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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg" at Storkower strasse 160.)


Storkower strasse 160, Pankow, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.529710, 13.455610 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 417 2400
+49 (30) 417 24080
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74% Guest Reviews

As good as it gets for the price
Well it was amazing, you literally will not get any a better party(ish) hostel for 14 € a night anywhere in Europe.
Age 20, Turkey
Good if you want to party but not the most central location.
Good bar -- easy to meet other travelers. Bit of a party hostel. Close to train station but a little bit out from centre of town. Shops nearby. Shower heads are not so good. Free wifi.
Having been to the Generator Hostel in Dublin, we very much looked forward to staying at the location in Berlin. Though it doesn’t quite meet that standard, it still has much to offer. The Location The hostel is located on the S-9 line, so it’s a direct, thirty-minute trip from Berlin Schonefeld Airport (aka Berlin Brandenburg) to the Landesberg Allee station. The S-41 and S-42 also stop there, which form the “Ring” line (circling Berlin,) and the M-6 tram will take you from the hostel to Alexanderplatz in fifteen minutes. There is a small shopping center next door to the hostel, with a grocery store, pharmacy, and discount store, as well as a Mexican restaurant that isn’t too shabby. Burger King is across the street. All of the stores are closed on Sunday. Rooms And Bathrooms The beds in the dorms are a little hard, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Linens, comforter, and towel all included. The heating system works well. Lockable rolling cages, under the bed to secure your belongings, can handle a carry-on suitcase and a backpack. There are approximately eight public showers per floor for each gender. The showers' water flow is very weak and it will occasionally change temperatures on you. There is no privacy area in the shower, so you have to step out on a very slippery floor into the open in your birthday suit to dress. Toilets are on each floor and are sometimes stinky. They often clean them in the middle of the night, which is great if you don’t mind going to a different floor in your pajamas. The toilet paper is downright nasty, harkening back to the splintery, sadistic tissue of the Communist era. Common Areas The common facilities in this hostel are top-notch. There is a bar, restaurant, various lounges with vending machines, a computer/study room, and lobby. The food in the restaurant is well above the quality you might have learned to expect from a hostel cafe, and it includes both international items (pasta, burgers) and local specialties (schnitzle, spaetzle). The bar is always running a promo on beer. You also get a free drink ticket from the reception when you check in and there is a happy hour every day from 5 to 7 p.m. There are activities planned, though half seem to be canceled for reasons like the karaoke machine is broken, or the pub crawl person doesn’t show up. The New Berlin tour has a guide picking up hostelers every morning from the lobby. The fourth floor has a laundry (though half of the washers and dryers were broken during our stay). You can wash and dry with soap for a price. There are free internet terminals and a few pay computers -- we’re not sure what the difference is. Wi-Fi is free, but you need to get tickets from a machine, good for six hours of free Wi-Fi at a time and it only works in the downstairs area. The restaurant serves free breakfast in the morning, with the normal cereal and bread offerings, along with a smattering of unusual deli meat. In the evening, you can buy dinner -- we took advantage of this twice during our stay, and both times, it was delicious. Summary Generator bills itself as the "Ultimate Party Hostel," and it may be doing itself an injustice. The party atmosphere is there, for those who wish it, but it also has ample facilities for those who are looking for a less-intense experience.
Ggreg Snyder
People Factory for processing underaged kids
Firstly, we stood there for over ten minutes whilst the only person on reception answered the phone (after he had started serving us) then continued to chat and laugh, until he finally decided to call another staff member to finish our check-in. As a couple, we requested and were put in a double room -- but this was above the outdoor bar. After twelve hours traveling, we were exhausted and needed to sleep. The noise from the bar was so disturbing we couldn't sleep with the window open, and there was no ventilation in the room when we shut it. We did fall asleep with the window shut, but I imagine it was more of a coma from lack of air. We woke up in a lather of sweat and hardly able to breathe in that room. We tried to move one of the beds to rearrange the room so that our heads were away from the window, and saw that no-one had swept under the beds for ages. It was filthy. We requested a change of room at reception. The receptionist's response was cold and aggressive -- and she tried to tell us that they were booked out, so we have no choice. We had booked and prepaid for three nights, so when we told her we would just stay one night and request our money back for the other nights, suddenly there were rooms available in forty-five minutes after they have been cleaned. The next room turned out to be a bigger nightmare, although it was at the front of the hostel so away from the bar. Again no airflow into the room (interestingly there is