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Private room for 3 people
Relaxing in the hamacs
Casa Oro


The Review

Casa Oro is a well-established hostel based in the town centre of San Juan Del Sur that offers many different tours and beach shuttles.

The Location

The hostel is in the main town area, which can get a little noisy at times, but the location is good for its close proximity to the beach and many bars and restaurants. The bus stop is also only a couple of blocks away outside the market with services to Rivas and Managua.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are dorm rooms with eight to ten beds. The dorm rooms downstairs have more beds in them than the dorms upstairs. Each room has its own bathroom as well as ceiling fans and small lockers for your smaller valuables outside the rooms. For more privacy there are a range of private rooms that fit from two to people that have their own bathrooms and fans and some also have air conditioning available for an extra charge.

There are bathrooms in every room, which is handy, and if you need more, you can use the two extra ones on the ground floor. The quality of the shower depends on the bathroom you are in and the bathrooms on the ground floor need a thorough clean as there is dust on the shelves. Also there appears to be nowhere to hang up towels or clothes in any of the bathrooms.

Common Spaces

The hostel is centered around a small courtyard on the ground floor this is where you’ll find the kitchen, the free breakfast that changes daily, book exchange and reception area that offers tours as well as a TV for guests. Upstairs there is also a computer room with free internet as well as sporadic Wi-Fi across the hostel. There is also a rooftop bar. At night there is a security guard that will only let you in if you are wearing this beautiful blue wristband.


This is a good hostel to stay in if you want some great food options right outside your door, the convenience of having the beach shuttles leave from where you’re staying and a great free breakfast.
by Keppers Staff Reviewer
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Reparto San Juan CaJa 3, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
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Why not stay somewhere else
Only real reason to stay there could be that it is a transportation hub for the beach. Otherwise unfriendly approach by receptionist smiling on the home page of the hostel can turn into a nightmare in early morning yelling; Find some open place, go and change your money into smaller bills or "No beach for you" and "No I wouldn't discount 50 cents." Than she can start yelling to the Nica ladies preparing breakfast, I said no breakfast to people going to the beach! I believe I deserve to be treated better.
dirty, unfriendly staff, 12 USD for a sh*t dorm. The first hostel in Nicaragua I did not like. Many better and cheaper places in town.
Like an internment camp
Yes, this Hostel is somewhat like an internment camp. How so you ask? Well, first of all you have to wear a bracelet around your wrist (like if you were going to a concert) the entire time you stay there. It's for your safety of course and you cannot stay there if you don't wear it. Second, the owner of the hotel is some grumpy woman who is like many other appropriating foreigners in third world countries and doesn't seem to hire any locals -- all of whom were wonderful by the way -- for any of the better paid positions, instead choosing to give those jobs to, of course, other totally grumpy girls who act as if you are there to serve them. Our shuttle from the beach was over an hour late one day as we sat in the rain with the option of spending $3 to sit unto the only cover available on the beach (Remanso). Of course since were there to serve the Hostel and not the other way around, such faults of theirs receive no penalty, whereas if you check out an hour late you have to pay them $5 -- $2.5 less than the cost of a room in the dorm. Likewise they will have no problem kicking you out if you try to hang around for a little longer to wait for a friend, and make sure you don't "steal" any of the free internet time reserved for the paying residents, identified, of course, by the wrist band you have to wear and enforced by a roaming security guard. The only benefit to staying here is that there is a somewhat large area to hang out and, given that there is such a buzz around this place, meet people. There are plenty of other hostels for cheaper in the area, particularly if you want a private room. The locals who clean up here and work at the front desk were all wonderful. The foreigners who work here (all but some British woman) are terrible grumps who were rude, pretentious, pompous, who had the customer-client relationship reversed.
We used the place for board rental and transport. We were left at the beach for two hours after the pickup time with no telephone and no reasons. When they cam to get us, they could not pick everyone up and had no idea how many people or boards were at the location. When confronted, they said "its Nicaragua." I have traveled extensively and never have I run into such a poorly organized facility. No apologies or rebates were offered.
Catharine Bull
No pillow, uncomfortable mattress, dirty
Casa Oro was very disappointing. We were put into a room that was under construction, given an uncomfortable mattress that was too big for the bed, no pillows, and we were not separated from the dorm room next door who were awake until very late. The room we were in seemed to still be in construction, lights didnt work and it was dirty. We stayed twelve days in town but only one night in casa oro and enjoyed the two other places we stayed in. the trips were great though -- daily trips were great, and the turtle trips and turtle guide were great.
Fantastic people, poor Hostel
I really liked my time in San Juan del Sur. La Casa Oro was a great place to meet lots of nice people, the atmosphere is very good. But the Hostel itself is not very nice. The kitchen is poorly equipped (the pots have holes and there a just about fifteen cups for fifty persons). The sanitary system is bad, there are some toilets just in front of the kitchen, not very nice for the cookers and as well the is only one small washing basin in the kitchen to clean teeth. The dorms are pretty big -- twelve beds, with no door (just a curtain) and an unhealthy old pillow. For 7$ a night not very good. We stayed all the three nights there, because we were too lazy to pack our stuff again. As well very bad is, no "hard" alcohol is allowed, what means no flor de caña and as well you are not allowed to bring your own drinks, you have to buy the beer for a higher price than in the supermarket in the reception.
  We planned to stay three days, ended up staying for a week. This is a great hostel with a really nice social atmosphere. Recommended surf lessons with Fred -- he's fantastic. Well, everything was really good -- the staff, the facilities, the beach shuttles, and especially the turtle tour. They are so knowledgeable!
Jared, Clare and Ann
  Super, second floor entirely new, room with four double bed and a huge super clean bathroom for 8$ a night is unbeatable. Downstairs dormitory a little more messy but Nothing more comfortable than this little place. Also, Soda Mariel just a corner away is where you can eat the best home-cooked meal away from home for a good price.
Julie and Byron
(quebecer and nica)

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