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San Juan del Sur is wonderful for anyone who likes beaches, drinks, good people, and good food.
Granada is a great city!
Moyogalpa is the largest town on the Isla de Ometepe and also the main port where the boats dock in from San Jorge. From the docks, you walk up the main street and you will find many of the Moyogalpa hostels along or close to this stretch of road. The buses to other areas of the island also leave from a small way up …
I would like to share information regarding a restaurant, El Mexicano, which is a hidden gem for cheap and good quality food in Matagalpa. The owners are very friendly and the menu is excellent -- the tacos, nachos, and enchiladas are to die for. Go and enjoy some good food.
It's quiet, nothing much happens. People are very polite and you feel welcome. It's really a fishing village -- if you don't know what a fishing village is, come to Las Penitas. I love it here.