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Not too many hostels feature their own theatre
Privates come with and without bath



The Review

USA Hostels San Francisco is in a great location for someone visiting San Francisco -- it's within walking distance from the popular touristic spots such as Union Square (about ten minutes' walk, but not too close either that you'd feel like you're in the middle of all the tourist traps.

The Location

The location translates into nice restaurants and cafes on the same street as the hostel (not just chains like in and around the Square) and a not-overly-busy surrounding. It's quiet and it feels safe to walk around, both day and night. There's easy access to public transportation including buses and trams. The nearest metro station would be a fifteen-minute walk away, but at least it's all downhill on the way there.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are a variety of differently sized rooms, including both dorms and privates, with private and shared bathrooms. The bathrooms, even when shared, are maintained quite nicely during the day. Liquid soap is provided in the showers.

The rooms are quite compact but comfortable, as they have everything you would need during the stay. Private rooms with shared bathroom include an in-room lavatory, mirror, and hair dryer. Privates also include a mini fridge, microwave, and an alarm clock/iPod deck.

Common Spaces

There is an extremely social vibe in this hostel with activities in and outside the hostel organized every evening. Popular activities include pub crawl, karaoke night, and movie nights in the in-house movie hall. During the day, you can also borrow DVDs for free from reception. Karaoke nights can get loud, but the noise tends to be controlled and things get over within decent times.

There's a small library with books and a couple of computers for those not carrying their own laptops. There's Wi-Fi not only in common areas but also in the rooms. You can also enjoy affordable laundry facilities, buy snacks and beverages from vending machines, and cook your own meals in the kitchen, which is very spacious and well equipped. Breakfast is included in the rate, consisting in a variety of breads (white and brown), bagels, spreads (butter and jelly), juices, oatmeal, fruits, and the popular all-you-can-make/all-you-can-eat pancakes!


Overall, this hostel offers good facilities, friendly staff, and affordable prices -- not cheap, but this is San Francisco, so nothing really is!
by zararock Staff Reviewer
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USA Hostels San Francisco outside
Private room
Inside the room
Shared bathroom
Breakfast area
Movies room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "USA Hostels San Francisco" at 711 Post Street.)


711 Post Street, Downtown, San Francisco, California, USA
37.787357, -122.413817 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (415) 440-5600
+1 415 651 8802
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89% Guest Reviews

Please save your hard earned, valued money. Get better place than this
Worst ever experience. Made a reservation for 2 days. It's written on website that calling before 6 p.m. will not incur the one day cancellation fee. I called the reception to make sure that I was not arriving since I was stuck in Palo Alto for some work. The guy on the phone made sure that my reservation was cancelled. I double checked with him and asked if I should expect a email or some confirmation, but was told that my cancellation was successful. In fact no relying on what the guy said, I expected some sort of cancellation token, I called again and talked to different girl on the reception and was told the same thing. Next day I arrived at the Hostel to see if they had any rooms available as I needed to stay for one day in the city as a part of my trip. The girl at reception told me that they had one room in there but that was a bit higher priced than I expected. Since I had nowhere else to go, I took the room and was given a receipt for a fresh 1 day reservation. I asked her that if this was fresh reservation and was not being charged for earlier evening just to make sure that I don't end up paying extra and she told that I was all set. Moving forward, after 5 weeks I see the transaction of one day charged to my credit card. I was highly disappointed with this because I made sure to call two times to confirm my cancellation. I called the Hostel today and talked with manager Brian. Guess what I was asked? If I don't have the cancellation number or if I don't remember the name of the guy I talked with 5 weeks back for 1 minute, he can't do anything about the charge. I explained my situation to manager and even told that if I was told the same thing the other day, I would not have stayed there for one night and sorted things in person. But no, I was sold the room there expecting not to lose a customer and also charge the amount. I feel so betrayed now by the place. Just to save their profile at workplace, I am being asked name of person and such stuff. First don't give the customer a proof of cancellation and then charge the account. How a fraud can be more clear and deceiving ? I take away one thing from the place. Never ever recommending this Hostel to anyone. I mean what if this was the mistake of the guy on reception not providing me the cancellation number and also the girl the other day who made sure that I will not be charged for previous day. I ended up paying for their employee's mistakes. Definitely not a good memory for a traveler from other city. Ruined my San Francisco experience. Very very disappointed with US Hostels guys. Please train your employees and be professional. Getting your rooms books all year round is not being the best Hostel! Please value customer satisfaction!! You lost a faithful customer and not just one but many!
Age 24, United States
Excellent stay
This hostel was just perfect. lots of amenities, nice staff, cool rooms, very clean. strategic location. totally recommend staying there.
Age 34, italy
Good solid hostel
Good hostel. Very big and maybe doesn't have the homespun feel of some hostels, so maybe don't visit here if you want that. But a lot of people, good events (pool tournaments advertised both times I was here) and parties. Also, good location, spacious enough room, good en suite, decent breakfast.
Age 25, English
Natalie is the best!
Stayed 1 night and picked the best night ever to stay. Natalie the front desk girl took us out on the Pub Crawl. Had such an awesome time, she took such good care of us. Rooms are great, I got a single bed room, bathroom was nice and clean, Wifi signal is super strong, room was really clean, staff is awesome, thanks to Brian at the front desk too. I would say Natalie made it really special though for me because it was my first hostel I ever stayed at in my life, and going out on that Pub Crawl was probably the coolest thing I could have ever done in the city not knowing anyone, she made sure we all had an awesome time. I would definitely stay here again. I think it's really cool they offer so much to travelers by all the events they do. 2 thumbs up. Thanks Natalie.
Age 28, USA
A great hostel
Clean, comfortable, and an excellent location. I would definitely recommend this hostel and stay at it again. The best thing about this hostel is its location -- right downtown, close to the shopping district of Union Square and close to transit so you can get around the city very easily.
Age 29, Canada
I don't usually stay in hostels but this was a great experience.
Great hostel with good amenities, discounts, activities.
Age 29, Canada
The hostel is wonderful, you feel like you are in a hotel. Everything is well organized and it's location is wonderful. The only thing is the very early check out at least it should be at 11. In general, it is the best hostel.
Age 20, Egypt
Great hostels for a first time experience
I booked at the hostel because it looked commercial and since it was the first time going to a hostel, I wanted something not too shabby. I stayed 2 nights and everything went perfectly. The location is also great -- near the main streets and before the highest hill towards the port. I also booked a all women's room which was great in meeting new people. I think it depends on who you have in your room. I think the only thing I disliked is being on top in the bunk bed -- impossible to make no noise going to the bathroom at night but the cubbies are really intimate and you got your own little space. At night there were parties but I didn't hear anything at night in our room even though I went to bed really early since I was on the eastern time. Another thing was going with all your stuff to the bathroom but I guess that's the other thing of being in a hostel ... they didn't have any towels either but someone in my room told me it depended on the room you get -- sometimes you get a towel sometimes you don't ... There is also free breakfast with toast, oatmeal, juice, coffee ... you just need to wash your dishes after you use them and let them dry. there are also huge restaurant fridges if you are staying for while -- I guess it is handy instead of always going to a restaurant. The kitchen is like a restaurant's. People are also really nice and greet all the time! A really nice first hostel experience.

Response from the accommodation: We're so glad we made your first hostel experience a good one! Thanks for the kind words. Regarding towels, they are always provided in private rooms and available, for free, on request for guests in dorms. Next time you stay with us, just ask when you check in. Happy Travels!

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