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I went to the "Rainbow" ball last week, a huge gay and lesbian dancing event! It was held in Hofburg Palace right in the centre of Vienna! It was just an amazing! There is another big gay/lesbian carnival ball coming up soon; it´s called "Roseball." I´d love to go back to Vienna for that.
I envy the people who live in Vienna! I´d move there right away!
I love Vienna! The first time, I went I expected a quiet, calm, maybe even conservative city with great architecture and cafes. I got there on a weekend and didn't know it was gay pride parade; the entire ring was closed and I ended up attending this massive parade! it was so much fun and I met so many people! I had never been to a gay parade before -- I recommend this party to anyone! It´s on every summer! I ended up at after pride parties! It was fab! I didn't know Vienna could be that great for partying! The city and its surroundings offer so much! I have been twice now and expect to go back again this summer! I feel, there is still so much I want to see and discover; I also made some good friends there! They showed me around so much! We walked forever and I loved it! I find the house of Hundredwasser really bizarre! The castles of Shonbrunn and Belevedere are absolutely stunning; shopping on Mariahilfstrasse´s great; go to Gerngros, there´s a restaurant with a roof terrace -- excellent views over the city! Also go to the terrace of the Court of Justice just behind Parliament -- great views too! I am very much looking forward to going back this summer!
Vienna´s cool; I love the area around the Naschmarkt! Close by are "Cafe Savoy" and "Ruedigerhof," which I really like! It's a very walkable city! One day, I went to a village called "Gumpoldkirchen" -- it's a cute little village! Walk up the hill and through the vineyards! It´s only a very short train ride from the city. Also, I spent a week in Budapest but was more than happy to be back in Vienna -- I find Vienna a lot brighter and friendlier! I have been there three times now, and will certainly go back next time I am in Europe!
Brian, Canada
I would not call Vienna my favourite city in Europe, but I guess it´s close! I really loved it -- the 1st district is like an outdoor museum with all those magnificent buildings, but don´t just stay in the 1st district -- others are cool too! Don´t miss Museumsquartier, it's great to hang out in the big patio inside! If you like the architect Otto Wagner don´t miss the church "Steinhof" -- it´s in the Vienna hills though, way out of the centre but it´s brilliant there and you can go by bus. The views of Vienna are spectacular from "Wilhelminenberg"! Another church of Otto Wagner is right in the cemetery "Zentralfriedhof"! It is so big! if you have time, there are great day trips you can do from Vienna and you don´t even need a car because public transport is so efficient and good! If you want to get a taste of the Alps, go to the village of Puchberg or Semmering! I also loved the Wachau in the Danube Valley, with its stunning little villages and vineyards! I did not know Austrian wines were that good! I had never had any before! What I did find a bit annoying in Vienna, though, was that when I wanted to use my German (ok, it is not that great but still), I could not cause as soon as people realised I wasn't from there, they just spoke English -- most people really speak very good English! Austrian German sounded so different to me! I thought it was like a mixture of a bit of French and Italian with a strong Slavic influence! I found it very hard to understand! To sum it all up, if you go to Europe, do not miss Vienna!
I also think Vienna is really underrated! Everybody talks about Berlin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, but I found Vienna to be my favorite. It's very compact, safe, clean, friendly -- just very pleasant to hang out and relax and enjoy and take in all the beauty. It may be slightly expensive, but then again, the city offers you so much and if you go to cafes or bars that aren’t touristy, it’s actually quite cheap! Coffee can be a bit expensive, but then you can sit there forever reading papers, watching the world go by, or talking to locals. The 1st district is very touristy but understandably so -- I really like the 5th and the 6th, the area around Naschmarkt! What I love about this city is that, unlike other cities, it doesn’t have endless gray and dangerous suburbs but a very green belt instead; if you have time, go outside the city too -- Kahlenberg, Leopoldsberg. Walk in the vineyards with great views of the city! on top of Kahlenberg, there are great views of the city and surroundings and two really nice cafes, one being a bit posh though; Grinzing has lots of heuriger (wine bars) but I found it too touristy. A local person told me about Stammersdorf -- very beautiful and not touristy at all; you can walk around there forever and there are lots of cute little heuriger too! And what’s good about it is everything is so easy to get to! It’s all covered by public transport, which I found relatively cheap, on time, and reliable! I have been there now all four seasons and every season’s got its charm! In winter you can go ice skating -- there’s a huge skating rink in front of the beautiful town hall building. Spring’s great there -- so lush and green. Autumn is lovely when all the leaves appear in different colors. When I was there in the summer, it was very hot and humid (I think it was more than 35 degrees) -- but then, there are plenty of options to go swimming. I love "alte donau" -- it’s like a big lake! Or you can cool off at the island "donauinsel," which is more than twenty kilometers long! I can recommend Vienna to anyone at any time of the year (although late spring’s my favorite) and don’t think you need lots of money to go there -- it is not true! Paris, London, or even Rome is way more expensive! You can’t compare! Besides, Vienna is a lot more relaxed than most other European cities!
This is a beautiful city! It's very big and with lots of interesting things to do and see. You will need four or five days to visit the city, and many more if you wanna see the "alternative" things. On the other hand, I have to say that Vienna is an expensive city (at least this is my opinion). Tickets for the palaces (Schonbrunn, Belvedere, Hofburg) are quite expensive, so you'd better choose one of them if you don't want to ruin! Cafés are expensive too, but you should not leave the city without having an excellent Viennese coffee and a piece of sachertorte!
It is really the most underrated city of Europe -- so international and so warm and beautiful. The people are more relaxed than in Paris and Berlin, it has an east European touch and that is what it makes it -- the mixture between east and west. I recommend the parque near the prater.
I believe this is one of the most underrated cities -- rich in culture and history. It's too bad that most of my peers (under the age of twenty-five) don't usually have this on their list of places to see! The locals are incredibly sweet, the town is overwhelming with beauty, and the shops are definitely nothing to scoff at! I can't wait to go back again. Austria stole my heart.
Bryanne K.
Vienna is one of my favourite cities in the world. I lived just outside Vienna for 5 months and i still didnt get to see all i wanted from the beautiful city. Schonnbrun and the Hofburg are un-missable while the Rathaus and Stephansplatz will have you begging for more. And more there is! You can sit on Mariahilferstrasse and watch the world go by while eating schnitzels and drinking coffee. Sit in one of the many parks and just watch the viennese go about daily life. This city really does just ouze with class, the underground is one of the most efficient ive ever come across and the Austrians seem genuinly pleased to see you. My only concern is the amount of tourists. But, as I'm one myself how can I really complain!
A beautiful city. Get a bike or do one of the bike tours. There are bike paths everywhere. You can cover so much more. If you tire of the city, ride out to the island in the Danube. Great swimming, relaxed place to bike and chill.
Great if you like museums. The castles and the coffee are both great as well. But Vienna seems to lack a personality (other than big city) these days, which is strange given that it used to be such a cultural center. Skip the overrated statue clock and beware pickpockets outside the Dom. Get off the main streets for a more relaxed feel.
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