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169, St-Paul Est, Montreal (Montréal), Quebec, Canada
45.507332, -73.552741 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (514) 866-0855
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This homey and beautiful little place is right in the middle of old Montreal. It feels a little bit like home. Has everything you need and you meet awesome people. Beautifully decorated and great staff. You'll enjoy it here, definitely.
This is literally the cutest hostel I've ever stayed in. Chalk messages from travelers around the world, and the giant dorm bedroom has sheets around it to make it a tad more private. Decent price, very helpful staff. The location is good, it's right in the center of old Montreal, but if you want to leave to go to better clubs/bars it's a like, 10 minute walk, not bad! Recommended.
Age 18, USA
La Maison du Patriote is one of the best hostels at which we have ever stayed. It has a really nice and homey ambiance so that you immediately feel at home. Alex, who runs the hostel, and his son Steven are incredibly helpful and hospitable -- going above and beyond in many cases. The Location Located right next to Saint Jacques-Cartier Square in the heart of Old Montreal, this hostel is in the perfect spot. It is a short walk of around fifteen minutes from the bus station and also to the downtown of new Montreal and the heart of the central business district. Rooms and Bathrooms The main dorm room consists of twenty-two beds, but do not let this discourage you. Within the attic, beds are sectioned off by curtains, which give the room a really nice atmosphere and allow for quite a large amount of privacy. There are smaller dorm rooms which have doors on them to allow for greater privacy and a number of private rooms down on the first floor which have double beds. The bathrooms consist of two toilets and two showers, which can at times be busy -- but for the most part we did not encounter any major problems with this. They have space to change, hooks for clothes and racks to put your toiletries on while using the shower. Common Spaces There is a small kitchen and a living room with a computer and internet that you can use for free. There are lockers in the living room that you can use to store small valuables provided that you have your own lock. Luggage storage for when you are checking in and out is in the living room, but is quite secure given that Alex is around for most of the day and he will watch these items for you. It is a fairly subdued but quiet hostel, but it is easy to meet people, given the open layout of the place. Summary No keycards are required for this hostel, as you use a code that is issued to you for the front door and the other spaces within the inside are accessible to anybody. This allows for twenty-four-hour arrival to the hostel. You are also required to take your shoes off at the door, just like you would at home. There is an extra charge for sheets and a towel that is paid once on arrival regardless of how many nights you are staying. Even considering this, the hostel is incredibly affordable and excellent value for money. We would definitely recommend staying in this hostel, and when back in Montreal it will be our first choice of a place to stay.
Has a good vibe
I was there for about a week. The host/hostess are there for the earlier part of the day, they're super friendly. Located in old Montreal, it's sort of quiet throughout most of the week. There are a couple of bars across from the hostel so it does get noisy on the weekends. Overall, a cool place to stay, affordable, clean, safe. I met some people from B.C., especially funny crowd.
Edna from New York
  This hostel has private rooms and some huge dorms. The dorm I stayed in was just a load of air matresses on the floor in a big line. They are not really separated by much at all and there must have been around 20 people in one room. Very strange set-up. Out of 20 people the chances of one person snoring loudly is pretty good. The owners are very nice and own another hostel called Le Sous Bois which is better so stay there.
  First off, the hostel location is great. You step right outside, and you are on a busy street with clubs, bars and stores right there. You can't beat that. But it was great to get a beer at night and just walk a block back to the hostel. Plus, you are on a well lit, public street so its pretty safe. I traveled alone, so I was walking around alone and nothing happened. However, if you are a light sleeper, you might not like it too much. My only complaint was the dorms. I read the other comments before, but I didn't really get them. I don't mind sleeping on an air matress. BUT, my only complaint is that they are so close together. It was a bit odd sleeping next to someone you don't know when you could literally stretch out your arm and touch them. In fact, thats what happened. The girl next to me just rolled her and her hand was on me. PLUS, when I went there it was so hot so no one was really wearing a lot of clothing. Again, I am not prude but being half naked that close to someone you don't know is a bit odd. I thought it was weird the owners were no where to be seen. I didn't see them there at all, in fact. They have their number posted though. My only real problem is that I was asking other people about when/how to check out, and other things and they didn't speak english that well. I speak english and spanish, just not french. So, my point is that it would have been beneficial is some staff member was there to help me with my questions. But, the place is really cute and really homey.
  Best place ever! If you are looking for a good time, go to "tent city!" Party!
Ezca Kaha
  I didn't actually meet the owner for the entire four days I stayed there! I was ringing the doorbell for 5-10 minutes when I first arrived, until one of the people staying at the hostel opened the door and showed me inside and told me the combination to open the door. The dorms are a big loft separated by curtains. I didn't find it a problem, as I have stayed in rooms less separate than this! But if this is a problem, it might not be the hostel for you! The owner must put a lot of trust in people staying here. You can come and go as you please, and if I hadn't been so honest, I may have been able to leave without paying them a cent! They are disorganized, but very trusting and friendly. Oh, and it has a GREAT location. It cannot be beaten there! Recommended.
Dave, Australia

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