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Distance to Asakusa: 0.3 km / 0.2 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…Conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo, our guesthouse offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms, a cozy shared lounge area, and complimentary WiFi throughout the property. Situated just 300 … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.3 km / 0.2 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel
"…Breakfast is not included 10. Tax is included in the price. (Accommodation tax is NOT included.) 11. No curfew 12. A late check-in fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for arrivals between 23:00 … More

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Free Breakfast
Distance to Asakusa: 0.3 km / 0.2 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller
"…When I go back to Tokyo I will definitely stay there again. Best hostel in Tokyo! - Great hostel! The beds were nice and comfortable. The installations are relatively new and everything is kept … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.4 km / 0.2 miles
Couples Family-Friendly Hostel Quiet Rest
"…K's house Tokyo Oasis is a great hostel . There are sever al factors which contribute towards making a hostel work . Location, Staff , Comfort, Security , Local information , Sociability , Price … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.5 km / 0.3 miles
Party Hostel
"…9. Breakfast not included 10. Taxes included" …"Tsukuba Express Line, Asakusa Sta. 1min walk. Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Tawaramachi Sta. 7mins walk" …台東区西浅草3-16-10 More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.6 km / 0.4 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller Youth Hostel
"…Hotel Plus Hostel Tokyo Asakusa 2 offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer the privacy of a private room or the communal atmosphere of a … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.7 km / 0.4 miles
Party Hostel
"…Reception hour: 24 hours 4. Payment: cash (JPY) or credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Diners Club, JCB, UC) 5. Cancellation policy: (1) 2 days (or more) before Arrival Date: free (2) 1 days … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.7 km / 0.4 miles
"…They also allow you to rent movies from them for free, and watch them in the TVs and DVD players they had in all the rooms. I love this place! Cool hostel - It's really good, relaxed, clean, and a … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.7 km / 0.4 miles
Digital Nomads Party Hostel Solo Traveller
"…Asakusa / Kappabashi st.-5-10min by walk Ueno -20min by walk or 3min by metro Akihabara / Yanaka Ginza -10-20min by walk and metro Shinjyuku / Shibuya / Harajyuku (Meiji shrine) / Roppongi -25 … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.8 km / 0.5 miles
Party Hostel Youth Hostel
"…Operated by the railroad company Keihin Electric Express Railway, the hostel concept is a train-like hostel that invites you to the beautiful Miura Peninsula (one hour south of Tokyo). We have … More
Distance to Asakusa: 0.9 km / 0.6 miles
Party Hostel
"…No smoking. 8. Pets are not allowed. 9. Breakfast not included" …"…Tokyo Station is easily accessible, with just a 20-minute journey by train, granting effortless access to various destinations … More

Hotel Prele

Distance to Asakusa: 1 km / 0.6 miles
"…At HOTEL PRELE rooms are fitted with a shared bathroom with a shower as well. cancellation policy 30% of accommodation fee 3 days before 50% of the accommodation fee for 2 days before 70% … More
Distance to Asakusa: 1 km / 0.6 miles
Party Hostel
2-20-2 東京都台東区北上野 More
Distance to Asakusa: 1 km / 0.6 miles
三ノ輪1-8-4 More
Distance to Asakusa: 1 km / 0.6 miles
Party Hostel
"…***REMARKS*** All rooms are NO SMOKING. NO CREDIT CARDS We also offer you many other options such as everyday linen cleaning, long term stays, amenities and etc. We cater to the budget … More
Distance to Asakusa: 1 km / 0.6 miles
Party Hostel
"…1 km, National Theater is 5.8 km from the property. The nearest airport is Tokyo Haneda International Airport, 17.7 km from Hostel Chapter Two Tokyo." …"…●From Narita Airport: ・60 mins by … More
Distance to Asakusa: 1.1 km / 0.7 miles
Party Hostel
"…You must arrive at Narita/Haneda airport before 8:00pm (an hour to get out of the airport and one more hour to get to toco.) We accept MAXIMUM 4 people in one group. Even different bookings … More
Distance to Asakusa: 1.2 km / 0.7 miles
Family-Friendly Hostel Solo Traveller
"TOKYO-W-INN Asakusa offers accommodation just a 4-minute walk from Tawaramachi Station and a 7-minute walk from Asakusa Station. Free WiFi is available throughout the property. Guests can enjoy the … More
Distance to Asakusa: 1.2 km / 0.7 miles
Party Hostel Solo Traveller
"Comfy - I’ve stayed at hostels in a few different countries, everyone does the bunk bed’s different. I gotta say I really liked the entire experience. Perfect location, staff is welcoming and … More

Hostels in Tokyo, Japan

106 hostels available. Prices start from $14.00 for a dorm bed.

Asakusa Unveiled: Your Tokyo Odyssey Begins Here

Welcome to Asakusa, Tokyo's spirited district where ancient traditions and cutting-edge trends coexist.

This guide, tailor-made for savvy backpackers, peels back the layers of Asakusa's unique tapestry, promising an adventure that transcends the ordinary.

Hidden Gems Beyond Senso-ji

While Senso-ji Temple is the jewel of Asakusa, don't miss out on the district's hidden gems. Explore Dempoin Street, where vintage shops hide treasures from bygone eras, and venture into the alleys for a taste of the local izakayas, serving up authentic flavors.

Tranquil Waterfront Retreat

Escape the bustling city at Sumida Park, a waterfront oasis in Asakusa. Wander along the Sumida River, especially enchanting during cherry blossom season, and experience the tranquility of Hanayashiki, one of Japan's oldest amusement parks, nestled in the heart of the district.

Commute Like a Local

Master Asakusa's transportation web by hopping on the Toden Arakawa Line, an old-school streetcar that traverses Tokyo's nostalgic landscapes. Feel the city's pulse as you journey through neighborhoods, uncovering the real Tokyo away from the typical tourist trails.

Savoring Local Flavors

Embrace the local food scene with a visit to Asakusa Sushi Yokocho, a culinary haven offering delectable sushi varieties. Dive into culinary traditions by participating in a sushi-making workshop, ensuring a flavorful experience you won't find elsewhere.

Why Stay in Asakusa?

Delve into Asakusa's allure for budget travelers:

  • Hidden Delights: Dempoin Street's vintage shops and local izakayas for an authentic taste of Asakusa.
  • Nature's Embrace: Sumida Park and Hanayashiki for a tranquil escape and nostalgic amusement.
  • Streetcar Sojourn: Toden Arakawa Line for a local's perspective on Tokyo's neighborhoods.
  • Sushi Haven: Asakusa Sushi Yokocho and sushi-making workshops for a unique gastronomic journey.

Your Asakusa odyssey promises more than sights; it's a plunge into the district's soul. From hidden alleys to the soothing riverside, Asakusa invites you to script your Tokyo story with chapters of tradition, adventure, and local charm.

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