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A vacation experience can sometimes be a matter of timing; after spending the previous week at party hostels in Berlin and Munich, we were ready for the bucolic nature and relative calmness of the HI - Vienna - Hostel Hütteldorf. The check-in is fast and friendly. We were processed and in our room within ten minutes of arriving.

The Location

This hostel is located in the Hüttledorf area, in the outskirts of Vienna. Hüttledorf Station is at the terminus of the U4 subway line, and also services some of the long distance trains. Upon departing the train, it’s a short walk up a fairly large hill. There is a supermarket, bakery, and a few restaurants in the neighborhood (but all are closed on Sunday). The hostel is located near Gerard-Hanappi-Stadion, the home pitch of the soccer team Rapid Vienna. So if you are staying on a night when there is a home game, you may have to deal with rowdy football fans (as we did). The hostel has plenty of free parking for those who drive in.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms are clean and comfortable enough. However, the bedroom and shower areas are closed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. for cleaning, but the staff are more or less lax about this policy. They also have a 9:30 a.m. checkout, which is on the early side for a hostel. The heat in the bedrooms works well, but it cannot be adjusted in the room, so you are stuck with whatever the hostel decides is the correct temperature. There are lockers in the bedrooms; however, half of them have the latches broken off, and can’t be locked. There is secure luggage storage downstairs. Each bed has a reading light. There are gender-segregated bathrooms on each floor. The shower room is coed, but there is a privacy area, so it isn’t an issue. Showers alternate between hot, tepid, and cold, intermittently giving a steady spray and a mere drizzle, in fifteen-second intervals. After fifteen seconds, you press the button again and the torturous process begins anew. We have endured many showers in our hosteling adventures, and this bit of plumbing from hell ranks as the worst. If you do not carry your own towel with you, you will have to rent one.

Common Spaces

There is a large common area with a pool table and foosball, as well as a flat screen TV. It should be noted that there are several kinds of chairs and couches in the common room, and every one of them is uncomfortable. The hostel has free Wi-Fi and the signal is strong. There are no outlets in the rooms for your laptop, but a sufficient amount in the common area. There are also several free computers with Wi-Fi for your use. There is no public printer, but if you need something like a plane ticket printed, you can email a pdf to the front desk and they will print it for you. There is a free breakfast every morning from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. that includes two kinds of cereal (corn flakes and granola) and milk, four kinds of bread, butter, margarine, two kinds of deli meat, cheese, coffee, tea, orange flavored drink, yogurt, orange wedges, jam, and marmalade. The presence of meat and cheese takes it a tiny notch above the normal bread-and-water breakfast offered at most hostels.


