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Via Cairoli 101, 1st Floor, Near Termini, Rome, Lazio, Italy
41.894270, 12.507740 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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0039 3291757047
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Fiesta Terrace Hostel is located in the city of Rome. It is a fifteen-minute walk away from the main train station and five-minute walk to the metro. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum can be reached in fifteen minutes on foot. The hostel offers double, triple, and quadruple rooms (some with ensuite), and six-bed mixed dorms. There are four shared bathrooms with toilet, bidet, basin, and shower. There is twenty-four-hour hot showers, however the drainage in one is not very good and the bracket to hold the shower head is missing. The bathroom floors get very wet and muddy. but are mopped up fairly quickly by the staff. The dorm rooms offer spring bunk and single beds, and some of the mattresses are very saggy and uncomfortable. The room is very squashy and there is no natural light, even when you open the curtains. The room is pitch black even at midday and you have to turn on the light to see anything. There is a terrace with tables and chairs, which closes at 10:30 p.m. every night. However, the manager did let people stay up until midnight one night because they had cooked a late dinner in the kitchen. There is very little light on the terrace. The terrace is the only place to sit in the hostel, which means you have to go to bed at 10:30 p.m. when it closes. The kitchen is very basic, with one small fridge. The stove is difficult to use and there is no kettle. Security is average. You have to be buzzed into the building and the hostel floor. A key to the building, floor, and room is provided, but dorm room doors are rarely locked. There are no lockers. Internet access is free for twenty minutes on one computer and there is a small selection of books, but none in English. Overall, Fiesta Terrace is an average hostel. The lack of both natural light and a lounge makes the atmosphere and the character very dreary.
james rayment
  I would like to thank the hostel for our less-than-pleasant stay. There were enough cockroaches in the kitchen to start an army. The beds sagged more than an eighty-year-old woman with no bra. I particularly loved the shower head being held up by rope and the handles that fell off the showers accompanied by the doors that do not shut at all. The location of the hostel was clearly indicated by the graffiti all over the front door. To be fair, my pocket knife has more facilities than the kitchen, not to mention it's cleaner. On a positive note, we left!
Sincerely Disgusted
  Marco, his wife, and the helper girl were very accommodating and friendly. We hung out with them and their baby (Enez) and they were never angry when we came in way too late. Once when coming back into Rome late from a train, they opened up a room for us at like two a.m. We spent a lot of time out there chillin on the Party Terrace. Next time I'm in Rome, this is where I'm staying. The rooms were clean, so were the bathrooms, and the beers in the cooler were moderately priced.
  I was in this hostel in 2003 Summer and it was great. I found their bathroom especailly cleaner than other youth hostels that i stayed all over western Europe. (the one in Milano was awefully nasty with spider webs on the wall! ) This is a family run hostel and the small balcony is pretty fun to hang out and have dinner at if u cant afford to go out to eat. U cook there at the small gas stove kitchen which saves alot of cash. It's abt 40 mins walk to Vantican, Collosium..etc. But just when u go for the share rooms, it's a little tight, but i ran into some really fun people. They have decent internet service there as well and i don't remember if it's free of charge or not, but compare to the internet cafe, that is a more comfortable location to check yr personaly emails. Over all, I recommand this place to anyone else, matter of fact, my friend is going to Rome next week and i am sure she's gonna have a fun time at this place.
  I picked this hostel because it was cheap and very close to the Termini, which is the main train station. I was unsure at first when I booked this hostel because of the ratings other people had given about this place. Those ratings were TOTAL RUBBISH, this hostel is the cleanest hostel I've stayed in and it's the cleanest hostel you will find in Rome. For the first few days I stayed in other hostels close to the Termini but after 1-2 nights at each I had to move because of the way the places were and how they were not kept clean. In total I stayed here for 5 nights and I would recommend it to all of my friends and family.
David Cuthbertson
  The hostel is quite dirty in general; the bathrooms are hardly ever cleaned. We didn't find them clean either early in the morning or late afternoon. We booked a four-bed room, and what we were given was a double bedroom with two extra beds, which were very uncomfortable. The hotel is located at a 10-minute walk from Termini station, but the streets closer to it are dirty and full of men drinking and smoking, so it's not very safe to walk there, especially at nighttime.
Cami Mata
  Hi Marco! We had a good time at your hostel and enjoyed our stay BUT there were lice on our beds. Verena and I had to go to a hospital because of that. We stayed in room 27, a room with four beds and slept in the beds at the very end of the room. Please make sure you disinfect the beds and the mattresses! We both had to go through a lot of trouble with the lice and still did not get rid of them even though we got lotions and gels against them.
Judith Schulz
  The hostel itself was quite ok. I have seen worse and the bathrooms are ok. Hot showers are available as long as you don't try to take a shower early in the morning, because the water definitely is cold. The kitchen facilites are not too good but a lot of people choose to use them so they can't be that bad. The hostel is quite central with about a 10 minute walk to Termini. The area is a little bit dodgy though. The terrace is not always that clean but it's great and we spend a lot of time there with other travellers from the hostel. In general I have to say that the people we met there were great and we had a great time. A point of criticism was for us the room situation. We booked a 4 bed and we expected to get what we booked. The last days suddenly another bed appeared and we were told that it was just because there was no space elsewhere but it wouldn't be used. Then a fifth person came and we were told that it was just for one night. The next night another person got that bed and we always heard stupid excuses and explanations.

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