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I went to Sperlongo 2 years ago in the summer time. I spent a month in August, it was very hot! Beautiful Beach. Lots to do for both young and old. I stayed in Old Sperlonga and had a great time! Met lots of nice people!
Most hostels in Rome are located near the train station. It's a very touristy area, but it's a reasionably central area in the city and it's nice to be able to walk directly to your hostel from the train station. If you stay somewhere not near the train station, there's also a metro stop at the train station, so …
Sermoneta is more beautiful than any town in Tuscany, yet has only a few tourists. It cannot stay that way for long.
I visited Terminillo in the 3 or 4 times in a summer several years ago and it was wonderful. Cool and lovely. One word of caution is don't go in August unless you really, really like crowds. The camping fields, the hotels and the bars are totally jammed. Have fun!