Though we enjoyed the relaxing stay at this hostel, not everyone does. A little effort towards making the showers more user-friendly, and a complete replacement of the uncomfortable furniture in the common space areas might go a long way toward placating the unhappy hostelers.
by Ggreg Snyder Staff Reviewer
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Schlossberggasse 8, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.193188, 16.261836 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+43 1-8771501
+43 1-87702632
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Nothing special. The lockout could frustrating but didn't bother me as I was up early anyway. Definitely NOT a party hostel. I always appreciate breakfast being included, so that was a plus. Lots of school kids and people aged 50+ so it's a very different environment to lots of hostels.
Age 18, UK
Good value for money but can be improved.
Location, End of the tube U1(?), so the location was not amazing and take about 20minutes on the metro to get into central Vienna. Room, The bed was standard bulk beds. There were wardrobes which are lockable. There is no air-conditioning or fan ... very hot when Vienna nearly hit 40 degrees! Standard HI breakfast. Other facilities -- Shower, as mentioned, comes on for about 10 seconds for each press. The temperature is NEVER right -- always too hot or cold. Hand-wash gels were NOT found anywhere except the toilets down by the reception. Kitchen is very small with a microwave, a fridge and a sink. No washing-up liquid is provided. They say that they throw away food if it is not labelled, but I found a bottle of unlabelled milk in the fridge, expired in April 2013.
Age 21, UK
Good value for money. quiet place to read, study or work.
i liked the apples at the reception counter. good u-bahn connection to center city.
Rooms are comfortable, breakfast is great, all the people at the reception were kind, efficient and helpful. I'm very happy to have chosen this place.
To find Hostel Hütteldorf, board the "U4" metro line, and head to the Western most stop, conveniently called "Hütteldorf." Take the exit called "Hadikgasse" from the station, and simply follow the signs. It is about a five-minute walk, and quite easy to find. The hostel is quite a good distance outside the centre of town -- it would likely be a two-hour walk, however the access via the metro is fabulous. The cheap price fairly reflects the fact that it is not in the city centre. Entering the hostel, you'll find reception immediately on your left, with two free internet terminals close by. Wireless in the lobby is included. Just past reception on the left is the restaurant, which serves a free breakfast of bread, yogurt, and tea/coffee, until 9:30 a.m. The restaurant is only open for breakfast. There are absolutely no cooking facilities on site, and food is a good five minutes' walk away from the hostel. Most things around are closed on Sunday, so try to eat in town -- good luck finding food when you get back. On the same floor as reception is a bright and spacious common room, with a pool table and foozball table. There is also a large, grassed backyard for lounging. There is locked luggage storage downstairs, along with a single washer and dryer, which are quite popular. Smoking is allowed downstairs in the lobby, which is where you'll need to come to use internet or wireless -- it can be quite bothersome to non-smokers. Toilets and showers are well kept and in abundance, with plenty of hot water. The bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned each day, however with the number of people in and out, they can get grungy by the evening. Guest rooms are cleaned between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and about 3 p.m. -- technically guests aren't supposed to be in the rooms during that time, but we didn't experience any problems sleeping late and showering around noon. Bedrooms range from six-bed to twenty-two-bed dorms. The beds are comfortable, and each has its own reading light. Linens are included free. Spacious lockers are provided in the bedrooms (large enough for a rucksack, with some work). Guests who don't mind a bit of travel into the city to save on the cost of accommodation will be happy with this hostel.
Matt Pirie
  Worst hostel we stayed in. Bizarre lock out from rooms between 9:30 and 3:30 (got kicked out of the room at 10 o'clock by an angry cleaner, who i'm pretty sure swiped four bottles of heineken i had lying on the table). We stayed in july last year and there was a serious ant problem in both the dorms and common area, which is equipped with a fictional playstation and broken pool table. Nobody was in this common room at any time so, no, meeting new and interesting people was not an available option. Also has expensive internet access that denies access to the likes of myspace and any page with words like f*** on them. Stay at the hutteldorf at your peril or if you like long U-bahn rides.
david hutchison
(United Kingdom)
  One of the worst hostels I unfortunately found while traveling in Europe. Firstly it's located a long way from central Vienna and when you arrive you cop some of the rudest staff you are likely to meet. They may be efficient but they could do with some personality.The place was overrun by a group of noisy schoolkids when I was there so basically you were barracked in your room at night because they took over. The breakfast was a disgrace and I made a mistake and paid for dinner as well and it was the pits. In short just don't go near this dump.
Markie Mark
  If you only read one line, backpackers don't stay here and I'm willing to tell you why. Despite a five and a half hour (nine-thirty a.m. to three p.m.) lockout of your room for "cleaning," the bin in our room was emptied only once in four days (and it was full from day one), and all the toilets smelled like they were never or poorly cleaned. the showers were only marginally better and average at best. I also saw two mice and had trails of ants in my room. The bed was hard, uncomfortable, and not very flat. The sheets were borderline. Pool table was broken. The vending machines were mostly empty and weren't refilled, and talking to others, both for some time. The washing machine (despite the six euro price tag) did a remarkably poor job of washing, in fact if the soap hadn't disappeared, I would of said it just made them wet, the dryer took nearly one and a half hours and my clothes were still damp. Don't be fooled by "included breakfast," it's just bread with jam/butter with coffee that could pass for hot water. Wait time for reception is always fifteen to sixty minutes, the staff are mostly competent, but don't expect "above and beyond." If your backpacking, do yourself a favor and don't stay here, this hostel is for families, school trips, and cheap businessmen. Its a good twenty-five minutes by train to anywhere and ten minutes to the station (hills/steps). The only good thing is that its cheap (fifteenish euros), but if i could do it again, i'd cough up the extra to stay pretty much anywhere else, if everywhere else was booked out, I'd sleep at the train station, it has location as at least one plus and probably more character. I disliked this place so much, i sat and wrote all this, and considering the amount of anti Hutteldorf hostel graffiti around the place, I'm not the only one, and pretty much everyone else I've spoken to here agrees with me and has vowed never to return. I write only so that your fully aware of what your booking here as the website was easily misleading. If you have to, at least only pay for one night so you can move on if required and not wreck your entire stay in Vienna.

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