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A fairly large HI hostel with several floors. The majority of the guests tend to be Spanish. There is a large common area with tables and TV. The sinks don't have hot water, so shaving is difficult for the guys, but otherwise the bathrooms are decent. Breakfast is included. They say there is air conditioning, but if it's there they don't seem to run it much in the summer.
by David Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Center-Ramblas Barcelona" at Carrer de L'Hospital 64.)


Carrer de L'Hospital 64, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
41.380246, 2.169373 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 934 124 069
+34 933 171 704
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Not bad -- we stayed in the apartment they rent
As we were older travelers, fifty- to sixty-year-olds three old women, we got the apartments down the street for 83 euros a night. it was a two-bedroom apartment with kitchen and own bath, plus it had two futons. a few more people could have slept on it. the real problem, very small hot water tank so had to take a shower an hour apart or I always take mine at night. lugging up your luggage up for four flights but what the heck it keeps us young. We did go down to the Hostel to have coffee and breakfast it was pretty wild with all the kids, but it sure was lots of fun if you don't mind all the eighteen- to twenty-five-year-olds. This wasn't a five-star hotel but we were on a adventure and we got one. not bad, not a great place, but what a fun trip as we travel all over Europe enjoy it all.
I know Barcelona fairly well, but as I hated my hostel last time I stayed, had to find a new one for this trip. Unfortunately, my desire to be near the Ramblas and the Boqueria led me to the HI Ramblas. While the staff was fairly pleasant, they were also desk-bound, and so did nothing to curb the yelling, running, smoking school group who kept us up all night. In addition to this noise, my first night was a blowout thanks to the worst snorer I've ever experienced. Normally I can block this out with a pillow forced over my ear, but as there were eight of us in about a fourteen-by-fourteen room (and eight lockers in what little space was left over) it was impossible to escape the noise. When I asked to be moved for the second night, I was given another tiny room (shared only with three others this time) on the top floor with poor air circulation. Be warned that the elevators go out of service for most of the day, and it's a long hike up if you're lugging a pack. I didn't take advantage of breakfast (sluggish after no sleep) but I did spend a few sessions using the free Internet access. There are almost always lineups, and the machines are in the same room as an annoying, loud big screen TV playing music videos, but free is free. All told, the Internet access and the location are really the only thing this hostel has going for it.
  Booked myself into this hostel based on comments on their location. However, after I reached Barcelona, I realised that although it's within five minutes to La Ramblas, it is certainly not the only nor the nearest hostel in that area. On La Ramblas itself, there are plenty of nicer hostels and hotels. Condition of the rooms are acceptable but the bathrooms are small and dirty! Breakfast is horrid as well. Be sure to ask for a room away from the elevator unless you like to be kept awake till 1a.m. and then get awoken again at 7 a.m.!
  Perfect location for these hostel, very clean, and very good ambiance. You have the best hostels prices in Barcelona and you have free breakfast, free linen, and free internet access.
  Exact same experience as Julia below, word for word. Go elsewhere, trust me.
  Do not stay here, do yourself a favour. I booked for a good six nights looking forward to Barcelona and the close distance from everything, but I got out of this hostel as soon as I could, even though they don't refund you. It's built in an old hospital. This makes the layout, the lighting, the smell, and the atmosphere all terrible. I was staying in a room in the first floor which, as soon as you walk up the stairs, the air conditioning disappers completely. The air becomes stagnant and smelly. My room was so humid and disgusting you start sweating after being in for five minutes. It had one tiny little window on one side, and a small fan, for about six people. Taking a shower doesn't even help because there's so little ventilation in the building that you feel sticky all the time, and it makes you feel almost claustrophic. To be fair, they have two computers which give free internet, though there are usually lines. The breakfast is pretty crappy but fairly standard for HI hostels. At least they had cereal. It finishes at nine-thirty though -- the time many people would be getting back from their nights out? The other problem with staying right in the centre is that you tend to spend more money in general, buying food et cetera, which is overpriced and of a lesser quality because its sold straight to tourists. Bottom line -- the location of this hostel does not make up for the horrible, awful, terrible experience of having to sleep there. Imagine going to the beach and wanting to relax afterwards, and not being able to sleep because you're sweating so much in your room. There are no outdoor areas to relax. I hated this hostel so much I wrote a five-minute review ranting against it. Do yourself a favour, stay somewhere else.
  Good standard. Was a bit sceptic before arrival because the pictures showed clean rooms and large dining area. However, the rooms can hardly be air conditioned, or air conditioned at all but this wasn't really any problem. The fact that there was only one shower for girls and one for boys/each floor, wasn't any problem either; I didn't have to wait once during the entire stay! Clean showers and toilets too. Only negatives; some noise from the street and from some other guests. Didn't seem like the air conditioning was working. To sum it up; Friendly staff, clean rooms/rest rooms/showers, good safety(a locker/guest! and/or smaller safety boxes in reseption). Easy to find and placed in the heart of the city.
two norwegians (16-23.06)
  Absolutely horrible experience. Dirty, hot rooms, and dirty, cold showers. The staff were rude and unhelpful. We stayed three nights and were forced to move to a different dorm each night. The only upside is the price and the amount of beds (meaning there's lots of other people to bond with about how bad the hostel is). The money you save here will inevitably be later spent on anti-fungal cream anyway. This is the crotch-rot capital of Barcelona. No character, no hygiene, no service... avoid.
Peter & Lyfina

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