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I remember Byron when my older cousins used to drive up the old pacific highway from Sydney in two days in the VW beetle laden with camping gear, food, and a variety of boards for a week of surfing extravaganza. I am lucky and get my family to the bay (Byron) three or four times a year but getting tired of commercialism creeping in to town -- poxy clothes shops and brand labels that you see in any city and to make things worse Domino's Pizza and Hog's Breath Cafe are owned by companies with franchises so do not support these businesses. There's a lot of overpriced food and some having the audacity to charge 10% to 12% extra on Sundays. Support local cafes and local people who are not selling the commercial type of merchandise. As for Byron surrounds you will still find some original sixties hippies and colourful personalities that allow you to see what a cool place this still is. The beach and Cape Byron are fantastic and the council seems to be preserving the place well, emergency services are always around and the word is they do a great job. Spend a couple of days or a week to experience one of the nicest places and judge for yourself.
Hippy @ 52
I stayed a week and that is not enough for everything but enough for a lot of funny things. Byron Bay is very expensive sometimes, watch out for extra offers that spur you to spend more money. Clothes and food are way too overpriced compared to cities. Those over thirty may not have so much fun going out to nightclubs either since 90% are twenty-something, old, well pumped surfers locking for girls to have sex with. It is a funny place.
I had way too much fun with the lovely ladies, sun, and sand. I will return soon.
Byron is the most beautiful place you're likely to encounter. But beware, money has crept in, food is extremely expensive, and the wages totally crap. Accommodation is extremely expensive also and there's really not a lot to do if you stay four months-plus. And there's a strange influx of new age creeps. Get yourself a cabin in the hills as I did and you will be sublimely happy.
Byron is a great place. In a year's holiday, I spent six months of it in Byron Bay. I spent the last ten years arranging my life so I can emigrate there, I love it that much.
Byron Bay is amazing -- I went there for a couple weeks and stayed six months and even then I was gutted to leave.
Byron Bay is great.
Byron is like the best chilled out place to be after 4 years of backpacking. A backpackers holiday from backpacking man. Just a little sour note, age discrimination is creeping into the industry. Not very cool for we over 40s...remember we started the craze 20 years ago and some of us are still going!
Byron Bay is awesome. I live in Australia and can't stay away! The people are friendly and relaxed and are up for a good time! Looking forward to going back for my birthday!
Over rated. Over hyped. Over priced!
I did a study abroad last year in Austrlaia. I heard a lot of things about Byron Bay, but I thought the place was a complete dump, along with the hosels there. There are much much better places in Australia. If you want to see a nice beach go to Townsville, the Sunshine coast or Coff's Harbour. Don't waste your time here.
Byron Bay was amazing. A super mellow stay with astonishing, breathtaking natural surroundings. I recommend hiking up to the lighthouse to watch the sunrise on a partially cloudy day for full effect. I want to move there.
Byron Bay is the most beautiful town we've seen so far. So lush, great health minded shops, lots of holistic therapies available, we'll be back to stay much longer next time!
Don't be surprised if you come to Byron with the intention of staying a couple of days and end up staying a couple of weeks. This place is beautiful .... a must-see for anyone travelling in Australia.
I'm in Byron right now. Great place. A must see.
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