airflow/conditioning in the corridors) you need to have the windows open. Why on earth they allow people to stand at the front door smoking when there is a bar behind the building is beyond us! So until the wee hours, there were people laughing, drinking and partying at the bloody front door of the hostel right under our window keeping us awake. To make it worse, every morning we were there, there was a group of young boys stomping and yelling up and down the corridor outside our room at 4:30 in the morning. We were disgusted but not surprised when four ambulances turned up and took away kids from this hostel, as well as a visit from the police on the last night we were there. Interestingly, was that the owner who turned up in the black car with headlights turned off during the debacle? Must have been, because as soon as the police turned up, he left suddenly. Obviously leaving the mess for the staff to work out? Interesting indeed. We hoped this would settle down the environment so that we could get at least one night's sleep before the gang of boys came home at 4 a.m. full of drugs, I am guessing, and create the atmosphere of a football stadium outside our door. No. They were there again. We then hoped they would go home on Sunday and we asked to extend our stay another night. After paying for three nights, we were then slugged with a 62Euro charge for one more night, with the explanation that this was "weekend rate." It is the end of the weekend -- and most guests left on Sunday. So to ask premium rates is preposterous. We could get a cheap hotel in Mitte for that. Needless to say, we left. I stayed in the Generator five years ago, and it was not this noisy, nor the staff so rude.Their costs are now exorbitant, and far too much for the location. You are better off if there is more than one of you staying in a hotel in the centre. The trains and trams both stopped prior to Landsberger Allee at random times during our stay, with no explanation nor advice on how to get there unless you can understand train-speaker german. So it is apparent the standard of "give a sh*t" at the Generator in Berlin has dropped through the floor. They are nothing more than a processing plant for German teens escaping their homes and parents to get pissed and run amok. They have lost the whole meaning of the concept of a "traveler hostel." If you're a true traveler, stay the hell away from there.
A very nice hostel for the price
I especially liked the experience of staying in former East Berlin. It was so interesting to see how the neighborhoods were different from those in the West. It is also very easy to find and get to as it is right beside a U-Bahn station. The room I stayed in was spotlessly clean. I thought the breakfast was a little bleak and bland, but for the price a great place.
Was great
Generator hostel was great. I had a shock walking through the doors I thought id entered the crystal maze! It's not the kind of hostel for those wanting an early quiet night and I know that many people over the age of twenty-five would probably describe it as there personal hell, but for people like myself who want to enjoy themselves, meet lots of people ready to have a good time, and no one judging you cause you decide to go about at night in your pyjamas then this place is for you. Let's face it we are only young once so why not make the most of it. And as to regards to hygiene its true they don't clean your rooms while you stay but who cares the short amount of time you actually spend in them, and more importantly every inch of the place is spotlessly clean. About the food it was not American style fast food as someone has previously mentioned, I was traveling with someone who lived in Germany for years so I think they would know what they are talking about, plus Berlin has loads of amazing restaurants that you would want to check out. In short it has the spirit of Berlin that I love, do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, which makes this hostel lively, exciting, multicultural, and friendly.
  This hostel is probably a good place to stay if you are sixteen years old and looking for a place to party. However, this place might be a little shocking if you are not ready for it. Expect sixteen-year-old kids showing up at the breakfast buffet in their pyjama at night. kids running around the hallways screaming. the place felt more like a high school than a hostel. The room itself was reasonable, but if you are over 1.90 meters, the bed is a little short. The room is reasonable clean, but after six days of staying it really needed some cleaning (they dont clean the room during your stay). Bathroom is very small. The location of the hotel is quite far off -- expect long rides on the tube to get there. From the city center it's around thirty to forty-five minutes. The area of the hotel has a certain east berlin feeling to it, with new buildings here and there. This hostel is one of them, together with the park plaza next door and the burger king across the street.
Alex van Es
  A party hostel in my opinion. I've stayed here with some friends during the summer. I had a really good time -- helpful staff, excellent breakfast and dinner, good prices, clean, good location (keeping in mind that Berlin is a big city), nice bar in the hostel. I'm not sure if I am right if I say you shouldn't expect backpackers in here, more people who explore Berlin for a couple of days or a week. If you want a couple of days of fun in Berlin and some relaxing during the night -- this is a good place for it.
Tim, Netherlands.

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