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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mediterranean Hostel Barcelona" at Calle Diputació 335 principal.)


Calle Diputació 335 principal, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.394485, 2.172334 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+ 34 93 2440278
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Never again
We had 8 of us stay and it started off ok but after the first night one of us got bed bug bites all over his body, then they changed the sheets which was fine but then two more of us got bitten again with the first guy. We then got forced to change rooms when 2 people left. We were then asked to pay a fee for sheets we were told to give back which we apparently weren't suppose to. The showers were dirty and had push buttons that provided scolding hot water, one friend has a burn cause the showers are so small u can't move out of the way. The kitchen sink was clogged so we had to use a bucket to drain the sink and walk back and forth from bathroom draining it. The staff were horrible we got yelled at for being 5 mins past 10 when the kitchen closed even though it was because of the drain problem. The manager said he would tell the other night manager about our situation with the bugs but that didn't happened and they refused to let us call him. So overall poor staff, poor cleanliness, location is good but everything else sucks
I stayed here July 2007. It is by far the worst youth hostel that I have stayed in and I have stayed in several. The manager was an arrogant woman who thought she was running a five-star hotel when in fact this hostel was so poor it doesn't even deserve one star! I was staying in a double en-suite. The room was tiny, ok, fair enough, space is an issue in Barcelona. The bath had no hot water and so when we complained, the manager told us to pay the full price or get out, what kind of attitude is that? If everything is not as you would expect, you would expect a discount but that didn't happen. In fact she tried to tell us that we didn't need hot water and people in Barcelona don't use hot water as it is so hot outside! Surely it should be our choice! The manager said the hot water problem would be fixed by Monday 6 a.m. but there was still no hot water. I would never return to this hostel, the manager appeared to be a professional con artist.
The Mediterranean Youth Hostel is about fifteen minutes' walk from the hub of Barcelona city, Las Ramblas. But it is easily reached by the metro, and just two minutes from the Girona station. Finding it may not be the easiest task though, as they only have a small sign beside the entrance! It is easier to look for the number on their address. The hostel is up the stairs. The hostel itself is not the cleanest, though the walls are quite colourful and lively. Upon entering the main entrance, you will find yourself in the middle of a hallway. There are doors leading to rooms and bathrooms from this hallway and the reception is down at the right end, which also functions as the lounge. Here, there's a computer with free but slow internet access at one corner, and a two-seater sofa with a coffee table of magazines and some travel books. There's also a drinking-water dispenser, but guests are not allowed to fill their water bottles from this. The kitchen is relatively modern and looks newer than the rest of the hostel. There's the usual stove, kettle, microwave oven, toaster, and a huge refrigerator. The dining area is a little cramp with only three small tables and three chairs each. But the kitchen also opens out to a balcony terrace with a table, garden bench, and some chairs -- a nice place to hang out when it's not too hot or too cold. The rooms consists of bunk beds with worn-out mattresses, and that's about it! There are no cupboards or drawers, though there are safe boxes at the reception area if a deposit is paid for the keys. The rooms are also quite crowded, particularly when everyone's luggage and things take up the narrow walking paths between the beds! Otherwise, it's good enough if you just want a bed for the night. The toilets are clean though very small and cramped. There are two toilets and two showers each, for males and females, and one separate toilet for both. So, that's a total of five toilets and four showers for the whole hostel, but the hostel is not very big anyway, so the queue is normally not too long.
Mei Ling Look
  This hostel was the most crammped place I have ever stayed in. Of course this is in Barcelona where living space is limited but I wasn't really prepared for it. I stayed in October when it was cooling down and I felt claustrophobic so I couldn't imagine staying in the height of summer! It was hard work trying to have a shower in such a tiny space with everyone fighting for a spot by the mirror! The area was nice though and I enjoyed the walk into the city or the beach.
  We stayed here for 5 nights. The staff were wonderful. We were provided with free big maps and recommendations, and when we extended our stay for one more night, one of them went out of her way to reallocate the bookings so that we didn't have to change beds. The downsides of the hostel were more physical constraints — space in the room and bathroom was tight and since my room was right next to the shower, we were woken up by the loud gurgling pipes of the first shower everyday. The bathroom was very clean, but I would have preferred the push-button shower to be done away. Overall a decent experience for 16-17 euros per night.
  This hostel is in an excellent part of the city, which you will feel very safe in. The main strength of this place to me was the staff. It is run by a young Spanish bloke and with the assistance of his family amongst others. This hostel has a friendly, family feel, because of which you will inevitably not feel you're on your own. Rooms are small but hey, it is a hostel, and for the price! Great place, great people, and great location.
  The hostel is above a dentist, with only a small plaque to say it's there. We thought the cab driver was dropping us off in the middle of nowhere! And go up the stairs, not down, or you will encounter a rather scary dog.
  It's in a great location, but construction woke us up at 8 a.m. every morning. The air conditioner works, and the rooms are quiet. However, I didn't see a lounge, a TV, or anything that the ad offers. It's very small, so be prepared to feel cramped. Overall, it is just a place to sleep, and that's all you need, isn't it?

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