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I spent altogether about three months in Surfers when I was backpacking 2005 and 2006. I have to say I pretty much had one of the best times of my life there (although my liver would probably disagree). I would go back in a heartbeat!
Surfers Paradise rocks! I had the best week of my life there.
Chris- New Castle
Everyone knows how mint the Gold Coast really is!
hamish cher bol
I've only been here three weeks and I can't wait to leave (only another seventeen months and one week to go)! Having said that, Surfers is fantastic for a great night out on the town! Indeed, if you like to party and you're into fake tits -- then bring it on! If you prefer a more cultured lifestyle, then skip this city of bright lights and high skyscrapers. The beaches along the south coast of Australia are way better than any east coast beach I have seen so far! But you can't top the Great Barrier Reef for marine life!
If you don't have a sense of humour and your idea of a big night out is a quiet supper with a cheeky glass of red or two there are certainly more suitable locations than Surfers (though you can actually find places to accommodate this kind of night out in Surfers too). However if you are up for the craic, don't take yourself or life too seriously, and want a night out where everyone around is up for a lot of fun -- Surfers is certainly the place to go. Have been four times now and can't get enough of the place to be honest. Wouldn't live there, but it's a top place to visit with mates, on hen do's, or in couples. Love it. Places of note -- Swinging Safari restaurant has delicious food, a great little night club, and a table tennis table and dressing up box outside -- genius! Howl at The Moon, a piano duelling bar -- cheesey tunes and fit barmen that jump on the bar and dance. Finally end up in Melba's night club.
Surfers Paradise is like any generic holiday destination of British people on a week's bender. I should know as I have been on a selection of lads' holidays. You could be in Tenerife/Falaraki or any other such destination. If you are travelling Australia, missing out on this place is no big deal. But if you want a good night on the booze, it is a good laugh, but it is very, very tacky.
The beaches were okay, but the night life was fab, and would recommend it if you like a good night out!
Surfers is a 100% tourist geared town. With tacky souvenir shops and a sleazy night club strip. The beaches have white sands and are very nice. Crazy town planning is seeing the building of a monstosity of an appartment building twice the size of anything nearby. It's so stupid-- you'll see it when you get here.
I used to live in Surfers Paradise about 25 years ago. It was great then and it was great when I visited a couple of years ago. I am moving back to Surfers Paradise in two years and I am totally excited. I believe the individuals who said "people are rude and things are tacky" most probably are rude individuals themselves. They are introverted and simply should be flung into the swimming pool. I am going to settle in Surfer Paradise and I just can not wait to get back and check out the shops and things and the beach and win a fortune at the casino. That is the nicest place in the world.
I agree, amazing place but the locals are rude.
My only tip is to give Surfers Paradise a miss if you're travelling around Oz. The people are rude and the place is just tacky. The beaches are ok, but you can find nicer.
I worked in surfers for 6 months, from May 2001 - November 2001. I have never been anywhere so amazing! There is nowhere else on the planet like it! With so much to do, such friendly people and amazing weather, who wouldn't want to visit. If you don't do anything else when you're there, you have to hire a boat for the day on the river and fish. It's excellent fun! I'm going back during New year this year 2004-2005. I Can't wait! I've got the surfers' bug!!
I worked in Surfers Paradise for 14 months from Sep 2002-Dec 2003 for a backpackers hostel, and it's my favourite place in Australia. There's so much to do, the weathers always great, and you meet tons of people very easily. You can go to theme parks, watersports, skydiving, zorbing, nature walks in the hinterland (I did all of the above) or just lie on the beach all day, then party all night, EVERY night of the year.
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