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Rear 63 The Corso, Manly, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.797549, 151.287162 (accuracy not guaranteed)
02 99776077
02 99776299
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DON'T stay there
seriously, the dirtiest sh*thole I've ever seen.
Vomit smells + plastic sheets
fun for those on a mission to get drunk, party late and be inconsiderate of others (most young people these days). a poor time and shocking sight for anyone else.
Room had sand everywhere. There were used tissues on the floor. The internet is not worth paying for. There were toenail clippings on my bed. showers leak. window has no latch at all to close it. would suggest bring your own toilet paper as so far it has only been replaced on demand (eventually). expect a lot of noise up to and including 4 a.m. (in the hostel). Don't expect anything to be done about any of the above.
This place was ace. Stayed in a few hostels over the six weeks i was in oz and this was by far my fave. The views are cool. The rates are good. Ok, the dorms can be a bit untidy, but for $23 a night was ace. The people there, backpackers and staff, were really friendly, real approachable. In total i stayed there when i arrived in oz, half way when picking up a camper, and for my last few days and each time was awesome. Recommended to anyone who's chilled out, likes a laugh, and wants to meet other backpackers.
  i am currently staying at boardriders and will be for forseeable time to come and i truly have no problem with the place at all! yes ok there may be a couple of roaches around, but nothing major. and ok its a bit noisy but at the end of the day its a hostel and you are to expect that! i have stayed in many hostels all over the world and this is by far one of the best i have stayed! we all know what happens in hostels and for $25 per night you cant expect the world. A++++ from me -- best one in manly by far.
dave rhodes
  this place was awesome! i think everyone who comes here is thinking the same thing, location. and if you wanted wicked night life, good people, and surf then this is the right place to be. entertainment was great, the people who organise that stuff were real enthusiastic and helped me meet loads of new cool people. i have read a lot about cockroaches and i can't say i didn't see one or two but that was it! i don't think the people on the desk payed much attention to who was there so i had six beds to myself when i had been told it was fully booked. the mens' showers were pretty crap but they cleaned me enough to be satisfied. if you want a laugh, surf, shop, eat, walk, take pictures, and get drunk this is a cool place to be!
  On the face of it it may seem ok as it has a more modern look but when you actually have a good look it is very bad. The place is full of cochroaches. I opened one kitchen cupboard which had bits of old food in it and there were several big roachesin there. As I shut the cupboard smaller baby roaches stated crawing from out of the higes and crackes and dropping on to the surface. The kitchen is plainly just not cleaned. The rooms are hot and smelly and some of the staff are rude and as often seems the case with a lot of hostls in OZ, as appose to NZ where they are friendly. The Council should close this place down.
Nathan Nash
  This hostel is an embarrassment to Australia! I hope overseas tourists do not think this is how we are. We went to check in (a large group) and the pommy girl at the counter was busy typing a text message and ignored us for a couple of minutes. There were still people asleep in our beds, there was rubbish all over the floor in our rooms, and the large bin in the room was full. The lights didn't work, and the lights in the girls bathroom on our level didn't work, which meant all the girls in the hostel could only use one bathroom, with just two showers and two toilets. Cockroaches in the rooms but we didn't dare look at the kitchen. I know it is summer but the rooms were poorly ventilated so it felt like we were in a sauna. They could not provide us with linen when we checked in which was understandable as they were busy, but when we went to reception to get sheets later the staff member was drunk. The whole place smelt of stale beer and was very noisy all night. People running around, thumping, beer bottles everywhere. I have stayed in many hostels, not only in Australia, but I think we would've been better off in a tent on the beach.
Aussie Chick

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