. I have had a very bad experience with this. Just go to the north side of the beach and look into the dirty creek that runs into the ocean -- where do you think the waste water ends up?
The people there are fantastic! I can't wait to move there someday!
While traveling, we stopped in San Juan del Sur for the night. That was nine years ago and we are still here! The friendliest people in all of Central America can be found here. The town is lively or laid back, whichever you prefer, and the beaches outside of town are spectacular.
I love San Juan del Sur. My parents used to take me since I was a little kid, so I have very nice memories. I know as a grown-up girl, I still I love to go there -- I just went two weeks ago to Semana Santa, such a beautiful beach.
Many trips already and many returns in the future to this, the only "fun" town in all of Nicaragua that I've found in all my four years of traveling there. I love it. But I do realize that I have to be in the mood for it -- terrific surfing, $4 fish dinners (expensive for Nicaragua), kids selling trinkets, and loud dance clubs. When in the mood for this fun loving town, it's the best place on earth. The tourists leave port and go to Granada, and they can have it. There's not a bad place to stay in the whole town and prices can range from $6 per night to $190 per night. Remember that you are in Nicaragua, not Costa Rica. Soak it up, notice how gentile the people are, and how they smile when you look them in the eye. Try the language no matter how bad. Live slowly and absorb it.
San Juan Del Sur is a pleasant place for people to relax.
I love San Juan del Sur! I meant to stay for two or three days and stayed two weeks. I can't wait to go back. Remember to budget in five dollars a day to get to the nice beaches, and maybe another $5 to $10 for a surf board or boogie board.
San Juan Del Sur is very dirty. The beach is swim at your own risk -- when I went swimming there I remember baby diapers and condoms washing up. I lived in San Juan Del Sur for months and made a lot of amazing friends, but if you are looking for beautiful waters it's best to go elsewhere.
I have been to San Juan Del Sur three times already this year and I am going back for Christmas. If you want to have a good time and see a lot of good looking Spanish girls gone kind of wild, then make sure you are there between the 24 of December until New Year's -- I think you will have a good time.
I love San Juan, we had a blast! It's a nice little town, with friendly people. Great atmosphere, come and visit.
I was extremely unimpressed by the town of San Juan del Sur. I agree that the beach is pretty, but other than that the citizens were unfriendly and very boring. I love Nicaragua, but I would skip San Juan and go to the much more cultured town of Granada.
San Juan del Sur is relaxed, beautiful and the people are lovely. There is a variety of budget and higher end hotels, as well as dozens of local and international-style restaurants.
I love San Juan Del Sur. What a beautiful village! If you like to relax and be yourself, that is the place to be. See you, San Juan-- I'll be back in a year!
San Juan Del Sur is the most beautiful town I've ever seen - along with the most kind, generous, and friendly people. Anyone who says anything negative about the people must not have given them a chance. I couldn't believe how patient everyone was with my rusty Spanish! Make sure to bring how a couple bottles of Flor de Cana, the Nicaraguan brand of Rum, WAY better than anything we get in the States!
I love San Juan, the people there, the food, bars, and everything. It's also really cheap. I recommend going to Casa Oro and ask for Don Crisanto the owner of the place... a very friendly man who can teach French. And also go to Bahia Majagual... another beach near San Juan. The owner Paul is a man who sold everything he had and bought a property on the beach and live his dream... And as he says "if you never ever go, you will never ever know."
I visited San Juan del Sur five years ago and fell in love with the tiny fishing village so much that I actually moved here from Washington DC!!! Check it out! You won't be disappointed.
I have been to San Juan on a numerous ocassions. First time I went to relax, second to learn Spanish... I will soon be moving there to spend the rest of my life there. I love the people, the culture, and the food. The surf is great too.
I just came back with my family from San Juan Del Sur. We only spent the day there, but slept in Granada which is only one hour ago. If you want to visit San Juan for just one day I recommend sleeping in Granada, good rates a nice places to stay at. I will surely come back to San Juan Del Sur.
Beautiful sunsets, good bars, colorful locals, and general chaos make San Juan Del Sur special. It's basically a charming little fishing village that is becoming a tourist destination. You can surf, fish, bicycle, hike, or my favorite: enjoy the bar scene.
San Juan Del Sur was actually a disappointment when I visited it about three years ago. The beach was dirty, the food tasteless and expensive (by Central American standards), and the first people I spoke to, workers in a small hotel, were rude and unhelpful. I was planning to spend a week or two in the town, kicking back and studying Spanish, but I bailed after the second day, totally unimpressed. However, I like -- no I love -- Nicagarua overall, and plan to return for a third time in the near future. I may even give San Juan del Sur a second chance, but I'll split real fast if things haven't improved.
San Juan del Sur is wonderful for anyone who likes beaches, drinks, good people, and good food.
San Juan's a lovely little town with a couple of nice bars and to be honest you'd have to be crazy not to fall in love with the place!
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